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B2B Part II


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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B2B Part II

  1. 1. Intelligence Gathering
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Monitor the Web for interesting new Social Media Alerts - Like Google Alerts, but Twitter Search, Twitter Directory, Twittercontent - Google Alerts are email updates for Social Media. Receive daily email alerts Yellow Pages - Find Twitter Usersof the latest relevant Google results (web, of your brand, company, campaign, story ornews, etc.) based on your choice of query competitors. or topic. the Web - Instantly create a custom Find key influencers in your community to Spot trends happening currently in the page with a latest buzz on any topic build relationships. Search on either “Blog” world. It shows the hottest searches or “Post” for certain key phrases, discover currently going on and you can drill in to who are key bloggers. find out a little bit more about the trends. media search engine providing real time results across multiple social media platforms.
  4. 4. Client Training
  5. 5.
  6. 6. Online Engagement
  7. 7. WESTJET SOCIAL MEDIAUsing social media to overcome a negative guest experience
  8. 8. WESTJET FUN FACTS Some Twitter fodder for you (#WestJet & #SocMedBC) Number of WestJetters 7,800 Average number of unsolicited resumes 1,200/week Average number of guests per week 270,000 Number of cookies cosumed last year 4,150,000 Coldest day for TAC agents -54 degrees # of marriage proposals onboard 433 Fastest aircraft turn time 6 minutes7
  9. 9. OUR PEOPLE ARE OUR STRENGTH Language makes a difference Team Leaders vs. Supervisors People vs. Employees Promises vs. Policies Guests vs. Passengers 2010 Fame 2010 first place in Airline Staff Service Excellence (North America) at the World Airline Awards8
  10. 10. a 48-character quote for your twitterfeed Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks Arnold Bennet 1867-193110
  11. 11. KEY COMPONENTS OF THIS CHANGE What happened behind the scenes October 16-17: Migrated 800,000+ records Data transfer and cutover was successful Unexpected glitches in live environment Negative impact on some guests11
  12. 12. COMPLAINT OR OPPORTUNITY Complaints are inevitable in any business A complaint is an opportunity to showcase your problem solving and communication skills. - Blogger Dany Levy, during the Iceland ash cloud challenges.13
  16. 16. SUCCESSFUL RESOLUTION The right information18
  17. 17. SUCCESSFUL RESOLUTION Give it a personal touch20
  19. 19. FEEDBACK IS NOT ALL NEGATIVE Each organization will integrate differently Integration is key24
  20. 20. IN SUMMARY The keys to success Ensure your social media team has the right info Personalize the online interaction Have patience while communicating openly and honestly Acknowledge the negative while focusing on the positive Take complaints offline Integrate social media feedback25
  21. 21. DID IT WORK? It worked then27
  22. 22. DID IT WORK? It worked then and it works now28
  23. 23. CoverItLive Chat Forum: Askthe ExpertCoverItLive is well-recognized and used by companiesand millions worldwide to engage business, stakeholdersand public in an open discussion. General Motors, ESPN,Globe and Mail, Newsweek and Yahoo Sports! Have usedCoverItLive• Provides a safe platform for planning and executing a live, online event complete with participating panellists, producer and moderated comments.• Materials can be preloaded into the discussion, Twitter can be integrated and customized branding applied.• Business Services can offer trade and investment tutorials and expertise. Afterwards, the CoverItLive discussion transcripts can be redistributed and posted onto the ITIA website.• The basic account is available at minimal cost.Example: Obama’s budget debate using CoverItLiveCheck-out what’s Live now?
  24. 24. HSBC B2B Network: BloggingHSBC is one example of successful, trusted professional B2Bsocial networks within the financial services industry.• HSBC Business Network welcomes members, customers and non-customers who are top influencers and contributors.• The site includes a network of blogs, and invites members to create their own blog to share personal experiences with other entrepreneurs. The network has some 148 blogs from members.• Homepage is populated with content from the users, rather than traditional in-house marketing content.
  25. 25. AMEX Open Forum• Since 2007, AMEX OPEN has relied on the OPEN Forum to provide business advice, insight and engagement as part of their larger website• The OPEN Forum includes online survey to track customer experiences, and a healthy collection of videos that users can rate and share through additional social networking channels• The OPEN Forum “Idea Hub” allows members to network with each other and industry experts on topics customized to specific business interests. A large community of business experts manage content for the forum.• AMEX reported early and large growth for the B2B forum with 160,000 visitors in December 2008 and one million visitors in December 2009
  26. 26. FACEBOOK 101• Public audience base of over half-a-million• Facilitate digital marketing, public relations, stronger international networks, twitter interface and digital advertising• Facebook advertising function targets business audiences based on demographics, biographical interests, preferences and user trends• Businesses create fan pages to build communityExample: Ministry page: BC Alumni: Wavefront Conference Facebook page: How To Create a Facebook Business Fan PageNo Personal Profile RequiredDOWNLOAD:
  27. 27. Facebook Page: TD Lounge• TD Money Lounge is a Facebook group page serving the banking interests of a university and college students demographic.• The facebook page talks about the financial side of student life and offers contests, giveaways, and helpful advice and meet new people and get ideas for managing money.• The page is sponsored by TD Canada Trust and offers promotions and products designed with students in mind.• The Facebook page is further supported by a website ( and the TD Twitter feed (
  28. 28. LINKEDIN 101• More than 100 million members in over 200 countries and territories.• More than half of LinkedIn members are currently located outside of the United States.• Intersects 170 industries• Executives from all Fortune 500 companies are LinkedIn membersCompany Page –Service-oriented LinkedIn company page can help advanceMinistry key account objectives.Example BC Public Service Company Page - Pages –People use group pages to connect to debate, askquestions, look for jobs and connect around topics ofinterest.Example CommunicAsia Group Page -
  29. 29. TWITTER 101Tutorials for Twitter1. Sign-up : Twitter Account2. Twitter Hashtags & Basic Twitter Symbols3. How To Use Twitter for Business4. Twitter Essential Training – Lynda.com5. Twitter ManagementDOWNLOAD: