Volunteer management training


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Volunteer management training

  1. 1. Patrick O’Brien Jeffrey Sellers
  2. 2. RecruitingTracking Training Retaining Supervising
  3. 3. Frequency Skill LevelEpisodic (one Skilled time events) UnskilledReoccurring
  4. 4. A valuable human resources thatcan directly contribute to theachievement of the organization’smission.
  5. 5.  When in doubt recruit extra Volunteers don’t care what they do, they just want to help All Volunteers are the same
  6. 6. Position Description  Title  Task  Hours/Times  Qualifications  BenefitsFinding the right volunteer(screening/interviews)The point is to recruit justenough of the rightvolunteers for the rightpositions
  7. 7.  A majority of Volunteers that are “adequately” trained will serve again.  There’s always an orientation; there is not always a training KSA  Knowledge – Any vital and relevant information volunteers will need to be successful in their position  Skills – Any abilities volunteers will need to successfully perform expected tasks  Attitude – The way you want them to feel about volunteering or see the efforts of your organization in relation to the “big picture.”
  8. 8.  Identify  Based on the position descriptions for your event, identify the Knowledge, Skills, and/or Attitudes necessary for successful completion of volunteer tasks Design  Plan an event which will effectively transfer the desired KSA’s to your expected volunteers. Deliver Assess and Refine
  9. 9.  Why is good supervision important? Define and Communicate Clear Expectations Guide Volunteers Support Volunteers Reward and Recognize Volunteers
  10. 10.  Why Volunteers Quit  Too much/little work  Poor Supervision/Inadequate Training  Not Being Thanked Rewarding Volunteers - 101 Ways  Smile  Say Thank You  Smile  Say Thank you
  11. 11. Why Track Your Volunteers? Keys to Good Tracking Retention Database Future Events Volunteer Intake Form Feed Back Collect the Right Information Reports
  12. 12.  Smile  Send a Thanksgivings Day card to the volunteer’s family Put up a volunteer suggestion box  Provide a nursery Treat to a soda  Say “Good morning.” Reimburse assignment related expenses  Greet by name Ask for a report  Provide good pre-service training Send a Birthday Card  Help develop self-confidence Arrange for discounts  Award plaques to sponsoring groups Give service stripes  Take time to explain Maintain a coffee bar  Be verbal Plan annual ceremonial occasions  Motivate agency VIPs to converse with Invite to staff meeting them Recognize personal needs and problems  Hold rap sessions Accommodate personal needs and  Give additional responsibility problems  Afford participation in team planning Be pleasant  Respect sensitivities Use in an emergency situation  Enable to grow on the job Provide a baby sitter  Enable to grow out of the job Post Honor Roll in reception area  Send newsworthy information to the media Respect their wishes  Have wine and cheese tasting parties Give informal teas  Ask client-patient to evaluate the work- Keep challenging them service  Say “Good afternoon."
  13. 13.  Honor their preferences  Celebrate outstanding projects Create pleasant surrounding  Nominate for volunteer awards Welcome to staff coffee breaks  Have a “Presidents Day” for new presidents of sponsoring groups Enlist to train other volunteers  Carefully match volunteer with job Have a public reception  Praise them to their friends Take time to talk  Provide substantive in-service training Defend against hostile or negative staff  Provide useful tools in good working Make good plans condition Commend to supervisory staff  Say “Good night” Send a valentine  Plan staff and volunteer social events Make thorough pre-arrangements  Be a real person Persuade “personnel” to equate  Rent billboard space for public laudation volunteer experience with work experience  Accept their individuality Admit to partnership with paid staff  Provide opportunities for conferences and evaluation Recommend to prospective employer  Identify age groups Provide scholarships to volunteer conferences or workshops  Maintain meaningful file Offer advocacy roles  Send impromptu fun cards Utilize as consultants  Plan occasional extravaganzas Write them thank you notes  Instigate client planned surprises Invite participation in policy formation  Utilize purchased newspaper space Surprise with coffee and cake  Promote a “Volunteer-of-the-month”
  14. 14.  Send letter of appreciation to  Adequately orient employer  Award special citations for Plan “Recognition Edition” of extraordinary achievements agency newsletter  Fully indoctrinate regarding the Color code name tags to indicate agency particular achievements  Send Christmas cards Send commendatory letters to  Be familiar with the details of prominent public figures assignments Say “We missed you”  Conduct community- Praise the sponsoring group or wide, cooperative, inter-agency club recognition events Promote staff smiles  Plan a theater party Facilitate personal maturation  Attend a sports event Distinguish between groups and  Have a picnic individuals in the groups  Say “Thank you” Maintain safe working  “Smile” conditions
  15. 15.  What kind of volunteer are you searching for?  Where will you find them?  How will contact them? Appropriate Marketing  Radio  Newspaper  One on One Accurate Marketing  Clear, Concise, Correct
  16. 16.  Liability Release Photo Release  Ways around Photo Releases (Be Creative)