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Traditional Enterprise to OpenStack Cloud - An Unexpected Journey


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Hostworks is a part of the Inabox group and an Australian based Managed Hosting and Services Provider with a strong background in management of infrastructure, servers, and applications following Traditional Enterprise management practices. 2 years ago, we began our transition to adopt and deploy cloud technologies and mindsets with an on On-Premises OpenStack platform as part of a larger hybrid cloud offering. This presentation details how we did it, what went wrong, and what went right, important lessons and recommendations for other businesses who wish to follow the same path.

Speaker Bio:
Daniel is Platform Engineer at Hostworks and specialises in their On-Premises OpenStack cloud offering.

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Traditional Enterprise to OpenStack Cloud - An Unexpected Journey

  1. 1. ABOUT ME DANIEL RUSSELL Platform Engineer 9 Years at Hostworks 2.5 Years OpenStack Sys Admin
  3. 3. DRIVE TO CHANGE Guerrilla programmers in the midst Cost of disposable cloud less after initial pain
  4. 4. THE START Price control Easier integration to existing tools Flexible colo for our customers CloudStack vs. OpenStack
  5. 5. THE COMPLETION BEER Stone Imperial Russian Stout Brewed by Stone Brewing Style: Imperial Stout (Top 50) Escondido, California USA Serve in Snifter Overall Style100 99 BA SCORE 96 World-class 8,359 Ratings THE BROS 93 Outstanding
  6. 6. VENDORS Vendors are keen Pre-sales catching up on OpenStack Be suspicious. Check the detail Stick with OpenStack ‘defaults’ unless you need a feature
  7. 7. CODE MANAGEMENT You will need to integrate code from upstream to fix bugs Do not make your own patches (unless you push it upstream) Features are merged to master quickly
  8. 8. MINDSET SHIFT Pets vs Cattle Traditional vs OpenStack Servers vs Functions Role blending
  9. 9. Systems Virtualisation Network App O/SVirt Network
  10. 10. Systems OpenStack Network App O/SVirt Network
  11. 11. OPERATIONS Automate! Non-PROD environments! Docker + ELK OSOps maybe in the future
  12. 12. THE LAUNCH
  13. 13. HOW WAS THE BEER? No idea Critical to keep up to date
  14. 14. WHERE ARE WE NOW? Time from customer idea to customer have gone from 1 week to 5 minutes More customers interested all the time We trigger our own DDoS detectors
  15. 15. QUESTIONS