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25 School Principal Contest & Fundraising Incentives

25 great school fundraiser prize ideas for the school principal. By throwing a contest and getting involved, school principals can make an impact on the success of their school fundraiser!

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25 School Principal Contest & Fundraising Incentives

  1. 1. “Duct Tape Challenge” Get taped to the wall or flag pole! Each student earns a piece of tape for x-amount of money raised. Ride a Tricycle All Day Fancy Lunch with Students will get a kick Principal or Favorite out of a tricycle School Personality cruising the halls. Let the students pick their favorite person to dine with! Pie in the Face “Condiment Catch” An effective classic. Get sprayed with ketchup and Let students pick mustard at an assembly. Each their target. student earns a squirt for x-amount of money raised. 25 GRE AT F U N D R A I S E R P R I Z E I D E A S F O R THE Set a fundraising goal for the group/school and use one of these contests to reach your goal! • Kiss a frog or a pig • Dress up as the mascot • Dress in pajamas for a day • Principal is “Student for a Day” • Dunk tank • Silly string the Principal • Shave head • Party or ice cream social in Principal’s office • Wear crazy wig • Mime for a day • Spend a day in a tree • Hot sauce eating challenge • Sleep on the school roof • Pelt him/her with water balloons • Perform karaoke or rap song at assembly • Faculty Guitar Hero Battle • Dance with mascot at assembly • Faculty Talent Show • Spend a day in “jail” - decorate a classroom or • Top-selling student gets to be “Principal hall area like a prison for a Day”