Advanced Content Model Overview


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Shiloh 5th grade team will be utilizing an Advanced Content Model. This presentation introduces the model to parents.

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  • We are thrilled to announce that at Shiloh Point we will be implementing an advanced content model in 5th grade.This is a data driven model using multiple measures to identify students who may need advanced curriculum in reading and/or math. Teachers will use data from CRCT, Norm Referenced tests, teacher checklists, Fountas and Pinnel reading inventories, and teacher created assessments. After assessing all students using multiple measures, advanced content will begin the week of August 19th. Student placement driven by performance in an advanced course may be reevaluated at the end of the 1st 9 weeks. Therefore a student who may be struggling in the advanced content may need to be reviewed or a student who is not in advanced content may need to be placed in that class. Any changes to the student’s schedule would be communicated with the parents first.
  • Advanced Content courses in 5th grade will take the place of Horizons services. All Horizons students will be served in at lease one advanced content block with one of the gifted program teachers. Horizons students may also received advanced content instruction from a gifted certified homeroom teacher. Additionally, high achieving students may be served in one or more advanced content block. These decisions will be driven by data. We believe that this new model will better meet students’ needs for advanced course work in reading and/or math. Also, students will have a smoother transition into 6th grade where advanced courses are available.
  • Advanced Content Model Overview

    1. 1. Advanced Content Model Overview 5th grade Shiloh Point Elementary
    2. 2. Advanced Content Model  5th grade offered in Reading and Math  Data driven  Multiple Measures  Begins week of August 19th after assessing students  Student placement driven by performance may be reevaluated at the end of 1st 9 weeks
    3. 3. Sample Schedule  7:50-8:50 Differentiated Reading/Math Block  8:55-9:55 Differentiated Reading/Math Block  9:55-10:15 Recess  10:15 until lunch Integrated Units incorporating ELA, Social Studies, Science and Math with a 30 minute period of direct instruction in writing  1:30-2:15 Specials
    4. 4. 5th Grade Horizons Services  Previous model one day at week of resource pull out.  Instruction centered on interdisciplinary units and enrichment activities  Gifted services only 1 day a week for five 50 minute segments  New model students service daily  Served in reading and/or math  Targeted instruction in area(s) of strength to enrich and extend  Gifted services daily for 60-120 minutes in reading and/or math
    5. 5. Grades and Communication  Reading and Math Grades through block teachers  Graded papers sent home in take home folder  Open communication between block and homeroom teacher
    6. 6. Curriculum in Advanced Classes  Georgia Common Core Standards  Pretest data for each unit  Complex  Enrich  Extend  Incorporate standards beyond the grade level  Utilize gifted education best practices
    7. 7. Benefits of Advanced Content  Differentiated Instruction in Content, Process, Product and/or Readiness  Deeper mastery of standards  Self Directed Learners  Strategic Thinkers  Effective Communicators  Problem Solvers  Global Leaders