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Technology Tipping Point #1


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This presentation was given at the Technology Tipping Point event held in Sydney on September 11, 2013.

The Tipping Point Series is aimed at educating the market on new innovations and technologies that are emerging in the Property Industry.

In this presentation, Bruce Duyshart, highlights the topics of innovation and disruptive technology and highlights four key global technology trends that are affecting the property industry namely:
Ubiquitous bandwidth
Software as a disruptor
The Internet of Things
The Fabrication of Things

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Technology Tipping Point #1

  1. 1. TIPPING TECHNOLOGY POINT the disruptive technologies September 11th 7.30-8.45am GPT Level 51 MLC Centre, 19 Martin Place, Sydney TIPPING TECHNOLOGY POINT the #1
  2. 2. TIPPING TECHNOLOGY POINT the innovation technology Welcome! Innovation Technology! Bruce Duyshart, CEO Meld Strategies Big Data: Time for Buildings to Measure up?! Deb Noller, CEO Switch Automation From MORE to GREEN to ECOLOGICAL! Simon Wild, CEO Cundall Australia ! Thankyou! 7:30 5 20 20 20 5 8:45
  3. 3. TIPPING TECHNOLOGY POINT the innovation technology ! / why a tipping point?! ! / what are innovations and disruptive technologies?! ! / how do you understand the technology landscape?! ! / 4 key global technology trends affecting the property industry.!
  4. 4. TIPPING TECHNOLOGY POINT the Big Difference Small Actions The Tipping Point: when a series of small actions can lead to a big difference
  5. 5. TIPPING TECHNOLOGY POINT the Connectors – who act as conduits Mavens – who help others Salesmen – who persuade others Tipping Point The Law of the few The Stickiness Factor The Power of Context The Tipping Point: 3 Key Ingredients leading to exponential popularity What sticks in the minds of the public and influences future behaviors A series of small but influential changes that makes the environment right
  6. 6. TIPPING TECHNOLOGY POINT the Information Technology Environmental Sustainability Network connectivity Materials science Fabrication Manufacturing We are sitting at a confluence of ideas and technological capability
  7. 7. TIPPING TECHNOLOGY POINT the 2005 2013 11 Look what can happen in only 8 years
  8. 8. TIPPING TECHNOLOGY POINT the An innovation is a new type of idea, method or product developed to meet a market need. There are 2 types of innovations Sustaining – An innovation that does not affect an existing market. Clayton M. Christianson Disruptive Technologies: Catching the Wave Disruptive – An innovation that creates a new market What are innovations and disruptive technologies? the elevator the thermostat
  9. 9. TIPPING TECHNOLOGY POINT the innovators early adopters early majority late majority laggards critical mass 14 Most people like to think they are innovative. Bet here’s the reality… Everett Rogers – Diffusion of Innovations c. 1962
  10. 10. TIPPING TECHNOLOGY POINT the 13 One of the key industry problems is the environment we try to innovate in
  11. 11. TIPPING TECHNOLOGY POINT the 15 Peak of inflated expectations Technology Trigger Trough of Disillusionment Slope of enlightenment Plateau of Productivity time visibility Understanding the evolution of new technologies: The Gartner Hype Cycle
  12. 12. 16 The 2013 emerging technologies Gartner Hype Cycle
  13. 13. TIPPING TECHNOLOGY POINT the the timing needs to be right 17 Trying to stay up to date in the technology landscape can feel like this at times
  14. 14. TIPPING TECHNOLOGY POINT the 4 key global technology trends that will affect the property industry
  15. 15. TIPPING TECHNOLOGY POINT the ubiquitous bandwidth #1!
  16. 16. TIPPING TECHNOLOGY POINT the We are entering the zetabyte era By 2017 there will be 3.6 billion Internet users By 2017 the number of network connections will be nearly 19B (2.5 connections for each person on earth) By 2017 global Internet traffic will reach 1.4 Zettabytes annually Zettabyte (1 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 Bytes) Equivalent to 1.4 trillion gigabytes or 41 million DVD’s per hour Equivalent to all the movies ever made every 3 minutes Source: Cisco 2013-2017 Visual Networking Index
  17. 17. TIPPING TECHNOLOGY POINT the We will eventually have scalable networks that are ready for this future
  18. 18. TIPPING TECHNOLOGY POINT the Eventually the concept of ‘network’ will disappear when we connect without thinking
  19. 19. TIPPING TECHNOLOGY POINT the software as a disruptor #2!
  20. 20. TIPPING TECHNOLOGY POINT the Travel agents Travel guides Bookstores Video stores Music Distribution Software has been the largest industry disruptor of the 21st century Recruitment Agencies Video Conferencing Gaming Cab Bookings Movie Production Software is eating the world – Marc Andreesson
  21. 21. TIPPING TECHNOLOGY POINT the What have been the drivers of this change? Open source software Open industry standards Application to application interfaces Better user experience and usability design Cloud computing Availability of bandwidth Data sensing Mobile devices Software is king. Hardware is becoming a commodity.
  22. 22. TIPPING TECHNOLOGY POINT the Data Capture Big Data Long Data Analytics Predicative Analysis Data Visualisation Software will disrupt the property industry Data Transparency Energy Monitoring BIM Social Media "Cloud 360“ observátory - Kyungam Architects Associates
  23. 23. TIPPING TECHNOLOGY POINT the the internet of things #3!
  24. 24. TIPPING TECHNOLOGY POINT the Everything can connect to a network cheap network chips, WiFi, Zigbee, Bluetooth, RFID etc. Things will sense their environment light, temperature, movement, moisture, volume, salinity, gyro etc. Components quickly become commoditised standardised and cheaper by the day Things begin to think Embedded chips, network and sensors ….then things begin to talk to other things The Internet of Things: Machine to machine technology
  25. 25. TIPPING TECHNOLOGY POINT the By 2020 an estimated 30 billion devices will form an Internet of things
  26. 26. TIPPING TECHNOLOGY POINT the So what will the internet of things look like?
  27. 27. TIPPING TECHNOLOGY POINT the addressable, accessible, programmable
  28. 28. TIPPING TECHNOLOGY POINT the If this then that
  29. 29. TIPPING TECHNOLOGY POINT the fabrication of things #4!
  33. 33. TIPPING TECHNOLOGY POINT the 37 Contour Crafting
  34. 34. TIPPING TECHNOLOGY POINT the 38D-Shape
  35. 35. TIPPING TECHNOLOGY POINT the 39 Foster & Partners and D-Shape create 1.5 tonne mockup for Euro Space Agency
  36. 36. TIPPING TECHNOLOGY POINT the Feeling overwhelmed? Ask these Ethiopian kids about technology See “Ethiopian kids hack OLPC’s in 5 months with zero instruction.”
  37. 37. TIPPING TECHNOLOGY POINT the Did you just see an elephant? A final thought: How will the property industry be disrupted by technology?