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Men's Skin Care Routine


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7 Steps to Healthier, Younger-Looking Skin

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Men's Skin Care Routine

  1. 1. 1. KEEP IT CLEAN Wash daily and after exercising using a mild facial cleanser and lukewarm water. Is your skin dry, oily, normal, sensitive, prone to acne? Read labels carefully and select a good men’s facial cleanser designed for your particular skin type. Don’t use regular bar soaps on your face. 2. MOISTURIZE REGULARLY A daily hydration regimen helps to keep water in your skin, reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Apply a men’s lotion or moisturizer to your face and body after showering, bathing or shaving. Always apply while your skin is still damp. 3. PERFECT YOUR SHAVING TECHNIQUE The best time to shave is after your shower. Wet your skin and hair to soften it; apply a foaming shave cream and let it sit for a few minutes; shave in the direction the hair grows to prevent bumps and burns; rinse the razor after each swipe; rinse your face with cold water; apply a moisturizer. Store razors in a dry area, and change blades or replace disposable razors after 5 – 7 shaves. 4. EAT PROPERLY Avoid sugar. Watermelon, cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant and carrots aid in keeping skin hydrated and youthful looking. Salmon, olive oil, flax seeds and walnuts reduce inflammation and possibly even acne. Kale, spinach, sweet potatoes, carrots and cantaloupe help even out skin tones and complexion. Eggs, beans and seeds increase collagen to help keep skin firm. 5. GET ENOUGH SLEEP Beauty sleep isn’t just for women! Insufficient sleep can cause dull, dry skin, puffy eyes and premature skin aging. A good night’s sleep — 7 to 9 hours is optimal — means you wake up not only feeling refreshed, but with smoother, healthier-looking skin, a glowing complexion, fuller hair and an overall happy and healthy appearance. 6. USE SUN PROTECTION Apply a good sunscreen to your face, neck, scalp and ears before heading outdoors. Water-resistant, 30 SPF sunscreen is best; be sure to reapply every few hours and after sweating or swimming. Don’t forget the broad-brimmed hat and sunglasses, too! 7. CHECK YOUR SKIN If you or your partner see a spot you haven’t noticed before, discover a mole this is itchy, bleeding or has changed color, or note anything else suspicious on your skin, consult a dermatologist. The risk of developing skin cancer increases in men over 50, but don’t panic — if caught early, skin cancer can be treatable. 6 7 MEN’S SKIN CARE ROUTINE 7 Steps to Healthier, Younger-Looking Skin 5 3 1 2 4