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APIs matter


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APIs will transform the banking industry

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APIs matter

  1. 1. APIs matter APIs will transform the banking industry
  2. 2. API = Application Programming Interface A browser is for a person the same... ... as an API for a computer { “headline": “API“, “description“: “In computer programming, an application programming interface (API) is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. An API expresses …“ }
  3. 3. APIs make the Internet machine readable and often they are the fundation of a successful E-Commerce buiness model The club of API billionaires Daily API calls: 1 billion API calls from partners and customers increase brand, marketing and sales reach significantly – completely automated
  4. 4. Netflix tripled the number of API calls per day between May 2012 and December 2015. At the same time the share price increased from 10 USD to 49 USD. Share price in USD 10 49 2012 2014 x5 Number of API calls per day in billions 1.4 5.0 2012 2014 x3
  5. 5. PayPal has a higher market cap than Deutsche Bank ... Market cap, October 2015 [in Billion USD] 37.1 Deutsche Bank 38.8 PayPal Deutsche Bank PayPal Customer 25,000,000 169,000,000 APIs 0 > 25 Employees 100,000 8,000
  6. 6. ... main reason is the open innovation approach enabled by an open API infrastructure Partner and developer links are equal to customer link Well documented manual for developers how to use the APIs
  7. 7. Because of its API infrastructure Fidor Bank could already integrate more than 20 partner into the customer account The open API infrastructure enables value added services in Fidor’s SMART customer account Examples: Precious metals– Goldmoney Social Lending – SMAVA Foreign currencies– The Currency Cloud Fidor Bank offers more customer centric online functionalities than any other bank, real time, and at significant lower costs
  8. 8. By its open API infrastructure Fidor created a globally unique service for E-Commerce SMEs Real time, also on the weekend: immediate debit and credit if customers have a Fidor account Easy data transfer Flexible data import For developers easy and fast to integrate
  9. 9. Fidor sets a new standard for API documentation and API community, globally
  10. 10. An „API Business model“ engages developers – in an open innovation approach – in order to win more users and customers Services Identification of business processes APIs Commercial access to business processes Developer Makes use of APIs to build Apps Apps Access to business processes via APIs User / Customer Increase of revenues by higher usage via Apps
  11. 11. A successful state of the art API implementation comprises 6 core elements API Browser Shows the available APIs clearly API Documentation Describes the functionality detailed and provides examples API Manager Internal API management, access to business processes App Store Place of the apps of the developers SDK Development tool for APIs and to build Apps API Community Communication platform for open exchange of developers
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