Inglés profesional para atención al cliente en comercio. Día 3 de 4.


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Commercial emails, e-commerce.

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Inglés profesional para atención al cliente en comercio. Día 3 de 4.

  1. 1. Lesson three Wednesday 16th November 2011
  2. 2. Hello!Good morning! 
  3. 3. RevisingWhat we have learned so far.
  4. 4. Sales
  5. 5. Sales Pre-approach  Handling of objections  Look  It’ll last for a lifetime! Approach  Closing cue  Hello!  Which color would you like? Wants and needs  Are you on holidays?  Suggestion selling  Would you like an extra Features and benefits battery?  It has… so you…  Reassure Objections  Excellent choice!  It’s too expensive  Payment  Cash or credit card?
  6. 6. Complaints Listen Acknowledge Solve Thank
  7. 7. Complaints about things Bent  Dented  Out of date Broken  Discoloured  Rusty Chipped  Faded  Scratched Cracked  Illegible  Stained Crushed  Leaky  Twisted Deformed  Noisy  Wet
  8. 8. Complaints about people Aggressive  Incompetent  Rude Clumsy  Insolent  Unfriendly Dirty  Late  Unhelpful Dishonest  Messy  Unprofessional Impatient  Untidy  Untrained Impolite  Negligent  Untruthful Incapable  Offensive
  9. 9. Options Substitute  Send an expert Refund  Contact insurance Reduce price  Send back to manufacturer Give more goods  Call the manager  Offer a complaint form
  10. 10. On the phone Requests for information Prices and discounts Sizes / Features Delivery Payment Complaints
  11. 11. Hello!Good morning! 
  12. 12. Calling back Good Morning, Abbey Road Studios, can I help you? Yes, could I speak to Ana Michelle Ono, please?  Yes madam, I’ll put you through. Yes, could I speak to Ana Michelle Ono, please?  Sorry, she’s not available at the moment, can I take a message?
  13. 13. Problems! Oh, I’m sorry. I must have dialled the wrong number! I’m sorry. Could you say that again? I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that. Could you repeat it? Could you spell that word for me, please? What was the name again? I didn’t catch it.
  14. 14. Problems! I’m sorry but it’s a very bad line. Could you phone back in two minutes? I’m sorry but it’s a very bad line. Could you speak a little louder, please? I’m sorry but I can’t make out what you’re saying. Would you like to call later? I’m sorry but we seem to have been cut off last time. If it happens again I’ll call you back.
  15. 15. Saying goodbye Is there anything else I can do for you Ms Ono / sir / madam?  That’s all, thank you. You’re welcome, and thanks for the order. Thank you for calling. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Have a nice day.
  16. 16. EmailsWhat is an email?
  17. 17. Email address example-address@gmail.comUsername @ (at sign) Domain name Top-level Mail server domain
  18. 18. Parts of an email
  19. 19. Email To: CC: BCC: Subject: Body:
  20. 20. To:Recipient
  21. 21. To:Recipient
  22. 22. CC: Carbon Copy Someone interested (visible)
  23. 23. BCC: Blind Carbon Copy Someone interested (INVISIBLE)
  24. 24. Subject:What this message is about
  25. 25. Body: The things we want to say Signature AttachmentsSmileys (or emoticons)   :-O
  26. 26. EmailTo: example-address@gmail.comCC: boss@gmail.comBCC: friend@gmail.comSubject: My first email Hi, this is my first email!Body: Me
  27. 27. SpamIt hurts everyone.
  28. 28. Commercial emails Requests for information Quotes Delivery Payment Conflicts
  29. 29. First email: enquiry1. Source of address2. Description of your company (reason for enquiry)3. Say what you require (quote, information)4. Ask for: leaflet, sample, visit5. As about: terms of delivery, terms of payment6. Polite ending
  30. 30. Polite endings Looking forward to your reply, Hoping to hear from you soon, Thank you very much in advance, Kind regards, Best regards, Regards, Have a very nice day!
  31. 31. Message structureSalutation Dear Ms Martínez,Message How are you?Polite ending Looking forward to your reply,Signature Daniel Peñalver
  32. 32. Second email: offer1. Reference to enquiry2. Description of your company and goods3. Reference to information, samples, visit, prices, discounts4. Delivery, payment5. Validity of offer and instructions6. Polite ending
  33. 33. Attachments Please find enclosed… Enclosed you will find a copy of our… I’m sending you … with this email.
  34. 34. Third email: order1. Reference to offer2. Details of goods required3. Price, discount, delivery, payment.4. Instructions, arrangements5. Polite ending
  35. 35. Third email: acknowledgement1. Reference to order2. Confirmation (or modification, or refusal)3. Price, discount, delivery, payment.4. Instructions, arrangements5. Request for confirmation6. Polite ending
  36. 36. Payment terms You can pay in three easy installments. We offer fixed monthly repayments at attractive interest rates. Pay in easy, interest-free installments.
  37. 37. Fourth email: payment1. Reference to delivery2. Confirmation or complaint3. Reference to payment or invoice4. Polite ending
  38. 38. Tricks Look up words:  Look up sentences:  Check your spelling:  Revisar > Ortografía
  39. 39. E-commerce Online shopping
  40. 40. Your website needs… Shopping cart programSecure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate (secure credit card information transfer) Payment gateway
  41. 41. How to buy Find product (in a search engine like Google)Add to shopping basket (British) or shopping cart (American English) Checkout button Log in or Sign up Account Log-out
  42. 42. How to sell MarketingSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) Usability Social media (Twitter, Facebook) Pay Per Click
  43. 43. Thank you!
  44. 44. Reference Communication for Business, by Birgit Abegg and Michael Benford.Professional English in Use: ICT For Computers and the Internet, by Esteras & Fabré