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Tools For Sustainable Design Innovation


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Reform Conference

Published in: Design, Business, Technology
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Tools For Sustainable Design Innovation

  1. 1. “ We aim to encourage ecodesign and sustainable production and consumption in Wales. “ Environment Strategy for Wales 2026, Welsh Assembly Government, 2006
  2. 2. Ecodesign Centre wales established in September 2006 funded by Welsh Assembly Government our role build capacity and capabilities in industry, public sector organisations and higher education so that effective ecodesign can happen in Wales facilitate open sharing of knowledge and experience
  3. 3. what is ecodesign?
  4. 4. design for disassembly design for recycling design for environment sustainable design LCA, SLCA, LCI IPP / Producer Responsibility / WEEE / RoHS (Chinese RoHS) / Remanufacturing EuP / IPPC / REACH / Packaging Regs.... what is ecodesign? ECMA 341 ISO/TR 14062:2002 matrices ethnography guidelines / handbooks LiDS strategy wheel Eco-labels checklists Ecomapping Eco-Indicator 99 concept demonstrators Life cycle accounting and costing
  5. 5. ecodesign is just good design
  6. 6. why ecodesign? 80% of environmental impacts of a product or service can be locked-in at the design stage
  7. 7. designers interact between industry and consumers industry design consumers
  8. 8. designers can influence how people consume products industry design consumers
  9. 9. why isn’t every company doing ecodesign? managerial, process and system barriers e.g. • lack of managerial and operational resources • lack of awareness, training, and motivation of employees • failure of managers to harness the strategic considerations • competing policy rationales (e.g. environment and innovation) • actors “can’t or won’t act” - i.e. uncertainty / poor appropriability
  10. 10. what government needs to do • identify of focus areas for intervention – from an innovation systems perspective • create of platforms for the open sharing of knowledge and experiences • build capacity in existing business support infrastructure • embed ecodesign and sustainability in higher/further, professional training, etc • build capacity in the indigenous design sector • establishing a culture of policy learning • facilitate horizontalisation throughout out policy domains
  11. 11. what business and design needs to do • rethink your drivers – internal/external • assess your impacts – benchmark, LCA, carbon footprint, anything!! • design them out (or reduce) • communicate – brand, marketing, eco-labels, EPD, reports, safety data sheets
  12. 12. thank you