You r the hero

Jan. 21, 2014

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You r the hero

  1. Do you Love your Company?
  2. Do you love Your Profession?
  3. Leadership at your Palm
  4. Hard work Vs smart work
  5. Journey from
  6. Be fast Take initiative Be passionate Competition No pain No gain Know your people
  7. Make the people feel important Apply human relations Acknowledge Appreciate Tell him the success of the Organization Say the success is because of them Take the responsibility of failure
  8. Recognize Achievement Recognize both individual and group achievement Recognize contributions Reward successful completion of the mission
  9. Encourage Contributions Ask for full participation Welcome suggestions Coach and counsel team members Provide challenging assignments Delegate meaningful tasks
  10. Provide Adequate Support Keep in close touch with the group Provide adequate training Make sure required resources are available Give the team enough time to complete its mission Give clear and accurate instructions
  11. Promote Cooperation Emphasize collaboration, not competition Promote the sharing of information, ideas, and expertise Endorse compromise Reinforce teamoriented behavior
  12. Build Team spirit Make use of diverse skills, knowledge, and experience Your role is to provide leadership, support, and encouragement Effective teams improve efficiency, quality, and motivation
  13. Win –Win..
  14. Prosperity in your Hands
  15. TEAM Together Everyone Achieves More
  16. Power of one
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