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People are already tapping social, mobility and the cloud at the office – opting to buy their own smartphone over the company issued one.

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Social, mobile & the cloud web

  1. 1. SOCIAL, MOBILE & THE CLOUD COMPLEX NATURE OF TECHNOLOGY OR AN OPPORTUNITY FOR BETTER BUSINESS? 2012 was a landmark year when the impact of the social, mobile, and the cloud technologies became evident, thus laying the foundation for a new organization-wide IT architec- ture. Enterprises have gone through a series of complexities in this scenario. Right from adaptation and development to sustaining and making use of all the analytical information these technologies help with, business leaders often find them- selves in a dilemma. The easier a technology is for the user, the tougher it is for an organization to leverage its full potential. Simplicity is a result of complex technological evolution. What is convenient for the customers today is delivered by complexi- ties organizations face. Complexities not only occur during the time of development, but in keeping up with the dynamic nature of technological change and in the struggle to leverage the benefits. Social, Mobility, Analytics and the Cloud are rewrit- ing the future of business success. According to the Aberdeen group, the cloud is the canvas on which the application landscape is painted. Mobile is the delivery point, and social is the glue, the web of threads that connect it all. The synergy of these technologies will lead to innovation, transformation and interconnectivity of IT comput- ing services, tools and realignment of resources. Research
  2. 2. Social 2011 2012 Convergence Social Social Social Mobile Cloud Cloud M2M M2M M2M M2M M2M M2M M2M M2M Mobile Mobile Mobile Mobile Local Local Local Local Sensors Sensors Sensors Sensors Identity Identity Identity Identity 01 Social, Mobile & The Cloud
  3. 3. Consumerization of IT and the ubiquity of connected smart devices has converged four formidable forces. 02 Social, Mobile & The Cloud Importance of Mobility Over 77% percent of the world’s population is connected through mobile.This rapid expansion has led to the consumer- ization of IT with connected customers are connected setting the rules today. Customer interactions happen all the time. Be it transactional or relational, social media is all about constant interactions. Customers live online, and companies need to develop effective online sales strategies to effectively utilize the reach of this ever-growing platform. To explain the impor- tance of this connection you could say that“the cloud is where it all happens, social is how it happens and mobility enables all the happenings.”Simply put, virtual space is reshap- ing reality. For example, to devise any new initiative, a CEO operating in a hierarchical organization would need to navigate various chains of command. In a ‘wirearchy’ created by the nexus of these technologies, he can dynamically interact with individu- als at all levels of the organization, regardless of rank and seniority. These forces are very customer-centric. User behavior is the driving power propelling these forces and it is vital for organizations to recognize this. Mobility capitalizes on the opportunities that social and the cloud hold, while recognizing the power of user behav- ior through social and mobility will shed light on the opportunities these present. Mark Zuckerberg put it best in Facebook’s S-1 filing when he wrote, “ Today, our society has reached another tipping point. We live at a moment when the majority of people in the world have access to the Internet or mobile phones — the raw tools necessary to start sharing what they’re thinking, feeling and doing with whomever they want.” Cloud Enables delivery of information and funcionality to users and systems Information The context for delivering enhanced social and mobile experiences Social Links people to their work and each other in new and unexpected ways Mobility A platform for effective social networking and new ways of work 1 2 3 4
  4. 4. 03 Social, Mobile & The Cloud Hierarchy Wirearchy For example, to devise any new initiative, a CEO operating in a hierarchical organiza- tion would need to navigate various chains of command. In a ‘wirearchy’ creat- ed by the nexus of these technologies, he can dynamically interact with individuals at all levels of the organization, regardless of rank and seniority.
  5. 5. 04 Social, Mobile & The Cloud Despite all the complications, businesses can find ways to grow and sustain in the dynamic digital world. Ubiquitous connectivity is the mantra. Every connected user in today’s world is a potential customer. Their seamless connectivity gives birth to precious data. Every second, there are millions of interactions happening on the social space and the informa- tion companies can extract out of these interactions is invalua- ble. Understanding such information can help analyze sentiments, build brand loyalty and establish a strong brand image. Sentiment analysis is the key to understanding customer needs and relationship. Apart from the conventional uses, sentiment analysis can help companies create better products that will be in demand. Similar to the beta launch of digital products, sentiment analysis helps understand the success of a product, pros and cons of the product and the necessary changes and improvements their customers would require. Sentiment analysis has been one of the biggest topics since the emergence of Web 2.0. This will continue to be the case as the next generation of mobile users will hardly use traditional devices such as desktops and laptops. With the increasing adaptation to touch sensitive devices, we believe that tomor- row’s users will prefer gesture and motion controlled devices over existing type and tap or click devices. This provides companies with a window into the mind of their customers; a window that reveals more and more, as companies get more adept in recognizing user behavioral patterns and as the interactivity of mobile devices increases. Social media platforms will be the tool that records their customer opinions. Opportunities at the Door Step When Sentiments Matter Consider these interesting statistics. The information value chain has been unlocked by the advent and convergence of social, mobile and cloud technologies, or what the industry calls“SoMoCloTM ”(term coined, and owned, by the Aberdeen Group). Year founded Articles Languages Words Updated Mistakes per article Cost Encyclopedia Britanica Wikipedia 1768 65,000 1 40 million Annually 2.92 $729 2001 4,086,999* 270 2 billion Realtime 3.86 free
  6. 6. 05 Social, Mobile & The Cloud It is no news that even the oldest and most trusted brands now need to reestablish themselves. Brand loyalty, which is one of the most critical free growth driver, is now looking for guidance, and technology guides it today. According to a Comscore study, Brand Establishment Opportunities in Emerging Markets in the US alone, 235 million people use mobile phones and eventually a major- ity of them will own smartphones. There are more than a billion smart- phones in the world and by 2015, there will be a billion more according to Strategy Analytics. Such is the potential of mobility and companies must capitalize on this opportunity, reestab- lish their brands, build, and sustain brand loyalty on the social space. An interesting study by Nielsen, conducted in the early 2012 reveals that of the total mobile owners, 36% own smartphones in Brazil, 37% percent in Russia, only 10% in India and 66% in China. These statistics show that there is already a huge established base of smartphone users in the BRIC countries, and the opportunities provided by these countries will only increase as more and more of potential customers migrate to smartphones. Mobile Ownership in the Bric Markets by Type of Device Among mobile subscribers aged 16+, first - half 2012 BRAZIL INDIA RUSSIA CHINA Smart phone Multimedia phone Feauture phone
  7. 7. 06 Social, Mobile & The Cloud A Peek at Tomorrow Technology has already found ways to improve the mobile experience. For instance, touchscreen mobile devices will let users feel the texture of the object displayed. We believe that technology such as Tactile Pixels will revamp the future of shopping experience. E-commerce has come and gone, and the future is all about m-commerce. Customers will soon be using only their mobile devices to get all the information about the products they want to buy, to purchase products online supported by secure cloud-based payment gateways, and to share product reviews – that could make or break a brand – on social networking websites. There is a definite and continued shift of ad spend towards mobile channels, and brands are building models that bring together cloud, social, and mobile. Of course, the introduc- tion of mobile currencies has made digital cash a reality and has simplified electronic funds transfer. Though practical adaptation of mobile payment systems has been slow so far, in the near future through awareness, much like internet banking, mobile banking and payments will see a better, steeper growth.
  8. 8. 07 Social, Mobile & The Cloud BI Intelligence states that by January 2013, 29% of mobile users have made a purchase using their phones.Bank of America predicts that $67.1 billion in purchases will be made from mobile devices by shoppers from the US and Europe. As a result, businesses that are mobile friendly will see better growth and ROI. Besides improving sales and revenue, mobile transactions also provide unique insights into customer purchase behavior and demand patterns. Brands can better understand individual customer needs and create custom- Growth and Progress ized products. This will enable organizations to transform transactional relationships to personal ones. Analyzing purchase history will help understand individual customer needs and will help brands create customized products. And since mobility and social networks are interconnected and interdependent, real-time review and interaction tracking is another possibility that will help understand customer psyche better. Wipro’s mobility solutions help clients reach their maximum potential, be prepared for the future, and do business better. With this expertise and foresight, we help our clients in the Retail, Banking and Finance, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Energy and Utilities and Telecom and Manufacturing. Be it Wipro’s Omni Channel that aims at providing real-time shop- ping experience on their mobile phones, or the mobile healthcare solutions that focuses on making the life of doctors and patients easier, we aim at providing the best of solutions to help our clients and their customers reap the maximum benefit of technology. What We Do With Mobility
  9. 9. People are already tapping social, mobility and the cloud at the office – opting to buy their own smartphone over the company issued one. They are using their mobile device to keep up with the industry and competitors, using online storage for corporate documents needed from home without the hassle of VPN. Further, social, mobility and the cloud are improving businesses’bottom line by increasing productivity, responsiveness and efficiency. And now, with the explosion of Big Data, there is a pressing need to convert these one-off consum- er behaviors into a consistent and systematic strategy across their business and IT governance.