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Business Ethics Class at Simon Fraser University


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These are the slides for the class I taught for Bob Korth's Bus 303 class at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, BC.

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Business Ethics Class at Simon Fraser University

  1. 1. SMARTer Teamwork: Collaborating Like Jazz MusiciansBus 303 Class – Simon Fraser University March 12, 2013 Brian Fraser Lead Provocateur, Jazzthink
  2. 2. Business Success - A Case St. Andrew’s Hall UBC From $130,000 in annual revenues in 1985, to $1.6 million in 2001, then to $2.6 in 2012.
  3. 3. Wired for Community Humans are wired for community. Mutual support and compassion are essential to the flourishing of the species. www.ccare.stanford.ed u
  4. 4. The Core Skill in Business - Teamwork You build productive teams through CONVERSATIONS
  5. 5. The Essence of Great Jazz Jazz, at its best, is a situation in which participants willingly support each other, working together as one, each musician bringing: • virtuosity • optimism • mutual respect • good will • the desire to make it feel good. Monty Alexander
  6. 6. What’s the Connection? The most commonform of jazz in human experience isconversation
  7. 7. Therefore … You are all jazz musicians!
  8. 8. What if … … you paid as much attention to the sound and impact of your conversations as jazz musicians pay to the sound and impact of their instruments?
  9. 9. The Likely Results What qualities of great teamwork do you see in the performance of the jazz group?
  10. 10. Frequently Noted Qualities
  11. 11. SMARTer Conversations Soulful - being encouraging with yourself Mindful being engaging with others Astute - being wise and decisive Responsible being supportive and accountable Trusting – being meticulous about results
  12. 12. Soulful Conversations Attitudes Self–valuing, self-awareness, and self-development Behaviours Self-care, self-discipline, and self-appreciation ConsequencesBeing encouraging Greater self-confidence with yourself Improved personal growth in capabilities and maturity More positive influence and impact
  13. 13. Mindful Conversations Attitudes Curiosity, respect, and humility Behaviours Converse, listen, and appreciate Consequences Sustained credibility with colleagues Increased willingness to support in adpative and innovative waysBeing engaging with others More clearly aligned and productive collaboration
  14. 14. Astute Conversations Attitudes Open, collegial, and analytical Behaviours Discover, diagnose, and decide Consequences Greater capacity to make crucial decisions Broader and deeper ownership of strategies chosen Being wise Better alignment of all theand decisive organizations assets to achieve its purpose
  15. 15. Responsible Conversations Attitudes Supportive, passionate, and forgiving Behaviours Connect, encourage, and serve Consequences Faster achievement of desired results Greater attraction and retention ofBeing supportive the most talented contributorsand accountable Better reputation within the larger organization
  16. 16. Trusting Conversations Attitudes Courage, optimism, and confidence Behaviours Assess, Inform, and Coach Consequences More deeply satisfying collaboration More powerful benefits for larger organizationBeing meticulous about results Greater contribution to the well-being of the larger community
  17. 17. Conversation as Music More than words, conversation is music: Its harmony, rhythm, and flow transcend communication, flexing mind and heart, tuning us for companionship. Catherine Blyth
  18. 18. Jazz in the Workplace “[Jazz] is an endless road of discovery leading to more maturity and acceptance of personal responsibility, a greater respect for cultures around the world, an invigorating playfulness, an excitement about change, and an appetite for the unpredictable.” Wynton Marsalis
  19. 19. Voice, Vibe & Value Your voice generates a vibe that creates value. Use it SMARTly.
  20. 20. Support for SMARTer Teamwork There are lots more ideas and resources at