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Sarah Allen on mobile tech for Ignite Bay Area


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Software expert Sarah Allen on mobile as the new PC for Ignite Bay Area on 12.9.09.

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Sarah Allen on mobile tech for Ignite Bay Area

  1. 1. The mobile phone is the new PC. The PC is now mobile.
  2. 2. Geolocation Camera Connected Everyone You Know
  3. 4. Imagine
  4. 6. 4.6B in perspective mobile phone subscriptions 4.6 B 69% of world populaton 6.7B 4.6 Billion
  5. 7. Computers: Eniac -> large -> desktop -> lap top -> phone As computers shink, they get faster…. We cn not only do more of, we can do different things
  6. 8. Adoption drives innovation. Innovation drives adoption.
  7. 16. Symbian RIM Blackberry Apple iPhone Windows Mobile Google Android Palm webOS C++ JAVA OBJECTIVE C C# JAVA JAVASCRIPT
  8. 19. What will you say?