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Sandheva Corporate Presentation Light

  1. 1. eco project development
  3. 3. eco project development Founded recently and growing very quickly, Sandheva is poised to become a market leader in the design and development of environment friendly properties: high quality, upscale buildings designed to t within living communities, where care is taken right from the design stage to ensure sustainable use throughout a property’s lifetime. Sandheva solidi es the partnership between landowners and nanciers mutually interested in eco development. The scale of projects range from mid-sized multi-unit properties to fully functional resorts. Sandheva designed properties ensure the environment is nurtured and protected while also being a prime driver in bringing wealth and opportunity to local communities - an enriching experience for their owners and guests alike.
  4. 4. OBJECTIVE & MISSION OBJECTIVE Be the premiere design and development company in Indonesia that delivers truly environmentally safe and sustainable structures for the hospitality industry. MISSION By designing, building and promoting eco-friendly, energy saving, and healthy properties we create genuine value for our partners and stakeholders while supporting and preserving the local community, culture and environment.
  5. 5. OUR VISION Sandheva was established by its partners to create a new model of building design and development that is rooted in the principles of sustainable use. Essentially, we believe that a Sandheva designed property helps to provide a balance between our modern lifestyle and leaving the world a better place for our children. We know this can be achieved within the context of commercial and economic development, which pro ts not only our partners and investors but also our stakeholders and the wider community around us. By coincidence this same search for “balance” is the touchstone of life in Bali - the reason why so many people come to this island, fall in love with it - and stay. It is our intention to carry this vision with us as we expand out of Bali and beyond Indonesia.
  6. 6. COMPANY VALUES Environmental Responsibility For Sandheva it is fundamental that any project we approach is designed to recognize the short and long term impact on the environment in terms of energy, sustainability, and social impact. We embrace this fact which is why we have built it into our core concept rather than as a seperate element. Economic Performance As a committed partner in each of our projects we seek solutions that meet a range of economic criteria. This might relate to the capital ef ciency of a project, the ensuing operating costs, occupancy rates, rental income and long term resale value, amongst a variety of other nancial considerations. Creative Integrity Our design concepts must deliver in both form and function, providing an end result that appeals to our visual senses and creates a meaningful experience. Creative integrity and innovation is the foundation for our design. Inherently great design and aesthetic value is at the core of all architecture.
  7. 7. BUSINESS ACTIVITIES Sandheva invests all of its available resources through each integral phase of development, from procurement of the land to the nal sale. Our capabilities encompass all the essential tools for creating successful and pro table projects. Sandheva comprises four principal business activities: Architecture & Design, Development, Construction and Promotion. Architecture & Design concepts, engineering, construction drawings, water & energy management interior design... Development nancing, acquistions, resources & assets management, legality, certi cations... Construction construction engineering, project management, site supervision, cost control, logistics... Promotion real estate investment promotion (property, nancial products)...
  8. 8. MANAGEMENT TEAM An international management team with many proven skills in hospitality property development. architecture, engineering and design project management and construction fund raising and project nancing sales and marketing All have been successful managers and entrepeneurs in various business sectors. Many have international and multicultural experience. Other than the many people in our company who are Indonesian, our team comes from as far a eld as France, Germany, Ireland, Norway, UK and USA.
  9. 9. PROJECT CONCEPTS Our goal is to design, build and promote eco-friendly, energy saving properties. Key concepts for all projects include: Eco-friendly Construction Organic concept architecture Alternative materials Unconventional construction techniques Green Energy Solar Wind Biogas Water Conservation Rain water harvesting Non chemical waste water treatment Waste water recycling International Certi cation Certi cation by Green Globe or equivalent agency Design Construction Operation
  10. 10. PROJECTS Pemuteran North Bali 5 star eco-resort 4.0 hectares 65% green space 45 villas with pools 60 suites restaurant, beach bar activities and tness club spa including pool Project budget - US$ 24.5 million * Photos taken on site at location
  11. 11. PROJECTS Uluwatu South Bali 5 star eco-resort 1.2 hectares 50% green space 13 villas with pools 24 suites restaurant, beach bar activities and tness club spa including pool Project budget - US$ 12 million * Photos taken on site at location
  12. 12. PROJECTS Panjang Island Saleh Bay, Sumbawa 5 star ultra-exclusive eco-resort 33 hectares Design in Progress Project budget - US$ 35 million * Photos taken on site at location
  13. 13. eco project development “Partnership with Sandheva is a meaningful commitment in which a shared vision of the future is congruent. Our clearly articulated principles for social and environmental consciousness are also the implements for which we leverage assets and investments, creating a cycle of sustainable pro tability.” Christian Dagher Co-founder & CEO