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Ceed Corporate Presentation


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A detailed presentation on our services

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Ceed Corporate Presentation

  1. 1. Corporate PresentationCommitted towards Environmental Resource Protection and Ecosystem Inte g rity Centre for Environment Education and Development (P) Ltd.
  2. 2. Our ValuesVISIONCommitted towards Environmental Resource Protection and EcosystemintegrityMISSIONSeeks to develop India’s social and human capital to address environmental issuesat local, regional, and national levelsOBJECTIVESTo be a premier consultancy organization in the field of environmental management. Carry out inter disciplinary and multi disciplinary research in environmental and developmental issues and also to provide consultancy and training support to implement various development projects. To encourage industrial, governmental and private organizations to actively participate in sustainable management and utilization of natural resources. To provide mitigative measures to help conserve the biodiversity. To promote networking among environmental organizations in order to provide comprehensive solution to complex environmental problems. 1 Center for Environment Education & Development (P) Ltd.
  3. 3. Our Focus Areas Corporate Environmental Management Environmental Impact Assessment Climate Change Mitigation & Adaptation Natural Resource Management Forest Carbon Valuation Energy Management Management System Audits Corporate Social Responsibility Environmental Training and Awareness Eco-tourism Services 2Center for Environment Education & Development (P) Ltd.
  4. 4. Our Products & ServicesCorporate Environmental Management Environmental Management Plan Due Diligence Life Cycle Assessment Environmental ReportingEnvironmental Impact Assessment Baseline data collection Impact Identification Identification of Mitigation Measures Preparing EMPClimate Change Mitigation & Adaptation Clean Development Mechanism Voluntary Carbon Services Gold Standards Chicago Climate Exchange 3Center for Environment Education & Development (P) Ltd.
  5. 5. Our Products & ServicesNatural Resource Management Biodiversity Conservation Land Management Ecological Surveys Sustainable Forest ManagementForest Carbon Valuation AFOLU LULUCF REDD + A/R CDMEnergy Management Perform, Achieve & Trade Renewable Energy Certificates 4Center for Environment Education & Development (P) Ltd.
  6. 6. Our Products & ServicesManagement System Audits Environmental Management System Audit (ISO 14000) Quality Management System Audit (ISO 9000) Social Accountability Audit (SA 8000) Integrated Management System (including EMS, QMS and SA) Environmental Training and Awareness Training for environmental awareness Awareness workshops for academic institutions / students / educationists Environmental orientation in school education Networking with like-minded institutes / organizations Capacity building of children on range of eco-themes 5Center for Environment Education & Development (P) Ltd.
  7. 7. Our Products & ServicesCorporate Social Responsibility Social Accounting, Auditing & Reporting Sustainable solutions for Individual as well as CompanyEco-tourism Services Tours to exotic, relatively untouched destinations Use Eco-tour as learning tool for management development programme Close encounter with ecologically sensitive destinations like biosphere reserves, wildlife habitats ,etc. 6Center for Environment Education & Development (P) Ltd.
  8. 8. Our Products CDM PAT EIA FSC AR CDM REC EA CCB VCS CF LUS GRI GS MSA REDD+ ETA 7Center for Environment Education & Development (P) Ltd.
  9. 9. Our Organizational Set-Up Board of Directors Director – Director – Technical Financial Head – Head – Head – Resource Energy Agriculture Forestry Manager Project Project Project Accountant Analyst Analyst Analyst Research Project Office Field staff Associate Coordinator Assistant 8Center for Environment Education & Development (P) Ltd.
  10. 10. Our Infrastructure Excellent working space Computational facilities, dedicated internet connections, printers and scanners Environmental modeling, geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Remote sensing applications Well-equipped library with time tested manuals and protocols to handle multi disciplinary projects. Possess GPS devices, Sound and video recorders, GPS enabled Digital Camera, Web-Conference system, Field equipments for forestry applications, etc. 9Center for Environment Education & Development (P) Ltd.
  11. 11. Our Expertise Core team Advisory team Marketing team The Team at CEED consists of experienced professionals specializing in environment The core team is backed CEED also maintains a conservation, project with a multidisciplinary dynamic and result orientedplanning & management. The advisory team consisting of marketing professionals multi-talented experienced Financial Experts, who bring strengths to the professionals form a core Statisticians, Ecologist, team of CEED. The core team overall business by their Agriculture Experts,provides lateral perspective to innovative strategies and Forestry Experts, and alliedthe projects with an emphasis marketing & business experts of required on the economic viability, development capabilities specializations. innovative solutions and sustainability. 10 Center for Environment Education & Development (P) Ltd.
  12. 12. Our Experience CEED has total experience of more than 100 person years. Personnel at CEED were associated with major academic consulting and R & D organizations in the environment & energy sectors. CEED is involved in number of project spanning in areas such as energy, agriculture, forestry and have long term contract with the client to provide advisory and consulting services. All the projects completed at CEED are a result of immense hard work, perseverance and precious inputs by our experts. Each project enriches CEED with a unique experience and is taken up as a new challenge. Our experts keep no stone unturned to collect, analyze, compile data and prepare a comprehensive report of the same. The experts at CEED are dedicated to the cause of environment. 11Center for Environment Education & Development (P) Ltd.
  13. 13. Our Clientele & Associates 12Center for Environment Education & Development (P) Ltd.
  14. 14. THANK YOUCommitted towards Environmental Resource Protection and Ecosystem Inte g rity For further details contact us at: Centre for Environment Education & Development Pvt. Ltd. IDEAL, Unit No. 117, Devji Kesavji Industrial Estate, W.T.Patil Marg, Chembur, Mumbai-400071 India. Tel.: +91 22 6575 2268, Fax: +91 22 2521 0721 Email:;