Glenn Information and Communications Technology at Baku Futures Forum 2013


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Glenn Information and Communications Technology at Baku Futures Forum 2013

  1. 1. Is the Future Digital &Tele-Everything?
  2. 2. Will the Biological Revolution Be Bigger than the Information Revolution? DNA Gene Splicing Synthetic Biology XNA (Xeno Nucleic Acid)
  3. 3. Organic or Inorganic?
  4. 4. Next MegaTrend: Conscious-Technology When the distinction between these two trends becomes blurred, we will have reached the Post-Information Age HUMANS BECOMING CYBORGS BUILT ENVIRONMENT BECOMING INTELLIGENT 1985 2000 2015 2030
  5. 5. Age / Element Product Power Wealth Place War Time Agricultural Extraction Food/Res Religion Land Earth/Res Location Cyclical Industrial Machine Nation-State Capital Factory Resources Linear Information Info/serv Corporation Access Office Perception Flexible Conscious-Technology Linkage Individual Being Motion Identity Invented Simplification/Generalization of History and an Alternative Future
  6. 6. Computational Science Computational biology Computational Chemistry Computational Physics All Accelerate with Moore’s Law
  7. 7. Why Collective Intelligence? • The velocity, volume, and complexity of change and challenges are increasing exponentially • The data, information, knowledge, intelligence explosion is accelerating • Local issues depend on global developments • Our work shows that humanity has the knowledge to address the challenges ahead. • Will we use that knowledge to make decisions necessary? • We believe collective intelligence can help
  8. 8. Global Futures Intelligence System
  9. 9. Collective Intelligence System – Each Element Can Change the Other