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Presentation volunteer meet

  1. 1. A Journey throughThoughtXpress….. Mysooru Unplugged Redefining Celebrations, Transforming Lives
  2. 2. History Talks….An idea of Charity Show was hovering in our minds from a longtime… (Thanks to Abhinanth for nourishing our idea ). Jan 13th  First meetingSwarathma joined the performers list Feb 3rd  Discussed abt Venue, Performers, ListedProspective Sponsors and had some action items..Vidhi, Pran and co joined the performers list.Raki, a new entry into Vayam as a performer and neverturned back  Feb 11th  Monsters, Paradise joined performers listA draft version of Sponsorship Proposal came out..Entry of Mr.Arvind sharma, TEH BOND WITH THE BEST 
  3. 3. History Continues to talk.. Hurdle1: Finalizing the date, as many fests like TechNIEks, Vidhyut, Jayciana were in pipeline Feb 13th: Kalamandir scrapped from “Possible Venue list” Initial Roadmap was ready… Feb 24th: We Finalized the name “Mysooru Unplugged” up and running  Started for sponsorships… Feb 26th: Logo by Shruthi and Seema  Great initiative guys…
  4. 4. History is never boring… Feb 30th: Venue changed as AIISH grounds.. Date finalized for event: March 31st March 3rd: AIISH grounds was scrapped from the venue list.. Biggest hurdle: As the accounts closure happens in the end of March, no one gave us a positive reply.. WE were afraid that we cant do the event..  No Sponsors.. No finalized venue.. No Teams formed.. But WE had the solid roadmap and a Passion to do any Herculean task…
  5. 5. History is interesting… March 6: Met with Sambeeth.. He was a moral booster for us.. We got invaluable inputs… Formation of Vayam-Core for smooth execution. March 10: Venue changed: Mysooru University open air grounds… (after loooong discussion) Date finalized April 29th… The game started off…. (Mission NOC)  March 20: Plans for first press meet Approached Master Kishan Marketing teams formed @ SJCE
  6. 6. Redefining History ????March 18st: Draft of Brochure ready. Marketingmodel finalized…Interesting Incident…March 22nd: Time: 5:00 PM: Decided to dothe First press meet on 24th with 0 preparation..March 23nd: Time: 3:00 A.M (Early Morning):Press releases ready.. Thanks a million ton toKrishna and others (Sneha’s Team) who come upwith a Wonderful Kannada version Release…. 
  7. 7. The Struggle continues… March 24th: First Press release happenedsuccessfully.. Around 8 articles published.. Master Kishan accepts to be the brandambassador of the event..Marketing teams formed @ NIEMarch 25th: Sponsorship Hunt faces hurdles..Finance closure…The most interesting story!Mission NOC takes interesting turns.. It wasone of THE BIGGEST HURDLE… 
  8. 8. The saga… April 6th: Press Meet with Master Kishan happened @ kaliyuva mane.. It was a grand success April 9th: Police praises Vayam for coming up with an amazing security model.. 3 cheers to Arvind Sharma and team.. Great Work pals.. Sponsorship front: Gradual development… April 13th : Tickets, Poster designs completed.. Marketing teams excelled well in this week.. This was a great moral booster.. Amazing work guys…
  9. 9. Saga Continues with some struggle April 14th: Mission NOC accomplished .. April 19th: Event Sponsorship deal (Won by Arvind sharma, Pratiba Maam. Aptly supported by Souri, Santy and Ashwin) April 20th: Sale of Tickets, Coupons kickstarted..
  10. 10. 7 DAYS TO go! April 21st: Marketing teams from NIE and SJCE had progressed really well.. Many got involved in selling tickets too! VVCE guys creates a record in selling coupons.. Kudos to Jayant.. VVIP List finalized.. Rolling out of invitations.. April 22nd: Infosys Guys creates a history in terms of selling tickets and getting contributions.. Kudos to Divya Pai and others..
  11. 11. Those 2 days.. April 27th: Sound system finalized.. Lot of other stuff got finalized.. Final preparations for the D Day April 27th: 11:OO PM Night: Private Security people took a back step.. . Arvind approaches SJCE hostel. Result: 30+ Volunteers agrees.. Kudos to all of u.. April 28th: Tons of things happened.. Backdrop.. Rehearsals.. Security team drill.. Hospitality team rehearsals.. Many of the Vayamis didn’t took a nap for the last 2 days..
  12. 12. The D day.. Kids won the hearts of thousands.. (Kudos to Raki who designed the theme “Naavu Gedde Gelteevi.. Naavu Gedde Gelteevi Ondu Dina…”) Paradise’s Showcase was a cynosure.. Vidhi’s Bhoma was a eye opener Swarathma was a star performer.. Kallari was one of-its-kind…