GBCA Innovation Series - "Smart Green Buildings. Sensing Learning & predicting sustainable outcomes"


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Presentation at GBCA Australia event as part one of the Leading Green Thinkers – Innovation Series. 27th March 2014.

Focused on 'Green Technology', part one of this inspiring series uncovers industry trends and emerging technologies affecting our buildings, cities and communities.

Australia's leading innovation specialists present a range of the latest platforms and tools, including smart buildings, digital cities, 3D printing and augmented reality.

This brief 10 minute presentation was one of four for the evening.
Smart Green Buildings – Sensing, learning and predicting sustainable outcomes.
• What is a Smart Building?
• What do we mean by smart?
• What are the technologies that go into a modern building that can support more sustainable outcomes?

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See also article leading up to this event in Sourcable.
"Green Building Technology is a Game Changer"

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GBCA Innovation Series - "Smart Green Buildings. Sensing Learning & predicting sustainable outcomes"

  1. 1. Smart Green Buildings Sensing, Learning & Predicting Sustainable Outcomes Thursday March 27th 5.30-7.30pm Laing O’Rourke Centre for Engineering Excellence, Level 2, 97 Rose Street, Chippendale Innovation Series: Green Technology
  2. 2. 2 technology property
  3. 3. overview 3 What is a ‘Smart Building’? What do we mean by ‘Smart’? Best practice examples
  4. 4. what is a smart building?
  5. 5. 5 safer, more comfortable & productive for occupants more operationally efficient for owners what is a smart building?
  6. 6. why An increase in efficiency, reduces operating costs. An increase in net operating income, increases asset value. 6
  7. 7. why Consumer expectations for technology in the home & workplace have risen. Developers are looking to differentiate & meet purchasers needs. 7
  8. 8. 8 why People are time poor and want to feel socially connected. People are looking for more rewarding and better experiences everywhere.
  9. 9. 9 why People and organisations are looking to achieve more sustainable outcomes. social, environmental, economic social environmental economic sustainable
  10. 10. what do we mean by smart?
  11. 11. Big Processing what do we mean by smart? applying a holistic approach to the convergence of physical and information environments
  12. 12. smart buildings require a holistic design approach all disciplines influence technology and sustainability driven design design solutions solution design telco comms electrical mechanical fire hydraulic automatemonitor safety & security software hardware equipment architecture 12
  13. 13. there are a lot of technology ingredients… smart green buildings require a mix of these 13 Foundation Systems Data Networks Telecommunications Services Power Networks Common Building Systems Access Control Systems Audio Visual Systems Digital Signage and Wayfinding systems Distributed Antenna Systems Energy Monitoring Systems Fire Alarm and Early Warning Systems (EWIS) Hydraulic Control Systems Intercom Systems Irrigation Systems Lighting Control systems Lift Control Systems Mechanical HVAC PayTV, Free to Air and Satellite TV Systems Power Management Systems Security Alarm Systems Video Surveillance Systems Specialist Systems Systems per specialist building types e.g. Airports, Libraries, Theatres etc. Specialist Software Systems Building Management Systems Building Information Management Systems Building/Home Automation Systems Facilities Management Systems Middleware Integration Systems Property Management Systems Room/Loading Dock Booking Systems Information Systems Analytics and Predictive Analysis Systems Building Intranets Content Management Systems Mapping Systems Marketing Websites Wayfinding Systems Mobile Applications Web, IOS, Android Optimal Technology Mix Define
  14. 14. filter technology ingredients 14 ! WIFI CCTV INTERNET ENTERTAINMENT SAFETY WATER
  15. 15. 6 degrees of building smarts 15 connect sense display analyse predict automate DATA
  16. 16. building networks integrated communications network mobile GSM, WiFi, bluetooth, zigbee z-wave etc. 16 connect
  17. 17. sensing devices power, water, gas, temperature, humidity, volume, light, moisture, flow rate, depth, movement, occupancy, geolocation, CO2, CO, smoke etc. 17 sense
  18. 18. sensor granularity 18 I think I have a problem somewhere I know exactly where I have a problem
  19. 19. sense the internet of things 19
  20. 20. graphical user interface visible data 20 display
  21. 21. 21 analyse (near) real time reporting
  22. 22. predict predictive analysis tools 22 NABERS Rating Forecast
  23. 23. building automation if this… then that automate 23
  24. 24. world class examples
  25. 25. SF Public Utility Building Leading US Intelligent Office Building. Top 10 AIA Green Buildings. LEED Platinum 13 Level 277,000 sq feet. $146M •  Solar PV cells (7% of needs) •  Blackwater treatment plant •  Wind turbines •  Daylight harvesting •  Floor cooling distribution •  Automatic shading •  Automatic ventilation •  Lobby video screen •  Energy monitoring •  Extensive submetering •  Real time monitoring •  Building dashboards •  Fault detection & diagnosis 25
  26. 26. Forté – Docklands, Victoria World’s tallest timber apartment building. GBCA 5 Star Green Star 22% less carbon emissions over 50 years compared to concrete-steel. •  Fibre to the Premise •  Ultra High speed Internet •  Integrated Comms Net. •  IP Video Intercom •  Lobby Video Screen •  Energy monitoring •  Smart meters •  Circuit level meters •  Monitor Power •  Monitor hot/cold water •  Monitor rainwater •  Monitor timber •  All off over-ride 26
  27. 27. Bullitt Center, Seattle NJ World’s Greenest Commercial Office Building. LEED Platinum Design to Living Building Standards 6 Level 50,000 sq feet. Net Zero Energy Net Zero Water Use •  575 Solar PV cells •  Composting sewage system •  Reduced toxic materials •  Automatic shading •  Automatic ventilation •  Ground heat exchange •  Lobby video screen •  Energy monitoring •  Smart meters •  Real time monitoring •  Fault detection & diagnosis •  WiFi in common areas 27
  28. 28. California Academy of Sciences Largest public Platinum-rated building in the world. World’s greenest museum. Double LEED Platinum 13 Level 277,000 sq feet. $500M •  Green roof •  Rainwater harvesting •  60K Solar PV cells (10% needs) •  Electric vehicle recharging •  90% natural light •  Automatic ventilation •  Radiant floor heating •  Recycled denim insulation •  Extensive submetering •  Real time monitoring •  Building dashboard •  Fault detection & diagnosis 28
  29. 29. where to from here?
  30. 30. we’re the new kids on the block sustainability technology 30
  31. 31. Technology will enable us to provides insights to the environmental, social and economic performance of buildings like never before. “We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” - Albert Einstein 31
  32. 32. thank you @BruceDuyshart +61 2 8006 8155 32 Smarter Buildings. Better Experiences.