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General Smart Planet Overview


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General Smart Planet Overview

  1. 1. Conversations for a Smarter Planet: No.1 in a SeriesA need for change is a need for smart.With the growing need for change across the planet, business to process their data, and to advanced analytics capable of turningleaders everywhere have a unique opportunity to transform the it into real insight, in real time.way the world works. With computational power in things we wouldn’t recognise asWe’re at this point because the financial crisis has jolted us awake; computers, any person, object, process, service or organisationalerting us to the nature and dangers of highly complex global can become digitally aware, connected and But it’s not our first such jolt. The new century has Given all this low-cost technology and networking, what wouldn’tdelivered a series of wake-up calls on a single theme: the reality of you enhance? What wouldn’t you connect? What informationglobal integration. wouldn’t you mine for insight? What service wouldn’t you provideClimate change and energy. Global supply chains for food and for a customer, citizen, student or patient?medicine. Security concerns from identity theft to terrorism. All The answer is, we will do all these things. Because we can — andissues of an increasingly connected world. All arising this decade. because we must. Consider:As the world continues to become more integrated, we see that • UK firms lose £2.5 billion each year through energy inefficiencies.being connected isn’t enough. • Up to 50% of food is wasted or lost between field and fork inFortunately, something is happening that holds new potential: the developed markets.planet is getting smarter. Intelligence is being infused into how our • One in five people in the world lacks safe drinking works. Into systems, processes and infrastructure that enable • And, of course, we’ve seen what’s developed in financial markets;goods to be developed, manufactured and exchanged. Services a system where institutions could spread risk, but not track be delivered. It facilitates the movement of everything from moneyand oil to water and electrons. And so helps billions live and work. All of these things are solvable on a smarter planet. Smarter infrastructures are helping cut IT energy usage by almostHow is this possible? 60%.First, the world’s becoming instrumented. Imagine a billion transistors Smart food systems are using RFID technology to trace foodstuffsfor each person. We’re almost there. Sensors are embedded from the farm through the supply chain to store shelves.everywhere: in cars, appliances, cameras, roads, pipelines; evenin medicine and livestock. Smart systems are transforming energy grids, supply chains and water management, and the security of currency exchanges.Second, our world’s becoming interconnected. Soon 2 billion of uswill be on the Internet — but systems and objects can now ‘speak’ There’s tremendous need for positive change in the world. And weto each other, as well. Think of a trillion connected, intelligent things, have the resources to deliver it. Over the coming weeks, you’ll hearand the oceans of data they will produce. more from IBM on ways to make our planet work better.Third, those instrumented and interconnected things are becoming Let’s build a smarter planet. Join us and see what others areintelligent. They are being linked to powerful new backend systems thinking at, the IBM logo, and the globe design are trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation, registered in many jurisdictions worldwide. A current list of IBM trademarksis available on the Web at ‘Copyright and trademark information’ at