Inglés profesional para la atención al cliente en hostelería día 2


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Inglés profesional para la atención al cliente en hostelería día 2

  1. 1. Lesson twoThursday 24th November 2011
  2. 2. Hello!Good morning! 
  3. 3. Our second day! We’re halfway there. 
  4. 4. RevisingLet’s remember what we said on Tuesday.
  5. 5. Waiting tables is selling Waiting tables is serving, too.
  6. 6. Be niceBe authentic and warm
  7. 7. Your restaurant is your homeWelcome your client to your space 
  8. 8. ConnectSo you can help.
  9. 9. The Menu Let’s start!
  10. 10. Parts of the menu Starters / Appetizers Soups and salads Main courses / Entrees Desserts Beverages / Wine list
  11. 11. Starters Some Spanish starters: Serrano ham and cheese Spanish omelette Olives
  12. 12. Soups and salads Caesar salad Mixed salad Mushroom soup Onion soup
  13. 13. Main courses Fish Meat Seafood Pasta
  14. 14. Desserts Some Spanish desserts: Rice pudding Crème caramel (flan) Cold custard with cinnamon (natillas) Baked apples Pears in red wine
  15. 15. Instructions and restrictions Let’s learn a bit about them.
  16. 16. Steaks … … … …
  17. 17. Steaks Rare: a cool bloody center Medium Rare: a warm bloody center Medium: a hot pink center Medium Well: cooked throughout Well: burned
  18. 18. VegetariansDon’t eat meat or fish. Sometimes they eat eggs and/or milk.
  19. 19. Vegans Do not use animal products.(In restaurants they do not eat meat, fish, seafood, milk or eggs)
  20. 20. CeliacsPeople who suffer Celiac Disease cannot eat gluten.
  21. 21. LactoseSome people are allergic to milk derivatives (dairy/milk allergy)
  22. 22. Pregnant womenPregnant women sometimes cannot eat raw meat or fish.
  23. 23. Kosher / HalalThere are a number of rules that food must conform to in some religions and cultures.
  24. 24. Condiments Ketchup Mustard Mayonnaise Salt Oil Vinegar
  25. 25. Children Children’s menu Booster seat High chair Extra napkins Small spoons, straws Would you like us to serve kids first?
  26. 26. Greetings
  27. 27. Greetings Hi!  Good morning! Hello!  Good day! How are you doing  Good afternoon! today?  Good evening! How are you? How are you this evening?
  28. 28. Hello!Good morning! 
  29. 29. I’ll be right back
  30. 30. Over here, please
  31. 31. Watch your step
  32. 32. How are you today? Fine, and you? 
  33. 33. What can I get you?What do you have? 
  34. 34. Serving a table (I) Hello, good morning! 1. Greetings Welcome to Mesón El Faro. Here you have your menus. Our specials today are… 2. Take orders What would you like to drink? That dish contains almonds. 3. Allergies? Would you like extra fries with that? 4. Suggestion selling 1. Would you care for an May I suggest Viña Galtea extra… ? Semiseco?
  35. 35. Serving a table (II) Excellent choice! I’ll be right  Reassure back with your order. Here you have your  Deliver food and drinks. medium rare steak, madam, and your red wine. Would you like to see the  Desserts, coffee. desserts menu?  Payment Would you like some  Cash or credit card? coffee?  I’ll be right back with Will you pay in cash or your change. by credit card? Cash, please. I’ll be right back with your change.
  36. 36. Saying goodbye Thank you for coming! Thanks for coming, visit again soon! Have a nice day!  You too, goodbye! Goodbye!
  37. 37. Carding What can I get you to drink? I’ll have a beer, please. Sure, can I see your ID? Oh, I have it at home… I’m sorry, can I bring you a soda? But I’m 18! I’m sorry, I can’t serve you without ID.
  38. 38. Carding What can I get you to drink? I’ll have a beer, please. Sure, can I see your ID? Here it is. OK, thank you. Here you have your drink. Thanks.
  39. 39. Tricks Look up words:  Look up sentences:  Check your spelling:  Revisar > Ortografía
  40. 40. Your CV It’s important
  41. 41. Your CV is your menu It tells the client what you have to offer
  42. 42. CV structurePersonal details (Name, address, date of birth, nationality, driving licence) Objective Education & Qualifications Employment (Date, position, responsibilities, achievements) Interests Reference
  43. 43. Curriculum Vitae Name: Mary Example Casanova Address: My street name, number, Murcia Email address: Phone number: +34 968 XXXXXX Date of birth: 2 June 1975 Nationality: Spanish
  44. 44. Curriculum Vitae Objective: To obtain a position as a maître d’ in a first class restaurant. Education & Qualifications  19XX-19XX – Instituto Francisco Salzillo, Alcantarilla.  Higher education  Training courses  Other skills (computer skills, typing)
  45. 45. Curriculum Vitae Employment  19XX-20XX – Mesón el Faro  Position: headwaiter  Responsibilities: seating customers, assigning areas and holidays to other servers on duty  Achievements: during the time I was employed restaurant sales increased 20%
  46. 46. Curriculum Vitae Interests  Yoga, watersports, dancing Reference  Ana Formerboss  Address of my former boss, +34 968 XXXXXX
  47. 47. EmailsWhat is an email?
  48. 48. Email address example-address@gmail.comUsername @ (at sign) Domain name Top-level Mail server domain
  49. 49. Parts of an email
  50. 50. Email To: CC: BCC: Subject: Body: Attachments:
  51. 51. To:Recipient
  52. 52. To:Recipient
  53. 53. CC: Carbon Copy Someone interested (visible)
  54. 54. BCC: Blind Carbon Copy Someone interested (INVISIBLE)
  55. 55. Subject:What this message is about
  56. 56. Body: The things we want to say Signature AttachmentsSmileys (or emoticons)   :-O
  57. 57. Attachments: Files we send with our email: .doc .jpg .pdf …
  58. 58. EmailTo: example-address@gmail.comCC: boss@gmail.comBCC: friend@gmail.comSubject: My first email Hi, this is my first email!Body: Me
  59. 59. SpamIt hurts everyone.
  60. 60. Commercial emails Requests for information Quotes
  61. 61. Polite endings Looking forward to your reply, Hoping to hear from you soon, Thank you very much in advance, Kind regards, Best regards, Regards, Have a very nice day!
  62. 62. Attachments Please find enclosed… Enclosed you will find a copy of our… I’m sending you … with this email.
  63. 63. Message structureSalutation Dear Ms Martínez,Message How are you?Polite ending Looking forward to your reply,Signature Daniel Peñalver
  64. 64. Message formalityLess formal More formalHello Bego, Dear Ms Martínez,Blah, blah, blah… Blah, blah, blah…Blah, blah, blah… Blah, blah, blah…Blah, blah, blah… Blah, blah, blah…Talk to you soon, Looking forward to your reply,Dani Daniel Peñalver
  65. 65. Payment terms You can pay in three easy installments. We offer fixed monthly repayments at attractive interest rates. Pay in easy, interest-free installments.
  66. 66. Email booking exercise Let’s book a table for a large party! Let’s send the client some menus to choose from!
  67. 67. First email: enquiry1. Source of address2. Say what you require (quote, information)3. Ask for some menu samples4. As about terms of payment5. Polite ending
  68. 68. Second email: booking1. Reference to enquiry2. Reference to menu chosen3. Number of people in the party4. Payment5. Validity of offer and instructions6. Polite ending
  69. 69. Third email: acknowledgement1. Reference to order2. Confirmation (or modification, or refusal)3. Price, discount, payment.4. Instructions, arrangements5. Request for confirmation6. Polite ending
  70. 70. Fourth email: payment1. Reference to delivery2. Confirmation or complaint3. Reference to payment or invoice4. Polite ending
  71. 71. Cover letter “I have seen your advertisement in …” I have been given the address of your company by… I am interested in applying for the post of… As you can see from my enclosed CV I work for… At present I am responsible for…
  72. 72. Unemployed? I’m between jobs at the moment (and have been since…) I’m out of work at present. I am currently unemployed. I was made redundant. I was one of the XX employees to be made redundant. My last employer was…
  73. 73. Cover letter Reason for leaving current job (prospects, salary) I very much hope that you will grant me an interview. I enclose my CV and  copies of my qualifications  a testimonial from my previous employer Polite entind: Hoping to hear from you soon,
  74. 74. Complaints Listen Acknowledge Solve Thank
  75. 75. Complaints Listen  Can I speak to the owner? Acknowledge  Apologise Solve  Refunds  Exchanges Thank
  76. 76. Top complaints What’s taking so long for our dinners? – Waiting too long…  To be seated  To have orders taken “I will be with you shortly”  For food to arrive “Your food is on its way”  For more drinks to arrive “Will you have more wine?” Something is wrong with the food  At arrival  At table check
  77. 77. Complaints about food My steak was undercooked. My steak was overcooked. My food is cold My pasta is too well done
  78. 78. Complaints about food Awful Burnt Too spicy Raw There’s a fly in my soup!
  79. 79. Complaints about drinks My drink is too strong. My drink isn’t strong enough. My drink doesn’t have enough ice. My drink has too much ice. My soda / beer is flat.
  80. 80. Complaints about tables It’s too noisy  We’ll turn down the music It’s too hot / It’s too cold  We’ll turn on the AC  We’ll turn on the heat It’s too dark / It’s too bright  We’ll brighten the room  We’ll switch off this light It’s too busy
  81. 81. Complaints about the bill Overcharge “I didn’t order this” Wrong change Wrong portion size Quality of the food
  82. 82. Complaints about people Aggressive  Insolent  Rude Clumsy  Late  Unfriendly Dirty  Messy  Unhelpful Impatient  Untidy  Unprofessional Impolite  Negligent  Untrained Incompetent  Offensive
  83. 83. Apologies I’m very sorry about that. / I’m terribly sorry about that. I fully understand the inconvenience this has caused. I’m sorry but I’m afraid I can’t help you.
  84. 84. Apologies I’m sorry but you’ll have to talk to our manager about that. I’m very sorry about the delay / the mistake / the mix-up / the damage Please accept our apologies for this.
  85. 85. A noisy environment! Sorry, again? I’m sorry. Could you say that again? I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that. Could you repeat it? I’m sorry but it’s a very noisy here today. Could you speak a little louder, please?
  86. 86. On the phone Requests for information Prices and discounts Sizes / Features Delivery Payment Complaints
  87. 87. Hello!Good morning! 
  88. 88. Calling back Good Morning, Mesón El Faro, can I help you? Yes, could I speak to Ana Michelle Ono, please?  Yes madam, I’ll put you through. Yes, could I speak to Ana Michelle Ono, please?  Sorry, she’s not available at the moment, can I take a message?
  89. 89. Booking Good morning, Mesón El Faro, how can I help you? I’d like to book a table for three, for next Friday at 3pm. Friday at 3pm, three people. Would you like to order any special dish? Yes, I would like to order the rabbit paella, for the three of us.
  90. 90. Booking Very good. What is your name, madam? My name is Anna Ono. Very well, Ms Ono. May I have your telephone number, please? My phone number is 968 12 34 56. OK, 968 12 34 45. Thank you very much Ms Ono. Thank you, bye, bye.
  91. 91. Problems! Oh, I’m sorry. I must have dialled the wrong number! I’m sorry. Could you say that again? I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that. Could you repeat it? Could you spell that word for me, please? What was the name again? I didn’t catch it.
  92. 92. Problems! I’m sorry but it’s a very bad line. Could you phone back in two minutes? I’m sorry but it’s a very bad line. Could you speak a little louder, please? I’m sorry but I can’t make out what you’re saying. Would you like to call later? I’m sorry but we seem to have been cut off last time. If it happens again I’ll call you back.
  93. 93. Saying goodbye Is there anything else I can do for you Ms Ono / sir / madam?  That’s all, thank you. You’re welcome, and thanks for your booking. Thank you for calling. Have a nice day.
  94. 94. Thank you!
  95. 95. Reference Communication for Business, by Birgit Abegg and Michael Benford. Steak temperatures, common complaints: restaurants.html
  96. 96. Credits Restaurant La Boheme (La Boheme Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge) Sweet Temptations American Idols ¡Ole! Project 365(3) Day 124 Chicken Paella Close-up
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