Deming2Devops - History of Management


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Deming to Devops

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Deming2Devops - History of Management

  1. 1. Deming to Devops History of Management Tuesday, November 12, 13 Kind of the history of nondeterminsim Check out these two books... Thread of NP to what we call Devops
  2. 2. Charles Robert Darwin On the Origin of Species - 1859 Tuesday, November 12, 13 First Im gonna do a head fake... Kind of really starts with Darwin... He put a stake in the heart of Determinism.. Orgin of species in 1959 Sets the stage for a big change of way of thinking at the turn of the 19th century...
  3. 3. Ludwig Eduard Boltzmann Statistical Mechanics -1870 Tuesday, November 12, 13 Boltzman is so facinated in what Darwin did with biology and NP He decides to try and apply it the properties of gases Becomes the father of statistical mechanics... Statistics and Physics... exact becomes probable...
  4. 4. Max Karl Ernst Ludwig Planck Planck Constant - 1900 Tuesday, November 12, 13 Planck is playing around with Boltzman stuff Kind of almost accidentally discover quantum physics ... Another stake in the group for NP... Discovers how to measure the unmeasurable... again statistics...
  5. 5. Albert Einstein Photoelectric Effect - 1905 Tuesday, November 12, 13 Albert uses the Planck constant to solve a problem and wins a nobel prize for his Photoelectric Effect .. Quantum Physics is a foot..
  6. 6. Walter A. Shewhart Statistical Process Control - 1924 Tuesday, November 12, 13 A physicist working at Wester Electric is frustrated about the quality of manufacturing phones... Applies statistics to manufacturing in a non determinstic way and creates SPC... codifies the observable variation into two camps speacial and xxx correlation.. using STD...
  7. 7. William Edwards Deming Deming’s Speech at Mount Hakone, Japan 1950 Tuesday, November 12, 13 Deming a disiple of of Shewhart and his variation ideas. Sent over the Japan to help rebuild after WW2 In 1950 Hakone 80 of the wealth of Japan and in 5 years..
  8. 8. Taiichi Ohno Toyota Production Systems 1948 - 1975 Tuesday, November 12, 13 Toyota production system .. becomes lean..
  9. 9. Eliyahu M. Goldratt Theory of Constraints - The Goal 1984 Tuesday, November 12, 13 Eliahu Goldratt.. Wow many ppl have read the goal.. TOC is a strong underlay of Devops... flow... bottlenecks Gene Kim’s Phoenix Project is a rewrite of the goal...
  10. 10. John Krafcik Triumph of the Lean Production System 1988 Tuesday, November 12, 13
  11. 11. William Edwards Deming System of Profound Knowledge - 1993 Tuesday, November 12, 13 In 1993 Deming put his 60 years of brilliance into a book called New Economics Creates the SoPK includes systems thinking, variation, pdsa and culture bias
  12. 12. Martin Fowler Agile Manifesto - 2001 Tuesday, November 12, 13 The agile manifesto in 2001 Martin is one of the 14 signers.... More importantly Marin is w/Thoughtworks who are an important part of the lean and .. to becomes the devops story.. i.e., Jez Humble .. contious delivery
  13. 13. Mary and Tom Poppendieck Lean Software Development: An Agile Toolkit - 2003 Tuesday, November 12, 13 Extremely influential book in the TPS to Devops story... Lean for software dev...
  14. 14. David J Anderson Kanban for Software - 2003 Tuesday, November 12, 13 David J Anderson is a lean agile dev manager struggling with devs flow issues... He reads Goldratt’s “The Goal” and the light bulb goes off... Kanban for software...
  15. 15. Steve Bell Lean Enterprise Systems - 2005 Tuesday, November 12, 13 Steve bell writes Len Ensterprise and the wins a shingo prove for his Lean IT book w/Mike Orzen Makes the transition of lean to IT from manufact to software to now IT
  16. 16. Steve Blank The Four Steps to the Epiphany - 2005 Tuesday, November 12, 13 Step in Steven Gary Blank... Writes a book about the war stories of the dot bomb 200 fiasco Defines mapping to gemba get out of the office Small changes ,, customer dev methodology
  17. 17. Eric Ries The Lean Startup - 2011 Tuesday, November 12, 13 Eric Ries is a student of Blank and applies his ideas at a startup called IMVU He also is a Deming fan and really applies Lean and Deming ideas Now a defacto standar fo entrprenuers and even intrprenuers
  18. 18. Simon Sinek Start With Why - 2011 Tuesday, November 12, 13 If you have not read Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why” I deamnd you pull out your kindle righ now.. Golden circle .. What/How/Why... We need to start with why...
  19. 19. Gene Kim The Phoenix Project - 2013 Tuesday, November 12, 13 Gene is the modern day hero of IT. How do we change the life of millions of IT professionals. The goal instead of enclaves and robots. it’s java stacks and sys admins.. Bottlenecks...
  20. 20. The Godfather Devops 2009 - TBD Tuesday, November 12, 13 And of course the godfather... coined the term. creates a movement and more important has been an excellent guardian and facilitator of the movement.