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Developer week EMEA - Salesforce1 Mobile App overview


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A brief introduction to the Salesforce1 Mobile App and how you can customise it to deliver a great experience for your users and customers.

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Developer week EMEA - Salesforce1 Mobile App overview

  1. 1. Salesforce1 Developer Week Bringing developers around the world together to build mobile apps.
  2. 2. This is Salesforce1 platform
  3. 3. Two ways to build Mobile Apps Customer-Facing Mobile Services Custom Mobile Apps Employee-Facing Out-of-the-box AppExchange Apps: Dropbox Concur Evernote ServiceMax More Custom Apps and Integrations: SAP Oracle Everything Custom More Sales, Service and Marketing Accounts Cases Campaigns Dashboards More Salesforce1 Mobile App
  4. 4. The Salesforce1 Mobile App “Everything” you develop In your Org is accessible Via Salesforce1 mobile app
  5. 5. Download Salesforce1 Mobile App from your mobile phone app store i.e Apple Store, Google Play
  6. 6. Also viewable in a browser Use Salesforce1 mobile in your browser If you don‟t have a mobile device - Can be useful for rapid testing Note: this does not currently work in Firefox or Windows 8 browsers. Google Chrome is the recommended browser.
  7. 7. Introducing Salesforce1 Mobile App Drag and drop UI customization Notifications Publisher Actions You Saleslforce Apps Recently searched for Objects Chatter
  8. 8. Mobile Navigation (aka Left Nav) Mobile Administration  Mobile Navigation
  9. 9. Page and Compact Layouts SObject  Page Layout SObject  Compact Layout
  10. 10. List Views Sobject Tab  New List View Tapping an object in the Left Nav displays your List Views and your Recent records Also shows any custom list views you created
  11. 11. Expanded Lookup Parent Sobject  Compact Layout Child SObject  Page Layout  Expanded Lookup Show additional info for Parent records
  12. 12. Built-in Map Integration for Accounts & Contacts Account  record  populate Billing Address or Shipping Address fields Map icon will automatically display at the top of the detail page.
  13. 13. Publisher Actions Global: Create  Global Actions Object Specific: SObject  Buttons, Links & Actions  New Action Page Layouts control which actions show in what order
  14. 14. Visualforce – Mobile Cards Mobile Cards - Visualforce Pages on Record Detail
  15. 15. Visualforce – Publisher Actions Visualforce Pages as Publisher Actions (VF page extends Standard Controller for Object Specific Publisher Actions) JavaScript Pub-Sub library available to interact with the publisher publisher.setValidForSubmit publisher.close
  16. 16. Visualforce in Salesforce1  <apex:page docType="html-5.0" …>  „Available for Salesforce Mobile apps‟ flag enabled  Developers are responsible for making the VF page „mobile ready‟ – Use a Responsive Design framework like Bootstrap or Mobile Design templates – Leverage touch and swipe events where appropriate  Use JavaScript Remoting/VF Remote Objects for better performance  Use HTML5 for device features like Geolocation and Camera access TODO: URL for Salesforce Mobile Gallery / Mobile Packs
  17. 17. Visualforce – Left Nav Visualforce Pages in Left Nav JavaScript navigation library available etc.
  18. 18. Visualforce – Custom Publisher Action Visualforce Pages as Custom Publisher Actions Standard Controller JavaScript publisher library available Sfdc.canvas.publisher.publish etc
  19. 19. Visualforce – Formula Field Link Visualforce Pages as Formula Field Links
  20. 20. Salesforce 1 App Design Suggested approaches for configuring and customising apps for all devices
  21. 21. Book: Salesforce 1 Developer Guide -- search for “developer guide” Note: This book contains advice on the design of your Salesforce apps across all devices (web, tabliet, phone, etc)
  22. 22. Developer theatre, Library, Quick Starts, Mini Hacks, etc
  23. 23. Developer Library, Quick Starts, Mini Hacks, etc
  24. 24. Heroku1 Connect Connecting customer facing apps with your Salesforce Org
  25. 25. Building Customer Facing Apps on Salesforce1 This app runs on Heroku and select data is synchronized between the Heroku database and an associated Salesforce Org
  26. 26. Consumer Application with Heroku Connect Case CampaignProduct Contact Interactio n CampaignProduct Contact Interactio n Marketing Manager Customer Heroku Connect REST
  27. 27. Heroku Connect Object Mapping
  28. 28. Summary: Salesforce1 App and Platform  Fast non-programmatic mobile app development  Many hooks available to the developer to leverage  HTML5/JS/CSS supported Visualforce Development  HTTP standards based services integration  Great for internal employee facing apps
  29. 29. Resources Salesforce1 Platform Use Cases: Salesforce1 developer resources: Salesforce1 Mobile App Workshop:
  30. 30. Developer theatre, Library, Quick Starts, Mini Hacks, etc
  31. 31. Developer Library, Quick Starts, Mini Hacks, etc
  32. 32. Thank you John Stevenson @jr0cket