surgical educator surgical tutorial surgical education usmle scrotal swellings lower gi hemorrhage online teaching operative surgery obstructive jaundice deep vein thrombosis choledocholithiasis femoral hernia groin swellings inguinal hernia hydrocele problem based learning learning surgery mesenteric angiogram pulmonary embolism sigmoid volvulus varicocele epididymal cyst torsion testis osce small bowel obstruction acute pancreatitis acute cholecystitis acute appendicitis acute abdomen duodenal ulcer perforation epigastric pain pediatric surgery review books lmwh fractionated heparin surgery tutorial biliary atresia diverticulosis strangulated hernia undescended testis upper gi hemorrhage/hemetemesis/melena/melenemesis carcinoma of esophagus/ dysphagia trauma surgery surgical tutor mattox manuver mesenteric ischemia peptic ulcer disease chronic pancreatitis biliary colic laparoscopic cholecystectomy bed sore benign prostatic hyperplasia bladder carcinoma renal cell carcinoma hematuria carcinoma esophagus image based questions acute limb ischemia chronic limb ischemia peripheral arterial diseases ruq pain rlq pain carcinoma breast colonoscopy stapled hemorrhoidectomy internal hemorrhoids barron's banding rbc tagged tch99 scan laparoscopic appendicectomy open appendicectomy varicose veins pediatric urology books text books meleney's gangrene necrotising fasciitis fournier's gangrene suppurative cholangitis ercp stone extraction eus mrcp bird's beak apperarnce carcinoma head of pancreas ventral hernia richter's hernia tapp & tep repair obstructed hernia litchtenstein's mesh repair testicular carcinoma lord's operation hematocele chylocele pyocele jabulay's operation case based learning pyogenic liver abscess amebic liver abscess hydatid cyst benign breast diseases neonatal bilious vomiting/ vomiting in children/ y neonatal respiratory distress/esophageal atresia/d heartburn/pyrosis/ retrosternal pain/ gerd thyrotoxicosis/grave's disease/plummer's disease/t thrombocytopenia etc etc surgery in bleeding disorders like hemophilia pediatric intussusception - an overview breath watching meditation universal mantra ajapa-japa so-hum meditation power of youtube in medical ed next exam neet pg abdominal aortic aneurysm gastric carcinoma learning resources for surgery hyperlinks to all my videos youtube channel blunt injury ofb the abdomen. splenic injury ruq lumps liver tumors liver injury epigastric lump pseudocyst of pancreas renal injury basic principles in surgery wound healing lap anterior resection treatment of shock clinical features of shock pathophysiology of shock types of shock shock open anterior resection lap left hemicolectomy surgical eductor lap rt. hemicolectomy spontaneous perforation of cbd inspissated bile syndrome alagille's syndrome biliary hypoplasia choledochal cyst jaundice in children neet-ss neet-pg slide share youtube problem based modules mesemteric ischemia ac pancreatitis ac cholecystitis ac appendicitis dre- digital rectal examination bladder catheterisation skill lab procedure nasogastric tube insertion 3d excision squamous cell carcinoma rodent ulcer marjolin's ulcer tuberculous ulcer arterial ulcer venous ulcer healing ulcer ulcer sinus & fistula catell- brassch's manuver radical right hemicolectomy step by step open right hemicolectomy transanal hemorrhoidal dearterialisation open hemorrhoidectomy closed hemorrhoidectomy ulcer sinus and fistula phylloides tumour fibroadenosis fibroadenoma breast breast lumps barcode/stratosphere sign sandy beach sign thoracic views spura-pubic/hypogastric view spleno-renal pouch luq view hepato-renal pouch of morrison ruq view pericardial tamponade subxiphoid view e-fast scan hartman's procedure paul-mickulicz double barrel colostomy sigmoid colectomy sigmoidopexy frimann-dhal sign coffee-bean apperance testcular carcinoma duplex scan abpi limb iscemia surgical thyroid swellings- goitre choledocholithotomy couvoisier's law exploratory laparotomy argon plasma coagulation forrest grading sengstaken-blakmore tube portal hypertension peptic ulcer bleeding variceal hemorrhage gi hemorrhage online surgery youtube surgery youtube surgery videos android app for surgical educator urostomy colostomy ileostomy stoma care for surgeons eventration of diaphragm congenital diaphragmatic hernia tumour markers ct angiogram nomi mesenteric venous thrombosis mesenteric arterial embolism mesenteric arterial thrombosis generalised abdominal pain gastric ulcer tipss endoscopic variceal band ligation endoscopic scelerotherapy non-variceal bleeding variceal bleeding upper gi endoscopy tokyo guidelines 2013 murphy's sign empyema gb carcinoma pancreas pseudocyst pancreas secondary liver carcinoma primary liver carcinoma mirrizzi's syndrome gall stone ileus laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair open inguinal hernia repair critical view of safety calot's triangle kocher's incision open cholecystectomy murphy's triad peripheral neuropathy diabetic foot ulcer- dfu flesh eating infection negative pressure wound therapy vacuum assisted closure hyperbaric oxygen therapy alpha bed decubitus ulcer pressure sore carcinoma prostate urolithiasis painless hematuria wilms' tumour therapeutic colonoscopy diagnostic colonoscopy colorectal cancer inflammatory bowel diseases fissure in ano venous diseases ca head of pancreas testicular tumors 24 hrs ph monitering esophageal manometry ogds achalasia cardia zenker's diverticulum blended learning web based learning patient safety challenges in undergraduate surgical education indigestion pain abdomen symptoms and signs in git problems posterior urethral valves achalasia cordis carcinoma stomach anklle brachial pressure upper limb ischemia virchow's triad posterior urethral injury anterior urethral injury urethral injury open pneumothorax simple pneumothorax ippv flail chest fracture ribs chest trauma chest injury- blunt segmental resection wedge resection tch99 meckel's scan umbilical fecal discharge intestinal obstruction melena vitello-intestinal duct meckel's diverticulum subtotal thyroidectomy hemi thyroidectomy total thyroidectomy tetany hypoparathyroidism hypothyroidism huskiness of voice hoarseness of voice superior laryngeal nerve injury recurrent laryngeal nerve injury tension hematoma semi-fowler's position kocher's low collar incision thyroidectomy lymphoma thyroid anaplastic carcinoma medullary carcinoma follicular carcinoma papillary carcinoma thyroid carcinoma goiter thyroid pathologies llq pain quadrants of abdomen abdominal pain andi breast mouse modified radical mastectomy breast pathologies fibroadenoma ulcerative colitis string sign of kantor crohn's disease rose thorn appearance thumbprint sign lead pipe colon inflammatory bowel disease tnm staging duke's staging colorectal carcinoma proctoscopy painful defecation hypertrophied anal papilla constipation fissure-in-ano infrared coagulation injection scelerotherapy ughal hemorrhoidectomy hemorrhoids external hemorrhoids diverticular disease angiodysplasia endo-loops secondary ports primary port mc burney's incision meconium plug syndrome meconium peritonitis meconium ileus hirschsprung's disease necrotising enterocolitis jejunal atresia ileal atresia annular pancreas malrotaion duodenal atresia neonatal bilious vomiting double bubble appearance triple bubble appearance perthe's test trendelenberg test trauma books review books clinical surgery books general surgery books operative surgery books endoscopy books laparoscopic books pediatric laparoscopic surgery books clinical pediatric surgery books pediatric operative surgery books pediatric surgery books pediatric surgery intensive care books cerebral contusion skull fracture extradural hematoma glascow coma scale monro-kellie hypothesis subdural hematoma traumatic brain injury subarachnoid hemorrhage cerebral concussion head injury cerebral perfusion pressure ivc filter greenfield's filter well's criteria unfractionated heparin post-op fever- pod#6 nemonic- water catheter associated uti post-op fever 0n pod#3 dic surgery in bleeding diathesis. thrombocytopathy coagulation cascade chritmas disease blood clotting cpap ventilation pneumonia chest physiotherapy broad spectrum antibiotics incentive spirometry atelectasis post-op fever on pod#1 surgical decision making clinical problem solving case based teaching surgical teaching powerpoint slides seroma burst abdomen evisceration gastrocutaneous fistula postoperative wound complications enterocutaneous fistula colocutaneous fistula wound dehiscence hematoma postoperative wound infection courvoisier's law gemcitabine dual duct sign pancreatic carcinoma fleeting jaundice whipple's operation periampulary carcinoma prolonged conjugated hyperbilirubinemia kasa's portoenterostomy triangular cord sign charcot's triad ascending cholangitis reynold's pentad burhenne technique dormia basket t tube ivalon sponge operation hinchey's classification coffee bean appearance saw tooth appearance rectal prolapse ripstin's operation cholangiocarcinoma labs in obstructive jaundice physiology of jaundice anatomy of biliary duct congugated bilurubinemia unconjugated bilurubinemia periampullary carcinoma dorsal slit phimosis paraphimosis morgen clamp gomco clamp balanitis xerotica obliterans plastibel technique for circumcision circumcision component separation intra peritoneal onlay mesh repair sublay mesh repair umbilical hernia lumbar hernia para umbilical hernia epigastric hernia spigelian hernia incisional hernia onlay mesh repair mcevedy operation lothession operation lockwood operation incarcerated hernia sliding hernia littre's hernia hernioplasty maydil's hernia herniorraphy amyand's hernia herniotomy bassini's repair myopectineal orifice of fruchaud algorithm in surgery inguinal canal femoral canal seminoma teratoma non seminoma germ cell tumor chorio carcinoma embryonal carcinoma yolk sac tumor palomo's operation varicocelectomy bag of worms appearance coil embolisation third testis chinese lantern pattern spermatocele secondary survey golden 1 hour platinum 10 minutes trauma protocol primary survey atls- advanced trauma life support torsion of testicular appendages acute epididymo-orchitis clinical surgery; history and physical; symptoms a hepatic hemangioma hepatocellular carcinoma focal nodular hyperplasia hepatic adenoma acidosis alkalosis hypocalcemia hyperkalemia fluid and electrolyte balance acid-base balance breast lump nipple discarge mastalgia surgical clerkship/ surgical teaching/clinical sur dysphagia/achalasia cardia/tightened lower esophag pancreatic cancer/ obstructive jaundice medullary & anaplastic carcinoma follicular thyroid cancer/ papillary hernia/hydrocele/torsion testis/testicular tumor atls/ trauma life support acute right iliac fossa pain- the commonest surgic vur/pediatric uti/ congenital ureteric bud anomaly imperforate anus/anorectal anomaly/congenital abse carcinoma of breast- second most common cancer in endoscopy- ogd/egd pediatric surgery spectrum child with an empty scrotum-- a problem oriented a infantile hypertrophic pyloric stenosis- an overvi esophageal atresia-- epitome of modern surgery burns- modern management
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