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Stanford, Design Thinking, Testing


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Stanford, Design Thinking, Testing

  1. 1. DESIGN THINKING Erick Sosa Testing and prototyping
  2. 2. MY FAVORITES My two favorites solutions
  3. 3. RUN A SIMULATION FOR ONE YEAR (AT LEAST) • There are many programs that simulate real life now like; the idea, is that the student must create a person in this “world” that simulate a pregraduate student (architecture). This person must survive and create some branding around his name to learn how the things in the real world can be. • You are going to be evaluated by income, prestige and by the type of work you are doing
  4. 4. “ADOPT YOUR PREGRADUATE” PROGRAM • The idea is that every professional in the country can adopt a pregraduate as his assistant for six months at least. With this, the student can learn some abilities, tips and tricks about the job in the real world. • If you are a professional and adopt an student, the government can give you, as gratitude, a redemption of taxes. (not exactly like this type of goodfather but you got the idea  )
  5. 5. TESTING My two favorites solutions Run a simulation for one year
  6. 6. RUN A SIMULATION FOR ONE YEAR (AT LEAST) • I’ve created a “person” within SecondLife, the profile is the following: • Name: ArchitectTest • Years Old: 22 yo • Characteristics: New Architect in town, is the new kid in town and wants to learn everything about the profession • In order to test it: • I’ve shared the profile with a architect student and I’m running the second life profile.
  10. 10. RUN A SIMULATION FOR ONE YEAR (AT LEAST) • Some Important things to notice • Very hard to get going and understand the software • Once you have your profile loaded, you have to convince other to interact with you and most people is running away from their real life so, pretty hard to interact • We are getting a lot of request for other type of activities within that world, like sports, games, adult related activities, etc. So, is not easy to propose an activity like interact around architecture. • Requires a lot of time to know people, tell them your intentions within that world and not to say that most of them are there for many other reasons. • Finally, I found a group interested in art and architecture so I was able to interact, get their feedback and recommendations, but I don’t know them, so I’m not sure if I’m getting the right feedback
  11. 11. RUN A SIMULATION FOR ONE YEAR (AT LEAST) • Final reflection • Despite the fact that I enjoy games, and this is pretty much like a game, I’m not enjoying SecondLife at all, so, I’m thinking in not continue with this experiment, honestly, is not working. • Now, when I found a community that was interested in art and architecture (in fact, they created a world that emulates Paris mixed with London); it was very interesting to listen their opinions so, I came with several conclusions that may help in other cases • SecondLife didn’t work, but the sense of a broader community that help you with some tips and tricks about the real world when graduate is very useful. • You can adapt this idea and create a kind of worldwide community that give you some advice and parenting with questions of how to present and sell your ideas, also with some financial advice. • I will reframe my idea, and I will try to adapt my observations, the sense of community between students and professional could be worthy.
  12. 12. TESTING My two favorites solutions Adopt your pregraduate program
  13. 13. “ADOPT YOUR PREGRADUATE” PROGRAM • I didn’t find an architecture student and professional so I run this test as myself as the mentor • I got this idea from one of my youngest brother’s friends so I volunteer as his grandfather before graduate. • Notes: • Student name: Daniel Ochoa • 22 years old • He is going to graduate from computer science in 2014 • Two meetings in the last week
  14. 14. “ADOPT YOUR PREGRADUATE” PROGRAM • Some Important things to notice • This idea was very nice. • The student was very open and thankful for my time talking about my experience and giving him some advice • At the very beginning we just talked without any structure, so, it was very weird but as we continue talking, it was very nice • We plan for one hour meeting and both meeting were 2 hours longer at least. • He was very interested in the subject and actually is asking me for additional meetings so I’m planning to do an additional two and invite him to my office.
  15. 15. “ADOPT YOUR PREGRADUATE” PROGRAM • Final reflection • This idea worked great, it was very nice and helpful for me too. • It was very useful conversation, not just for him but also for me, we were discussing about work but also around some trends. • As my final relection, this idea is very nice if we can take it to the next level and I think that we can add the following point • Help the student to find a new job by talking with contacts and friends that the grandfather has and making some recommendations. • Give to the talks some structure, In order to cover all the topics. At the beginning of my conversations we were very random, no structure, so, in the second one, we figure it out an agenda and we cover all the topics. • The students are not clear about how to work or the money the should as for, this is an important topic that I discovered and that should be covered in their courses, the value o their time.