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Genares Boo


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Genares Boo

  1. 1. Increase Occupancy, ADR, LOS and satisfy your guests – all through your lowest cost of sale channel – Your own website!gBooker is a world classbooking engine, created toempower your hotel toquickly and efficientlymanage internet bookings.It is fully customizable toreflect the image of eachproperty it powers and actsas an around-the-clocksales and marketing tool,enhancing revenue andincreasing bookings. Aguest’s first impression ofyour hotel most oftencomes from your web site.The Genares bookingengine is user friendly andeasy to navigate providingdirect, real-time access toyour hotel’s descriptivecontent, pictures, rates andavailability. gBooker has a View Maphigh degree ofcustomization, making itpossible to seamlesslyintegrate into your currentweb site for a costeffective, low maintenancesolution. It is seamlesslyintegrated with ourCRS/Distribution platformproviding real time hotel Template-based design structure – affordsreservation rates and flexibility matching hotels look and feel with fullyavailability with complete customizable formats and templates.inventory control,supporting multiple roomtypes and rates. Genares Worldwide Reservations Services | 5201 N. O’Connor Blvd, Suite 400 | Irving, TX 75039 | 817.722.8200|
  2. 2. gBooker Advantages: Availability Calendars – Interactive booking calendars displaying real- time availability and sold out dates – flexibility to include rates on calendar. Strike Through Pricing – opportunity to display reduced rates and compete with OTA perceived pricing discounts. Daily Rate Display – daily rate shows any change in rate during length of stay – helps to showcase discounted daily rates. gMobile Booking Engine – next to your web site mobile booking gives travelers additional flexibility to book, modify and cancel reservations. Fully featured and completely integrated with the web booking engine. Promo/Group Codes – direct market with promotion codes and/or URL links that take the guest directly to your booking site. Multi-lingual and multi-currency – present your hotel in the local language and currency.Genares Worldwide Reservations Services | 5201 N. O’Connor Blvd, Suite 400 | Irving, TX 75039 | 817.722.8200 |
  3. 3. gBooker Advantages: Add-ons – generate additional revenue opportunities by selling/merchandising of property products and services. Images Library – store a gallery of photos and video to directly manage all of the hotel’s images with unlimited descriptions and information. Revenue Tracking - advanced tracking features available including the ability to track search terms, pay-per-click, and referring URLs. A hotel’s website powered by Genares, delivers higher revenue and increased guest satisfaction through gBooker’s superior features and simple, easy-to-use, booking process. gBooker allows each hotelier to merchandise more, convert more and profit more while avoiding expensive technology investments.Our goal is to provide the best web booking engine to drive reservations to your lowest cost of sale channel – your direct web booking channel.Genares Worldwide Reservations Services | 5201 N. O’Connor Blvd, Suite 400 | Irving, TX 75039 | 817.722.2800|