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Believe Kids Principal PTA/PTO Challenge


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Here is an offer from Believe Kids Fundraising. A challenge whereby principals and parent groups (pta, pto) work together to achieve a 40% participation rate in their elementary school fundraiser and then go shopping! Principals earn $150 and parent groups earn $150 for a total of $300 in free shopping! The offer can be split up however you desire so if you prefer another type of split, it's fine. This is a special offer on top of all the other benefits a Believe fundraiser offers. You can find out more at and if you want to twitter it's @believekids and facebook is - Thanks!

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Believe Kids Principal PTA/PTO Challenge

  1. 1. principalpto/ptaChallenge
  2. 2. when the administrtationand parent groups team up,remarkable fundraisingresults follow! It’s all about Teamwork!
  4. 4. Principal gets $ 150 in Free ShoppingPTO/PTA gets $ 150 in Free ShoppingTotal of $ 300 in Free Shopping
  5. 5. heres the small print: Number of student order forms submitted divided by total enrollment will determine participation rate. Qualifying schools should submit an order for $300 in product once qualified. Prize can be split up to accommodate volunteers or for teacher appreciation gifts, etc. and does not necessarily have to be split exactly as illustrated above. Please clearly label order form ‘PTA/PTO CHALLENGE’.
  6. 6. participation means a student sells just one item via catalog or online at:www.ShopBelieve.comMinumum$5,000 in RetailFundraising Salesto Qualify.
  7. 7. only Brought to you