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Prototyping assignment for DT

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  1. 1. Design Thinking Class Prototyping
  2. 2. Problem/Insight  High school students need a way to realize that they are acquiring the soft skills they will need in the world of work because they don’t realize they’re getting those skills in school.
  3. 3. Prototype A Students create a soft-skills acquisition map that they fill out as they progress through high school, so they see they are in fact getting the skills they need to be successful in the work force
  4. 4. • School• Extra- curricular • Home• Work Worked as youth group leader in synagogue Babysat little sister on weekly basis Led group project on cell reproduction in Biology class Was stage manager for school play Quarter 4: Freshman Year Sample prototype:
  5. 5. SELF TEACHER PARENT EMPLOYER FEEDBACK LOOP Relevant parties help stakeholders refine their ideas about the soft skills they’ve acquired in this Feedback Loop
  6. 6. Response to Prototype A  Two rising sophomore girls said they’d find the format doable only if they were given school time to complete the chart. It would be too burdensome to complete otherwise.  Add surveys to the Feedback Loop  They liked the format of both the Map and the Feedback Loop  They like that the system brings what goes on outside of school into school
  7. 7. Idea Students create an art project of their own choosing that they add to each marking period in order to show how they’ve progressed in the acquisition of soft skills they and the school have decided are important. Students can choose from a list of art projects and do a different one each marking period, or they can complete the same kind of art project each marking period. They can even keep adding to the same medium all year.
  8. 8. My sample prototype
  9. 9. Poems by Me How I Grew in Leadership, Confidence, Organization, and Collaboration The ME Channel YouTube videos showing how I grew in my soft skills A Mural by Me How I Grew in my Soft Skills, An artistic representation My Mask How I Can’t Hide the Soft Skills I’ve Acquired Stakeholders helped me to refine the prototype, so students had choices in how they presented their ideas and weren’t locked into one medium per year or marking period.
  10. 10. Response to Prototype B  Students liked this prototype unequivocally better than the previous one, though they had liked Prototype A well enough before they saw Prototype B  Students responded more emotionally and enthusiastically to Prototype B (confirming for me that students love art because it resonates with them emotionally and helps them form a bond with what they’re learning)
  11. 11. Response to Prototype B, cont.  Interviewees confidently said students would want to do the art project more than the acquisition map  Quote from one student: “You have to put in more effort and think about it more.”  This again confirms my thinking that arts integration forces students to think more divergently about their work.  Students agreed there might need to be a reflection piece with an art project, if it wasn’t clear from the medium how students had shown they had acquired the soft skills they were claiming to have obtained 