Playbook for promoting kids' apps


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Common practices for kids app promotion.

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Playbook for promoting kids' apps

  1. 1. Playbook for Promoting Kids' Apps By Benjamin Zhang
  2. 2. Overview* Before launching Right after launching After launching for a while * The practices discussed in this presentation are applicable on both App Store and Google Play
  3. 3. Before launching App description Have a short and easy to understand tag line telling people why this app is so special* Emphasize the educational aspects of your app* Make full use of description, screenshots, keywords, and reviews** * **,
  4. 4. Landing page Create promo videos* Build a splash page with device images, branding messages, basic details of app, social media links, and newsletter sign up** *, **
  5. 5. Internationalize your app translate your apps into local languages *
  6. 6. Right after launching Media outreach Youtube, Twitter, emails, forums, press releases, and Facebook should all be included in your outreach strategy* Submit your app to reviewers from kids’ app website, and correspond with the reviewers via twitter* Parenting blogs/communities could be very helpful** Always include your promo video in press releases and emails to bloggers* * **
  7. 7. Get user ratings High ratings would lead to more downloads Identify a loyal segment of users that would most likely to rate your app positively* Pricing promotion** Make sure your app’s price is in line with similar apps offer promotion like “$4.99 app for $1.99 for a limited time * **
  8. 8. Concentrate your efforts Attract as many downloads in as short time as possible* (according to the algorithm of App store, this would have a positive effect on app’s ranking) Usually you need to sell 50+ copies of paid apps on several consecutive days in order to be in the top 100** * **
  9. 9. After launching for a while Advertising Advertise on other apps of the same category or targeting the same audience Advertise where target audiences hang out** (parenting blogs, communities, early education websites, etc.) **
  10. 10. Social media campaign* Example: ** Social media engagement** Interact with fans or followers, send out promotion information and discounts, teach them about the app’s different features, announce upcoming events, etc. * ** Runkeeper is a free app remaining top 10 in the category of Health and Fitness
  11. 11. Celebrity endorsement Example: Jennifer Lopez & Enrique Iglesias endorsing Draw Something* “draw something Jennifer Lopez and Enrique Iglesias” generated almost 1 million search results on Google** * **
  12. 12. Appendix Kids App Review Sites with High Traffic* Estimated traffic over the last 30 days Website 398,200 211,100 308,400 166,700 154,700 theiphonemom,com 160,000 115,200 * Traffic info retrieved from Social Media clout Facebook: 42,545 likes Twitter: 14,674 Facebook: 3,516 Twitter: 2,988 Facebook: 2,771 Twitter: 4,438 Facebook: 4,985 Twitter: 6,945 Facebook: 7,659 Twitter: 7,794 Facebook: 3,748 Twitter: 5,898 Facebook: 15,486 Twitter: 10,936
  13. 13. Thank you!