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Apresesentaçaoallma 2010 en

  1. 1. allma@allma.com.br www.allma.com.br 16-9796-9944 016-3621-8443
  2. 2. Environmental & Agribusiness Management • Why contract ALLMA? Because ALLMA is a company highlly prepered to offer solutions in diverses fields of enterprise manegement with the best tools and training in environmental and agribusiness manegement. Than the executive is free to focus ours efforts in strategy and the core of the business, safing incidental expenses, time and vitality.
  3. 3. Environmental & Agribusiness Management • Some projects we developed... • Plan for restoration of degraded area - PRAD in Ranchos of the Volta Grande Reservoir in Miguelópolis-SP. Improvement Plan in degraded area - PMAD Ranchos in the Volta Grande Reservoir in Miguelópolis - SP. Implementation Plan for the Group Vinasse Stone Agroindustrial Serrana-SP. Training on production costs for the Association of Producers Agroecológios Terra Viva, Ribeirão Preto-SP. Analysis of technical feasibility and financial and commercial production of vegetables in settlement MASSEFI 1 in Bom Jesus do Araguaia - MT. Deployment Comtrol stock in GIMAFI resale of agricultural products of Santa Rita do Passa Quatro - SP.
  4. 4. Environmental & Agribusiness Management • The idea of us... Valorize the importance of criate environmental sustainable and to form knowledge and respect for the society and the environment.
  5. 5. Environmental & Agribusiness Management • Our Vision... Fidelity and Efficacy for the clients, in the consult activity in environmental and agribusiness manegement. Responsability and honesty with our parteners and co- workers, to obtain value and concern with the best company in Brazil and the world.
  6. 6. Environmental & Agribusiness Management • The Mission... We´ll work to each client obtain ever the best sustainable result with respect to the environment and the construction of a rightly society.
  7. 7. Environmental & Agribusiness Management • What ALLMA means... ALL in english means everything and MA is the abbreviation of Management, so we have ALL (everything) you need to make the best MAnegement of your business. This is the Chalenge proposal what we do to everybody whem read the name of you company. Ofered everything what is possible to develope the best manegement of your business.
  8. 8. Environmental & Agribusiness Management • Who is ALLMA... ALLMA is a company specialized and prepered to offer the best tools and technichies to consulting in agribusiness and environmental manegement. In fact we offer a huge knowlegde, vision and facilities to view the way and solutions to private and public companies. Based in the concept of sustainablity, The ALLMA join services and produscts with quality and offer a personalized service for each business.
  9. 9. Environmental & Agribusiness Management Our values... • Compromise to serve each client specially • Respect with each client and with the environment • Attitude ethics with clients, co-workers, parteners. • Criativity to bring inovation and solution for the necessity of each business. • Personal develop to valorize the act of each part of the team to obtain sinergy in the realization of the work. • Profissionalism to obtain the best result in time with agility and efficacy • Integrity to preserv and garantee the secret of information by the client.
  10. 10. Environmental & Agribusiness Management Our differential: • Valorized the Human Potential • Partnership • Technological Inovation
  11. 11. Environmental & Agribusiness Management • Organization Chart ALLMA Social Responsability Agribusiness Environemental Training Division Division Division •Consult •Consult •Workshops •Products •Products •Training
  12. 12. Environmental & Agribusiness Management • Agribusiness Division • Marketing Planning; • Strategic Planning; • Financial and Costs Planning ; • Business Systematization; • Agricultural Audit; • Succession Plan; • Mergers and acquisition, Joint Ventures e Partnership; • Investment Analysis; • Feasibility Study; • Risk Analysis; • Human Resources; • Contracts Analysis; • Trade; • Technical visit to investitures; • Identification and find of strategies investors and financial investor.
  13. 13. Environmental & Agribusiness Management • Agribusiness Division • Design, integrate, construct, maintain and manage The sugar cane business who involved since the concept of the project of a sugar cane crops and mills passing by the co- generation of electrical energy, the CREs projects till the manage of the all structure for Investors, funds, companies and cooperatives of sugar cane producers
  14. 14. Environmental & Agribusiness Management • Products and Training Division • Products • ERP Software • Human Resources Software • Access Control and insurance Software • Business Intelligence Software • Planning and environment for It implementation • Industrial Operational Management Software • Agriculture Operational Management Software • Coasts and Performance Operational Productivity Software • Machines and machinery operational management Software • Industrial Maintenance Operational Management Software • Strategic Planning Software • E-Procurement Software
  15. 15. Environmental & Agribusiness Management • Products and Training Division • Training Training “in company” To develop the linkage between the team and reducing coasts. Training “out company” To develop the change of experiences and the creativity of the participants. Open courses We make open courses for foment the internship of experiences and the discussion about relevant themes These open courses help the development of network and contacts for business and change of knowledge yonder the change of environment. Lecture, Workshops and Technical Visits With the purpose to move the participants, develop de knowledge and to promote the discussion about some issue we realize lectures, workshops and Technical visitation for clients, partners and people interested in some specific issue linked to agribusiness or environment.
  16. 16. Environmental & Agribusiness Management • Environmental Division • Technical Studies, written reports, estimation, licensing, permissions • Audit, diagnosis in the environmental field; • Environmental Studies; • Environmental Risk Valuation; • Environmental Impact Studies; • Environmental licensing, Pre Operational License and Operational License; • Environmental Efficiency Reports; • Pre Environmental Report– RAP; • Hydrologic Pre Study; • Pre License of installations and operations in new business; • Deforestation authorization; • Authorization to capitation and release of water and effluents; • Adjustment Term of Conduct – TAC; • Evaluation, development and implantation of Integrated Environmental Management System; Public Hearings.
  17. 17. Environmental & Agribusiness • Environmental Division Management • Plans, projects, implementation and monitoring: Design, implementation and operation of monitoring network for water, air and soil; Marketing Plan and environmental strategies; Reforestation projects; Projects PRAD recovery of degraded areas; Improvement projects in degraded area - PMAD; Monitoring Plan for Air Emissions - PMEA; Monitoring Plan for Surface Water - LDCs; Plan for the Eradication of Burning - PEQ; Projects of seedling nurseries; Projects and Monitoring Station Wastewater Treatment and Water-ETE, ETA; Projects and monitoring of landfill and Industrial; Solid waste management; Project for Water and Wastewater reuse; Project to Reduce Air Emissions; Design for Remediation of Contaminated Areas (water and soil); Environmental compensation; Development, deployment and workshops on environmental education; Training of staff, managers and employees to environmental management and sustainable development;
  18. 18. Environmental & Agribusiness • Environmental Division Management The legal service provided by ALLMA acts in two ways: In a preventative manner: Services: Legal and environmental auditing; Surveys; Provision of legal and environmental newsletters; Customized reports of the situations of each company; Environmental Counsel; Evaluation and interpretation of environmental liabilities and legal guidelines in the prevention of nonconformities. Correctly: To solve problems that have already taken legal proportions, the ALLMA, through its legal department prepares defense in any civil, criminal, and administrative Resources for Administrative Fines, Enforcement.
  19. 19. Environmental & Agribusiness Management • Social Responsibility is a conscious way of conducting business of a company, becoming a partner and co-responsible for social development. Inserted in this context, ALLMA supports the project "Journey of Joy."
  20. 20. Environmental & Agribusiness Management • They are our partners: • Maranatha Import & Export • Porto Associates and consultancy • AC Real Estate • FH Lawyers • SEBRAE,ACI RP • SAP – ERP • Weil Solar Trade LCC.
  21. 21. Environmental & Agribusiness Management • Contact : • Leandro Maurice Guazzelli Bin Director • 55-016-9796-9944 / 3421-8981 • leandro@allma.com.br / allma@allma.com.br • www.allma.com.br
  22. 22. Environmental & Agribusiness Management