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Kano’s model


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Kano’s model

  1. 1. Capturing Airline Passengers’ Voices using Kano’s Model )
  2. 2. Introduction Perceived quality is a prerequisite for customer satisfaction Customer service analysis - measure of customers’ preference To examine the application of Kano’s quality element classification in the passenger service strategy planning by the case study of the International Airlines
  3. 3. KANO’s ModelDelighting Expected Assumed
  4. 4. Journey Into The PastASSUMED EXPECTED DELIGHTINGClear and precise cabin Meal service on flight Special services toannouncements Calls to service center executive classCorrect safety responded immediately passengers like ‘Portersdemonstration assisting’ Clear and preciseAvailability of flights to boarding Lavish Food servedprime cities announcement IFE System.Proper system for Signs for guiding Various food choice onreservations passengers to boarding the menuFlight schedule gates Good quality of in-flightinformation Efficiency to handle lost drinkSecurity system in place baggageon airports Assistance with securityProper safety for issueshandling baggage
  5. 5. Present VoyageASSUMED EXPECTED DELIGHTINGHandling overbooking Calls to service centre Premium facilitiessituation well responded offered in the LoungesProactively provide immediately Premium IFECreminders to Courtesy of facilities (livepassengers reservation staff TV, RadioClear and precise One to one service for channels, Gamingcabin announcement unaccompanied child facility)Correct safety One to one service for ‘Welcome Kits’demonstration pregnant women In flight internetCourteous cabin crew Check-in staff is connectivity (seat to proactive and friendly seat messaging, wi-fiEffective baggage service etc)handling, quick Efficient check-in staffbaggage claim Service Satellite Phone service Sufficient flight info (easy use of credit card swipe to make calls in flight)
  6. 6. Future ItineraryASSUMED EXPECTED DELIGHTINGConvenient on-line Provision of delicate AC Power supply forreservation giveaways every individualCalls to service centre Premium facilities Individual attention-responded offered in the Lounges personal flightimmediately Premium in flight attendant serviceCourtesy of entertainment facilities Personal full time chefreservation staff (Live TV, Radio facility on boardSeat comfort channels, Gaming Entertainment with facility) the best amenities (eg.Clear sign andguidance for ‘Welcome Kits’ BOSE noisepassengers In flight internet cancellation connectivity (seat to headphones etc.) seat messaging, wi-fi More customised IFE service etc) options Satellite Phone service On board credit card (easy use of credit card enabled services. (Air swipe to make calls in boutique, duty free flight) shopping, text messaging etc.)
  7. 7. CONCLUSION Determining customer needs accurately and responding to them in a consistent manner. Kano (1996): ‚It is not enough to measure the order of importance of various service elements, but also their different effects on customer satisfaction.‛ By identifying these features and putting them in the appropriate categories, the airlines can manage service quality through measurement and allocate the optimal budget to better serve their customers. With careful planning of resource allocation, the danger for an airline to exhaust itself in competition with too expensive solution can be avoided.
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