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Making waves

  1. 1. MAKING WAVES 2012The Music Festival Eventfor Newcastle Music Lovers
  2. 2. Why fund a music festival? “Live music is a cultural and aesthetic category that informs musical life on many levels” (Holt) “Live music is a product of broad social and cultural transformations in modernity” (Holt) “Music does not speak unambiguously to anyone” (Pattie) ...Making Waves 2012 embraces these ideologies
  3. 3. MAKING WAVES CELEBRATES THECULTURE OF NEWCASTLEThe name „Making Waves‟ encapsulates thehardworking past and the highly spirited future ofNewcastleMaking Waves 2012 is located on the iconic Bar Beachof NewcastleMaking Waves promotes the commotion of the oceanthrough the music of this festivity.
  4. 4. THE NAMING CONCEPT The Making Waves name originated fromthe characteristics that describe Newcastle city
  5. 5. SO…WHY THIS TYPE OF EVENT? “Culture, defined as both access to unique experiences and as quality of life, has come to be recognized as key element of the competitive advantage of cities” as a rise of creative class in the economic geography (Flew) The appreciation of music will bring the community together and build social capital An outdoor event reflects the Novocastrian nature - an outdoorsy, spirited and liberated community
  6. 6. THE PERFECT LOCATION…• Empire Park, Bar BeachA community hub with :• Spectacular views of coast and water thatepitomise Newcastles beach location• Skate park and surf club in close proximity to thefestival . These existing social hubs create a networkto build community involvement for the festival•Logistically convenient - for buses to run from Civictrain station to the event; easily fence the park forgate charge; space for large, big top marquees toencourage people to pay and enter to see the bands.
  7. 7. SITE of MAKING WAVES 2012 EMPIRE PARK BAR BEACH Buskers stageFIRST Memorial Drive AID (Yellow) will be closed to traffic to ensure safety BAR of event patrons AREA and to allow easy POLICE/ flow between SECURITY beach and festival ENTRY GATE Fencing the circular park for gate charge. Wrist bands applied for patrons to leave and return to the event. Fencing the park encapsulates the music and draws patrons to the space
  8. 8. WHO WILL ATTEND?... The projected audience: • University Students aged 18-25 years of age, and • Newcastle community „festival – goers‟, and • 10% of residents of local suburbs, Bar Beach (1500), Cooks Hill (2200) , The Hill (2500) and Merewether (10,000) • Estimated number attending 1500-2000 • Ticketed event - priced affordably at $20 a ticket. Entry charge ensures the event is financially sustainable in the longer term. IDENTITY of FESTIVAL PATRONS: • identify with music and music performance • enjoy a creative cultural lifestyle • appreciate original music compositions • enjoy community engagement
  9. 9. WHEN IS THE FESTIVAL AND WHY?Saturday 3rd November 2012Corresponds with end of the university semesterThis time of year celebrates summer, freedom andspirituality“Outdoor music festivals are concentrated in thesummer season, bracketed by the club concert touringseasons from March to May and September toNovember” (Holt)
  10. 10. MUSIC STYLES CONNECTION WITH MUSIC AND PLACE“The experience that the music authenticallyexpresses is not the same from group to group, norfrom audience to audience,…”, so with a variety ofdifferent music styles, a wider community will attendthe event (Pattie)Making Waves artists will have a connection betweenmusic and place as they are artists drawn from theNewcastle region
  11. 11. MUSIC STYLES CONNECTING MUSIC WITH IDENTITY Making Waves promotes ORIGINAL music compositions Artists have been drawn from three music styles Acoustic/Roots, Alternative Rock, Punk/Hardcore Audiences will identify with the artists relevant to their own lifestyles. The alternative/roots/acoustic/rock style will target the relaxed, surfie audience The punk/rock/hardcore style will target the skate audience
  12. 12. THE ARTISTS FOR MAKING WAVES 2012- ACOUSTIC/ROOTS STYLE 11AM TO 2PMAcoustic/roots artists: Seabellies (roots rock) Benjalu (Roots/rock) Hawk Brooklyn (acoustic) Dan Southward (acoustic) Harry‟s Lookout (rock roots)
  13. 13. THE ARTISTS FOR MAKING WAVES 2012- ALTERNATIVE ROCK 2PM TO 5PMAlternative rock artists: Captain of the Push (rock) The Owls (rock) Long Island Sound (alternative) 1929Indian (indie rock)
  14. 14. THE ARTISTS FOR MAKING WAVES 2012- PUNK/HARDCORE 5PM TO 9PMPunk/Hardcore artists: The Guppies (punk rock) We Built Atlantis! (pop punk/hardcore) Tired Minds (alternative/hardcore) Inhale the Sea (hardcore) The Cavalcade (punk, rock)
  15. 15. BUSKERS STAGE OPPORTUNITY In conjunction with the Great Northern Hotel Open Mic night, Making Waves is granting the opportunity for unsigned musicians to play the festival on the Buskers Stage Six slots are vacant for the winners The open mic competition will run for first and second Tuesday of October . Applicants will be judged by audience reaction to their performance This creates opportunities for musicians in the community and encourages local artists
  16. 16. COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT- VOLUNTEERS TIMETABLEThursday Nov 1 10am – 5pm Festival set upFriday Nov 2 10am – 6pm Festival set upSaturday Nov 3 9am - 10pm EVENT DAY Gates open 11amSunday Nov 4 10am – 6pm Pack down Volunteers will be sourced from the localcommunity to build community engagement
  17. 17. MAKING WAVES OUTDOOR FESTIVALENCAPSULATES THE BEACH / SKATE /SURF LIFESTYLEThe event site will be styled with colour and vibrancy.Stallholder sites and information stalls will include :· Hunter Valley regional produce· Local Arts & Crafts· Roving Entertainment· Making Waves Merchandise· Art Installations· Outdoor Bar
  18. 18. EVALUATION OFMAKING WAVESSuccess determined against set objectives:To draw the community together in appreciation ofmusic performance To raise awareness of the skills of local artists andpromote their original music compositions To encourage local participation in a communityfestival in their area - to reengage the youth in thecommunity To make this an icon event for the community to takepride inTo celebrate the Novocastrian community and itscultural, social and geographic richness
  19. 19. MAKING WAVES 2012
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