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Fidor TecS AG Company Presentation

Fidor TecS enables disruptive banking

Fidor combines a full banking license with its own technology: a strong focus on APIs ensures meeting the demands of the 21st century digital consumer globally and profitably. Fidor serves in a unique way the digitalized banking world to “make this bank your bank” through its open banking APIs.

Be a part of reshaping the post-crisis banking industry through cutting edge technology instead of doing the minimum to be compliant. Educate and integrate your customer through your own community of loyal customers instead of preying on financial illiteracy. The Fidor Operating System fidorOS allows you to do just that - and much more.

fidorOS is designed to work seamlessly with existing core banking system. It not only provides all the basic banking functionalities but it also is expandable, thanks to its modular design.

It also bridges traditional banking products like account, payments, deposits, loans with new banking products like P2P lending, crowd lending, social trading, virtual currencies and Ripple.

A completely new technology that is not tied to any legacy code. Flexible enough to be used on nearly any core banking system and powerful enough to be used by banks as white label.

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Fidor TecS AG Company Presentation

  1. 1. Fidor TecS AG Delivering Disruptive Banking!
  2. 2. Strong Vision in focused Units: Fidor TecS AG operates the IT and customer service for Germany, Russia and UK* Most innovative Banking Operating System • Developing, page 2 owning, and maintaining fidorOS and its API infrastructure • Controlling the Fidor Ecosystem • Leverage insights from data • Open API infrastructure „Everything you need“ offer to the digital SME • Closed loop transacBons • From SEPA to Ripple • Global real-­‐Bme transacBons • Crypto currency adopBon • Cards etc. • AddiBonal support funcBons 100% 100% Better Banking creates a new Customer to Bank Relation • Strong integraBon of customers via community & social media • Peer 2 Peer Banking • Crowdfinance • Reward customers for digital engagement * Roll out starts in Q4/2014
  3. 3. Our goal is to make fidorOS the most accessible banking IT system, globally Where we come from What we are today 2 years ago page 3 Fidor TecS AG was an IT department of Fidor Bank with 6 people and fidorOS was a banking system designed for the German digital banking customer Today, Fidor TecS AG is an own legal enBty with > 50 people and customers in 4 countries and fidorOS is an unique API-­‐based mulB-­‐CBS & mulB-­‐country system with social banking capabiliBes
  4. 4. Fidor TecS AG has attracted a very experienced leadership team with a strong track record in implementation of financial innovations Maier Schwab (CEO) (COO) Kröner (CSO) Roma Gruban Grimme Hellwig Key account & Chief architect & project mgmt consultancy Head of development Head of IT OperaBons, Security, TesBng & QA page 4
  5. 5. Fidor TecS plans carefully and develops agile Specs Tasks fidorOS Release Deployment 14 Days Daily Analysis / Click dummy / Planning Agile development along milestones / testing Friends & family Go Live Phase 1 page 5
  6. 6. In the first 7 month of 2014 Fidor TecS changed and implemented more than 961 features across fidorOS and increased the code base by more than 50% page 6
  7. 7. Fidor TecS Product Roadmap 2015-2018 creates an unique variety of banking functionalities for bank customers and banks enabled by third party partners and developers page 7 fidorOS full API-­‐enabled SMART Data AnalyBcs Configurable SMART Account SMART Account App Store 50+ Products, Services & Apps 1,000+ Products, Services & Apps App Market Place API SDK High Scalability of fidorOS 150+ Products, Services & Apps
  8. 8. Fidor TecS has a unique business model to compete: it runs the IT operations and customer service centre for Fidor Group, offers its platform fidorOS white label and can leverage Fidor Banks European full banking license SAP Currency cloud Ripple Wonga IT Provider Banks powered by Fidor Bank page 8 IND Group Oracle Accenture Temenos Crealogix Asecco Gft Avalog FIS ING SberbankDirect Comdirect IKB Teambank FinTech moven Bitbond KLARNA Tranferwise Barclays
  9. 9. Table of content I. The Fidor applicaBons and business model II. fidorOS – an agnosBc social banking plaaorm III. AnalyBcs in fidorOS IV. fidorOS as white label soluBon ConfidenBal InformaBon Page 9
  10. 10. fidorOS fidorOS combines is set community up to become & payment the & most banking accessible and provides banking additional IT value and freedom of choice to the retail and corporate customer – the system is system, build around globally the customer page 10 Payment Customer Community Banking Smart Community Smart Payment Smart Banking • Question & Answers • Product Ratings • Advisor Ratings • Profile Comparisons • Group Discussions • Product Suggestions • Surveys … PLUS: Unique bonus-scheme rewarding social interaction. • Saving Certificates • Loans (including Emergency Loan & Overdraft) • FX Trading • Precious Metals PLUS innovative solutions such as: • Crowdfinance • Peer to Peer Banking (lending and options) • Virtual Currencies Combining Banking & Community Covering the major financial needs of a digital customer: - Independent support instead of sales (push) - Alternative financing and investing solutions by integrating 3rd party offers instead of proprietary product range - Speed banking instead of slow banking - Collaboration instead of black box • Connect to Bundesbank (BIC / IBAN) • SEPA Payments • Closed loop transaction • Transaction layout can be customized • Global Money Transfers • Card (MasterCard Issuing License) • Sending money to e-mail address, phone number, twitter domain • “community personal finance management” • Peer to peer comparisons of transactions or assets allow improvements
  11. 11. fidorOS is set up to become the most accessible banking IT system, globally 100% digital customers request for 100% digital services page 11 Retail- Customer With only one account, I can cover all my financial issues. And I can ask the community for support! E-Commerce Merchant There is really no bank serving us well – and the Payment Guys are offering ony a small piece of what I need. Game Developer I need a partner bank with an API infrastructure that allows me to integrate a wallet in my games. B-to-B Customer B-to-B Customer I want to offer financial services to my existing customer base. That creates a higher stickiness and lowers my cost.
  12. 12. fidorOS The Fidor Community is set up as to a become powerful tool the for most customer-accessible to-customer-banking to-bank IT interaction system, globally page 12 Fidor Bonus program ConnecBon to Fidor Smart Girokonto Overview of Fidor Smart Community Apps Direct contact between customer and customer service in news stream
  13. 13. fidorOS is set up to become the most accessible banking IT system, globally The Fidor Community – a vivid place for digital natives with interest in financial services page 13 8,008 advisors rated by users 4,671 wish products 3,215 rated financial products 8,014 saving Bps 5.3 answers per raised money quesBon 7 answers per quesBon on average … Ques9on: 21:14 Uhr via iPhone 1. Answer: 21:22:07 2. Answer: 21:22:59 3. Answer: 21:46:40 10. Answer: 00:21:11
  14. 14. fidorOS is set up to become the most accessible banking IT system, globally Fidor Smart Account – A market place for financial services page 14 ConnecBng to Community NavigaBon User created tutorial videos • Fidor offerings and 3rd Party Apps (integrated via API) • InnovaBon inside like Ripple, P2P lending and Crowdfinance Speed Banking, shown by „60 sec banking” icon First steps towards PFM
  15. 15. The Fidor Lifestyle 8:00 am TV News about Gold: Asking the community to buy or not to buy? 10:00 am Backing a crowdfunding project: „Ecofriendly Coffee“ 1:30 pm Paying back my colleague in real-time via Twitter: „Grat Lunch!“ 3:00 pm Bying a Bitcoin with my Fidor Smart Account on (Fidor partner) 5:00 pm Buying 1,00 oz silver with only one mouse click in 60 sec.! Thx Community! 11:30 pm Applying for a short term loan on my smartphone. #AwesomeParty How does a typical day of your customer look like? page 15 10:30 am Mobile widget informs me about new transactions
  16. 16. fidorOS is set up to become the most accessible banking IT system, globally John Fidoe, the average Fidor Retail Customer The average Fidor Costumer is 30 – 50 (50%), lives somewhere in Germany, is male, and executes 10 transactions/month. (30 days average August 2014) page 16 79% of active users are male. 21% of active users are female. 5.7% of active Fidor Bank Community users have completed their Fidor Bank profile with their social media domains. Facebook 61.3%, Skype 35.5%, private website 34.6%, Google+ 27.3, Xing, 15.9%, Youtube 14.8% Of 50,000+ Fidor Bank full KYC Customers, 31,439 were active in August 2014. 7.6% of active users live in Berlin. 3.1% of active users live in Munich. 3.0% of active users live in Hamburg. Customers‘ Age: 18 – 30: 16.8% 30 – 40: 24.5% 40 – 50: 25.7% 50 – 60: 19.1% 60+: 10.7% 1,453€ in Cash 10 transactions/month 3 community contacts 100% digital 0.46 gr Gold 0.17 oz Silver 0.059 gr Palladium 4.89 USD 41.56 JPY 12.87 NOK
  17. 17. Mobile fidorOS financial is set services up to – become co-created the and tested most by accessible the customer banking + IT accelerated system, globally by APIs page 17 Always in customer‘s view Activated by wiping Shows last transactions and alerts the customer
  18. 18. Table of content I. The Fidor applicaBons and business model II. fidorOS – an agnosBc social banking plaaorm III. AnalyBcs in fidorOS IV. fidorOS as white label soluBon ConfidenBal InformaBon Page 18
  19. 19. fidorOS combines general banking functionality independent from country specifics with social banking services in an unique way Real Bme booking, payments, loans, … page 19 AggregaBon of tradiBonal assets and new P2P & social banking products Convenient transfer of money, deposits, currencies via twiker, mobile number, email Virtual currencies like Bitcoin, Ripple, … Open API provides powerful and easy to understand, to setup and to use interface to access all fidorOS funcBons FOXI Financial Open eXchange IniBaBve provides standardized formats to create applicaBons within fidorOS AlternaBve assets e.g. Miles & More points, precious metals, … Plus -­‐ MulB language ✔ -­‐ MulB currency ✔ -­‐ MulB country ✔ -­‐ MulB CBS ✔ -­‐ White label ✔
  20. 20. fidorOS is modern, modular, open, API-based and free of any legacy code LAYERS page 20 Community Account Payments CBS Country 1 Front End Web / Mobile Product- Features Core- Module/s fidorOS CORE Interface to Core Banking Country-specific Core Banking System fidorOS Authorisation CBS Country 2 CBS Country n Back End Middle Ware RESTful APIs Technology HTML5 / Native iOS, Android Ruby/ Ruby on Rails/ MySQL MQ Series CBS specific Bonus Third party (e.g., Analytics) Third party apps / in account apps General Admin Core Activities Security Transaction Customer Booking ...
  21. 21. A public API serves as a welcoming front door to new business clients – do for banking what Apple did for mobile apps with iTunes Fidor 3rd party in account apps ✚ Fully licensed bank account page 21 Fidor API ✚ ✚ Payment & TransacBons = Fidor Smart Account Account as marketplace Fully customizable As complex as you want/need it
  22. 22. fidorOS enables the creation of an own Bank or own Account White Label customers can create their own BANK • Full white label: look and feel to be customized • Content of App-Store to be defined by white label partner • fidorOS runs today already on 2 different CBS • License Shelter if needed (within EU) page 22 Customers can create their own ACCOUNT • In account App-Store: open to 3rd party offers • Supported by API infrastructure • Minimum amount of proprietary default offers • Additional offers according to customers financial lifestyle
  23. 23. fidorOS enables superfast adaption to customer front-end design page 23 ? One platform – countless opportunities
  24. 24. fidorOS Front End Examples Mobile Device Web-­‐Browser
  25. 25. With each new fidorOS deployment and each new third party app Fidor TecS fosters a network effect fidorOS deployments page 25 The network effect Banks The more innovaBve and specialised apps and services are available for fidorOS the more akracBve for banks Developers The more fidorOS deployments and bank customers the more akracBve for developers and highly specialised companies for banking IT Fidor Group White Label
  26. 26. 4 years young Fidor Bank is the “show case” for fidorOS Bank licence SMART Account App Manager in December 2009 page 26 Community users > 300,000 In account app B2B partner > 10 Full KYC customers > 65,000 SME customers > 4,000 Loan book > 185 mEUR Deposits > 240mEUR Costs per new customer (CpC) < 25 EUR IT costs per user per year < 12 EUR
  27. 27. fidorOS scales! 1.400 1.200 1.000 800 600 400 200 0 1000 page 27 Transaction Creation Count OPEX per Customer 2012: 107.60 € 2013: 61.40 € (-­‐43%)* Expenses/Transac9on -­‐49%* *Between Q1 2013 and Q1 2014 at Fidor Bank Germany
  28. 28. fidorOS enables low IT costs per user per year page 28 3,4 3,8 7,4 Tier 1/2 Bank eBay Facebook Google 200 15 Fidor [USD]
  29. 29. Fidor TecS actively integrates the developer community Developer Community page 29 API Browser
  30. 30. Fidor TecS actively integrates the developer community page 30
  31. 31. Table of content I. The Fidor applicaBons and business model II. fidorOS – an agnosBc social banking plaaorm III. AnalyBcs in fidorOS IV. fidorOS as white label soluBon ConfidenBal InformaBon Page 31
  32. 32. Fidor Bank currently experiments with SMART data analytics together with highly specialised Alexander Thamm GmbH with the objective to create and offer a new generation of financial products Analysis of Community E.g., graph shows how community users are connected to each other page 32 Community Karma New Products AnalyBcs creates the foundaBon of an user individual Karma (community score) which qualifies the user based on his acBviBes and connecBons % E.g., interests rates based on individual community Karma E.g. car insurance based on individual behaviour
  33. 33. A combination of traditional and social media based data points enable also a new generation of credit analysis PosiBve correlaBon Graph shows a posiBve correlaBon of social media acBvity and banking acBvity page 33 New kind of credit score A combinaBon of tradiBonal and social media based data points enable a new generaBon of credit analysis
  34. 34. Real-time overview on customer activities in community, account and transactions page 34
  35. 35. Analytics make Financial Services tangible – The Fidor Germany Globe page 35 Access the Fidor Germany Globe
  36. 36. Table of content I. The Fidor applicaBons and business model II. fidorOS – an agnosBc social banking plaaorm III. AnalyBcs in fidorOS IV. fidorOS as white label soluBon ConfidenBal InformaBon Page 36
  37. 37. fidorOS: flexible enough to be used on nearly any core banking system and powerful enough to be used as white label • Built on Ruby/Ruby on Rails, mySQL • FOXI standard: Financial Open eXchange Initiative provides standardized formats to create applications within fidorOS • Open API: provides powerful and easy to understand, to set up and to use interface to access all fidorOS functions • Speed banking: Real-time transactions, payments, loans, etc. • Multi-language, multi-country, multi-currency, multi-CBS • Instant multi-channel-money transfer (e.g., Twitter, e- Mail) page 37 fidorOS: Facts on a glance fidorOS: White label ready! • Full white label: look and feel can be customized • Single modules (Community, Payment, Banking) allow for evolutionary and quick integration • Content of In-Account App-Store can be defined by white label partner • The more deployments of fidorOS there are, the more attractive for developers and highly specialized banking-IT companies • Open API architecture allows easy integra9on, quick set-­‐up and ROI
  38. 38. Partners can make their choice out of a unique and modular Product and Service Tool Box. LAYERS page 38 Web Frontend C P B fidorOS CBS Fidor Mobile APPs Web Interface/s Product- Features Core-Module/s Operating System (obligatory) Interface to Core Banking Web Frontend P fidorOS CBS Fidor Web Frontend C P B fidorOS Example III: UK Mobile Virtual Network Operator P fidorOS Example II: Fidor Bank Russia Example I: German Logistic Company Full Scope Setup: Fidor Bank Germany Core Banking Level B CBS Fidor
  39. 39. Fidor TecS focus on three areas: Grow Fidor Groups footprint, development of fidorOS and management of fidorOS eco-system page 39 Support the growth of FIDOR Group and Operate its IT and customer service Further development of fidorOS Management of fidorOS Eco System Fidor TecS AG
  40. 40. To increase speed and implementation power Fidor TecS is building partnerships on 5 levels Level Partner type DescripBon 1 App partner Create an mobile/web app on top on fidorOS API 2 In-­‐Account-­‐App page 40 partner Create an fidorOS applicaBon along FOXI standard 3 ImplementaBon partner ImplementaBon, customizaBon and integraBon of fidorOS 4 OperaBng partner OperaBng fidorOS in a data center 5 fidorOS Reseller partner Resell fidorOS licences
  41. 41. Contact Sandstraße 33, 80335 Munich | Germany E-Mail: Web: Skype: fjschwab Frank Schwab – CEO Fidor TecS AG
  42. 42. Excellent! Global Growth Company
  43. 43. BACKUP page 43
  44. 44. API Banking – build for developers: powerful and easy to understand, to setup, and to use GET /users/current { "id": "5232", "email": "" } GET /users/current/customers { "customers": [ { "id": "16696412", "title": "Herr", "firstname": "Patrick", "lastname": "Gruban" }] }
  45. 45. fidorOS APIs Version 1: Objects 45
  46. 46. fidorOS APIs – an excerpt 46
  47. 47. fidorOS best practice architecture page 47
  48. 48. fidorOS: proven and best practice hosting page 48 Front End Servers: • Raid 1 HD Array with 2 HD with min. 300 GB space for the OS • a raid 5 with min. 4 beker 5 HD with min. 300 GB Space for the Data ParBBon! • Ram per Server should be at least 32 GB • CPU must be min 2 Xeon E5-­‐2630 . (CPU Slots must be scalable up to min 8) HD speed 10k/umin is sufficient. All DB Servers: • Raid 1 HD Array with 2 HD with min. 300 GB space for the OS • a raid 5 with min. 5 , beker 6 HD with min 300 GB Space. • Ram per Server should be at least 32 GB, beker 64 GB • CPU must be min 2 Xeon E5-­‐2630 . (CPU Slots must be scalable up to min 8) • HD Speed of 15k/umin is needed Firewall and Load Balancer models of your choice must be equivalent in terms of throughput, scalability and feature lists(especially from the security side of view) to the ones we do have recommended.
  49. 49. fidorOS: state-of-the-art infrastructure & security Data backup on disk and tape in a separate DC locaBon with 6 km distance to the other DC fidorOS / Housing & Infrastructure Security 2 x 1 GB Redundant 2 x 1 GB Redundant Internet Access Internet Access High performance layer 2/3 firewall cluster with addiBonal full scope IPS and IDS funcBonality High performance layer 7 WAF (Web ApplicaBon Firewall) cluster with addiBonal intelligent self learning load balancer funcBonality Firewall controlled web DMZ Load balanced web server nodes with extended SSL cerBficates and strongest SSL security setup (SLLlabs RaBng A+) Firewall controlled APP DMZ Load balanced applicaBon & service server nodes Firewall controlled DB Server DMZ High performance n-­‐node acBve-­‐acBve DB cluster nodes with real Bme date replicaBon Data Center Strategy All live and performance relevant systems do have a complete redundant, real Bme mirrored DC setup in two different DC locaBons, or as a minimum requirement in two separate fire areas within the DC fidorOS Code Security Strategy The fidorOS code itself is wriken with special akenBon to prevent any security leaks like cross-­‐site scripBng and SQL injecBon. Input fields are always validated. Layer 2/3 Entry Firewall Layer 7 Firewall & Load Balancer Web Server DMZ ApplicaBon & Service Server DMZ Database Server DMZ Data Backup