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Branding Communities of Practice


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From the Leopold Center

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Branding Communities of Practice

  1. 1. Branding Communities of Practice
  2. 2. Why focus on branding? • “What is (Value Chain Partnerships)?” – Ask the following question to all members of your network – Their answers may all be true, but are they all DIFFERENT? • Establishing your own brand identity will – Validate who you are and what you do – Differentiate you from other organizations – Create loyalty amongst team members and supporters
  3. 3. What does this have to do with branding cattle? • Cattle are branded so that they can be recognized by their owner • Communities of practice are branded so their collaborative work can be recognized by others in a clear, concise, and consistent manner
  4. 4. What are you branding? Small Meat Processors Pork Niche Market Grass-Based Livestock Value Chain Partnerships An Iowa-Based Network of Food and Agriculture Working Groups Regional Food Fruit and Systems Vegetable • With a community of practice, you are branding – The network and its power of collaboration – Not the organization and its products and services
  5. 5. What is branding? • Branding is your network’s identity Who are you? Branding What do you do best? How do you do it? • A clear, concise, and consistent message about who you are, what you do, and how you do it will help you more effectively reach out to your target audience • Targeted communication will generate support and increase your group’s ability to make an impact
  6. 6. Branding your network • Value Chain Partnerships Who are you? What do you do best? How do you do it? (What type of (What benefit do you organization + want people to + (Why is your do you have?) associate with your organization so organization?) successful?) A network of food and Deliver social, Bring together a agriculture economic, and diverse group of working environmental appropriate groups benefits to clients and players communities
  7. 7. Branding your network • Write your positioning statement – Value Chain Partnerships is an Iowa-Based Network for Food and Agriculture Working Groups. These groups bring together a diverse ensemble of producers, processors, and private, non- profit, and government organizations across a variety of market driven food and agricultural issues to deliver social, economic, and environmental benefits to clients and communities. • A tagline might help quickly clarify your organization’s title – Value Chain Partnerships is an Iowa-Based Network for Food and Agriculture Working Groups.
  8. 8. When is the right time to focus on branding? If you answer “YES!” to the following questions… • Has your organization identified its niche? – Do you know what you stand for and are you committed to making it work? • Do you need to differentiate your organization? – Are there similar organizations in the arena in which you operate? • Is your organization sending mixed messages? – Are members of your organization sending different messages about what you stand for? • Are people talking about your organization when you’re out of earshot? – Can you personally answer every question, or will people think they know what your organization stands for and make decisions based on their assumptions? …then it’s time to BRAND!