Rethinking airports for future connected travelers


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The future role of airports – the meeting grounds for airlines and travelers – is driven by unprecedented social and technological change.

Expect new levels and diversity of service, personalized travller experiences, universal availability of mobile connectivity and many changes in the airport as a merchandising environment.

In this webinar presented by Tnooz and Amadeus, we examine technology shaping the needs and expectations of airport visitors.

How will airline and airport operators engage with customers?

What strategies and business models enable airlines and airports to seize new opportunities for managing the total trip experience?

Our expert panel includes:
* Brian Beard, Amadeus, executive technology consultant
* Glenn Gruber, Ness Technologies, AVP travel technologies
* Patricia Simillon, Amadeus, head of airlines operations strategy

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Rethinking airports for future connected travelers

  1. 1. Rethinking airports for future connected travelers A Tnooz-Amadeus webinar June 12, 2012
  2. 2. Kevin May Gene QuinnTnooz TnoozEditor & Moderator CEO & Producer
  3. 3. PanelistsGlenn Gruber Patricia Simillon Brian BeardNess Technologies Amadeus AmadeusAVP Airlines Operations Executive, Travel Strategy Technology
  4. 4. Poll no. 1
  5. 5. Poll no. 2
  6. 6. The Impact of Mobile on the Next Generation Airport Experience Glenn Gruber, AVP© 2009 Ness Technologies
  7. 7. Mobile is…. Location-driven Transactional Social Sensors Still a phone Blends Physical & Digital 7
  8. 8. The New Travel Experience Source: BCD Travel graphic
  9. 9. Mobile Travel TrendsCommon TrendingSchedulesCheck-in/Self Service Tomorrow Ancillary ServicesItinerary Management Seat Assignment Advanced DisruptionLast Minute Booking Push notification ManagementSMS Alerts Airport Merchandising Mobile Payments
  10. 10. Airports as a Destination, Not Just a Point of Departure Entertainment Fine Dining Shopping]JetBlue Terminal 5 JFK /by]tedmurphy on Flickr
  11. 11. The Airport Journey Arrival Check In Security Waiting Boarding
  12. 12. Geo-fencing for Alerts and Offers Running late, automatically re-book on next available flight Gate changes Travel Partner Marketing (add hotels, car) Offer upgrades, priority boarding
  13. 13. Mobile Enabling Spur of the Moment AncillarySales Priority Check in and Screening Early Boarding Premium Seating Club Access Pre-purchase of Meals
  14. 14. Please Make Security Faster & Easier
  15. 15. Navigating the Airport: Gate Guru
  16. 16. Navigating the Airport: OTG Management
  17. 17. QR Codes Check in Promotions/Contests Enroll Frequent Travelers Purchase Launch web page Call Customer Service
  18. 18. Mobile Boarding Pass
  19. 19. iPads in the Cockpit
  20. 20. Just Remember to Turn the Phone off
  21. 21. The Travel Industry’s SasquatchSource: Patently Apple
  22. 22. Poll no. 3
  23. 23. Airport Technology Emerging technologies and the Airport experience © 2010 Amadeus IT Group SABrian Beard, Executive, Travel Technology & Consulting, AmadeusPatricia Simillon, Airlines Operations Strategy, Amadeus
  24. 24. Airports – The start of the real time Information flow  For many trips the true  The traveller experience starting point is when you will be enhanced by reach the airport. emerging technologies Book Early Security Co- Contacts workers Expenses © 2010 Amadeus IT Group SA Mobile devices will enable greater information sharing
  25. 25. Real time ConnectivityAs it relates to information, your Mobile device will evolve from a user initiated search and retrieve tool, to a more automated interpret and push tool.  GPS Guides  Augmented reality  Location based opportunities  Voice Interface  Gamification  Real time Notifications © 2010 Amadeus IT Group SANUMBERS Use my mobile phone to check in and Use Location based services while navigate me through all touchpoints e.g. traveling boarding gates
  26. 26. My airport experience by 2020Dear Mrs. Simillon, yourdesignated parking is at A27. Mrs. Simillon recognized © 2010 Amadeus IT Group SA
  27. 27. Stress Level at Airports We will see greater emphasis on technologies that lower levels of stress in transit,driven by the rise of the overall well-being agenda and an increase in the number of older travelers  More informed travelers  m-Health  Reduced uncertainty  Better security flow  Improved scanning © 2010 Amadeus IT Group SANUMBERS Length of time required to complete Intrusive security procedures Speed of baggage delivery core activities from Check-in to boarding
  28. 28. Ultra High Speed Mobile Broadband Headlines NUMBERS  Ericsson: 85 percent of the worlds population covered by high-speed mobile internet in 2017  Cisco: There will be about 3.7 Billion mobile Timely information provision on users in 2016 delays, cancellations  Sys-con media: Currently, average mobile download speeds exceed 14 Megabytes per Free and reliable WiFi throughout the second (Mbps) and are expected to approach facility 20 Mbps by the end 2012. © 2010 Amadeus IT Group SAMobile broadband information transfer speeds will continue to improve for the next 20 years. Tasks that take minutes or hours today will be performed in seconds
  29. 29. Data Privacy – When to share The value gained by sharinginformation and letting systems know where you are will override privacy concerns  Transparency  User control  User filtering  Global standards © 2010 Amadeus IT Group SA  Duty of careNumbers Control access to their personal data
  30. 30. Conclusions Drivers for change Detractors from change  Competition  Politics  Revenue  Investment  Technology  Time  Customer demand  Data Privacy UNKNOWNS © 2010 Amadeus IT Group SAThe airport experience will change, technology will be a key driver, Mobile connectivity will get faster, devices will get smarter.
  31. 31. The conceptual model The infrastructure model Revenue generating model Mapping strategic direction for the next 20 yearsCustomer engagement Financing model Service delivery model model
  32. 32. The Conceptual modelA mini-city, separate from its An extension of the local city local surroundingsA shopping mall with runways A walkway to pass through security
  33. 33. The Revenue generating model, passengers… believe in the growth of non- Aeronautical revenues Customer engagement model want to define the extent of the engagement each entity can have with me
  34. 34. Collaborative airport ecosystem Airlines 3D printer Vertical Virtual farming worldsAirports Ground handlers Touchable Hologram New partners
  35. 35. with Amadeus Brighter, Bolder, Better© 2010 Amadeus IT IT Group SA © 2010 Amadeus Group SA
  36. 36. Q&A
  37. 37. Thank You! Send your questions and comments to kevin@tnooz.comVideo replay and presentation available on Tnooz’s FREE newsletter at