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Ibm innovation space launch bluemix introduction


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bluemix introductory slides from ibm innovation space launch at ihub nairobi kenya

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Ibm innovation space launch bluemix introduction

  1. 1. Unleash. Develop. Disrupt. Repeat. IBM INNOVATION SPACE LAUNCH @ iHub Nairobi Ben Mann | IBM Africa Software | Friday August 7, 2015 @benm4nn | |
  2. 2. You are the Key to Making Innovation a Reality in Nairobi Vibrant ICT Ecosystem [Nairobi] + Passion and Creativity [You] + Innovation Catalyst [IBM]
  3. 3. Unleash. Develop. Disrupt. Repeat Culture of continuous experimentation leads to innovation
  4. 4. Failure is good. Embrace Failure. (It needs a hug). When others don’t succeed it’s called “failure”… when you don’t succeed you’re “experimenting”.
  5. 5. Unleash. Develop. Disrupt. Repeat. What’s the best Toy ever?
  6. 6. Unleash. Develop. Disrupt. Repeat. Opening up APIs for services and data to the ecosystem of developers What’s the best Toy ever?
  7. 7. How does Bluemix work? (I just want to build cool stuff!)
  8. 8. Bluemix builds upon Cloud Foundry as an open source platform and extends it with IBM, third party and community built services. How does Bluemix work?
  9. 9. An open platform-as-a-service (PaaS) Supports multiple frameworks, multiple application infrastructure services and deployment to multiple clouds. Open Standards Matter Cloud Foundry
  10. 10. We are now in a Hybrid World Combine the new systems with the existing ones to create sticky experiences Software as a Service Innovation Platform as a Service Traditional IT IBM Bluemix + +
  11. 11. Innovation is a Team Sport Loads of new Buzzwords: DevOps, Agile, Scrum, Repo, Fork… Repos are great for sharing + finding code Integrates with Bluemix! Agile practices encourage collaboration Daily Scrum Continuous Customer Feedback & Optimization Collaborative Development Continuous Release and Deployment Continuous Monitoring Continuous Business Planning Continuous Testing Operate Develop/ Test Deploy Steer DevOps Continuous Feedback DevOps Continuous Cycle of Innovation “Fork” Verb. To enhance another’s code
  12. 12. Open Data (APIs) Enable Others to Embed Your Apps inside Their Apps Bluemix Your Service
  13. 13. IBM Cloud Marketplace Global marketplace for customers to discover enterprise cloud services run on or are deployable to SoftLayer and developed with Bluemix created by IBM and IBM’s partners Marketing Your Apps to the Whole Planet
  14. 14. Community Support and Answers
  15. 15. Unleash. Develop. Disrupt. Repeat. Leveraging Innovation Platforms to rapidly experiment
  16. 16. Pre-Built Starters Big Data management Mobile Web and application Artificial Intelligence (Watson) Internet of Things Big Data Analytics Spatial35+ Runtimes Predictive Analytics Security Advanced DevOps API Integration Unleash. Develop. Disrupt. Repeat. Expanding the possibilities with a rich, open treasure trove of APIs and services
  17. 17. Your Awesome App Unleash. Develop. Disrupt. Repeat. Compose your app, rapidly experimenting by mixing in APIs and services
  18. 18. Unleash. Develop. Disrupt. Repeat. Embed yourself in the next big thing by turning your app into an API
  19. 19. Unleash. Develop. Disrupt. Repeat. Instantly and dynamically scale your app through the cloud
  20. 20. Unleash. Develop. Disrupt. Repeat. Collaborative, continuous delivery to expand, enhance and scale Continuous Feedback Collaborative Development Continuous Release Continuous Monitoring Continuous Planning Continuous Testing Operate Develop/ Test Deploy Steer DevOps Continuous Feedback
  21. 21. Cool things to make and do… Create a Cloud powered Mobile App Connect to Internet of Things Create a Drone with visual recognition Create a connected car with geospatial analytics Many more at
  22. 22. Disruptive Innovation = Your Fresh ideas + Unleashed data and services + The world’s good ideas + Innovation platform for rapid experimentation and global reach
  23. 23. We’re Here To Help You Innovate I’m Ben Mann IBM Africa Software Innovation Nairobi, Kenya Email: LinkedIn, Twitter, Skype: benm4nn Blog: Join Your community Developers-Nairobi