[Mobile Day HCM] Lessons Learn from Top Mobile App in Vietnam


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  • DỊCH VỤ THIẾT KẾ POWERPOINT (Thiết kế profile cho doanh nghiệp--- Thiết kế Brochure--- Thiết kế Catalogue--- slide bài giảng--- slide bài phát biểu---slide bài TIỂU LUẬN, LUẬN VĂN TỐT NGHIỆP--- dạy học viên thiết kế powerpoint…)-----(Giá từ 8.000 đ - 10.000 đ/1trang slide)------ Mọi chi tiết vui lòng liên hệ với chúng tôi: điện thoại 0973.764.894 hoặc zalo 0973.764.894 (Miss. Huyền) ----- • Thời gian hoàn thành: 1-2 ngày sau khi nhận đủ nội dung ----- Qui trình thực hiện: ----- 1. Bạn gửi nội dung cần thiết kế về địa chỉ email: dvluanvan@gmail.com ----- 2. DỊCH VỤ THIẾT KẾ POWERPOINT báo giá chi phí và thời gian thực hiện cho bạn ----- 3. Bạn chuyển tiền tạm ứng 50% chi phí để tiến hành thiết kế ----- 4. Gửi file slide demo cho bạn xem để thống nhất chỉnh sửa hoàn thành. ----- 5. Bạn chuyển tiền 50% còn lại. ----- 6. Bàn giao file gốc cho bạn.
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  • Thanks authors for great presentation. It helped me to understand more why some apps is on top while others is not.
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[Mobile Day HCM] Lessons Learn from Top Mobile App in Vietnam

  1. 1. Lessons learn from top mobileapplication in VietnamSome outstanding points
  2. 2. Introduction Tran Vinh Quang (aka QuangRock) 8 years experience in mobile sector in Vietnam Sale/Marketing/Business Development/Management COO Appota corporation Founded in December 2011, “Most disruptive” price for enterprise in FI network2012 Deliver Mobile Content Largest Deliver Mobile Content platform for Smartphone in Vietnam Total developer support system: SDK, Payment, CMS, Ads… Largest smartphone users in Vietnam: over 7.6M (iOS: 4.8M, 2.7M Android) In corporation with Milles developers and deliver 2000+ apps/games Over 200 apps reach over 200M VND in monthly revenues
  3. 3. Content Market info Lessons learn from top mobile application inVietnam Q&A Contact
  4. 4. 3(*) Vietnam VAS 2013 Market size (est): ~ 15 000 billions VND dongMarket info
  5. 5. 4(*) Total games/apps in VN: > 15k published app/game for iOS, Android, WPFROM 2008Market info
  6. 6. 4LESSON LEARNSimple Creating app to serve only 1 simple demand Branding (if your team do outsourcing, having1 app on Top is the clearest evidence for yourcapacity)Perfect forone simpledemand
  7. 7. 4LESSON LEARNFocus Creat an app/game and focus on it Game based on celebrity Good segment (Kid, Game)Over 5MDownloadup to now
  8. 8. 4LESSON LEARNRighttime Right time (have not any professional app atthis time) Meet user and segment psychology Reasonable pricing model : $4.99, $3.99.$0.99At least25k paytodownload
  9. 9. 4LESSON LEARNFollowevent Tet Festival:no one don’t mind to pay 15k VND Funny and bring fun to the others Good monetization Model : IAP (in-apppurchase)At least100kdownloadsRevenuemore than500M
  10. 10. 4LESSON LEARNClassic Familiar gameplay & image (design) Simple and not time- comsuming game rule FUN & JOY«Ship shoot» by Twin Dragons & Gold Miner Ultimate by Afoli
  11. 11. 4LESSON LEARNNichemarket Less competition Small segment but big demand (No parentsregret 10.000 VND to buy a video for theirchildren)Trial & buy full or unlock full
  12. 12. 4LESSONConsistent Dig deep and do best : USER EXPERIENCE Product is No 1 priority Consistent, more money will come later (wecan do anything with large number of users)
  13. 13. 4SUMMARY Idea IS NOT important, the importance is MAKE IT HAPPEN. Don’t creat your favourite product. Creat user’s favourite product Content is the KING, user is the QUEEN (treat the user as thequeen : cherish, care…) Try to do multi-platform and maximize your opportunity Choose a segment & focus on doing the best product servingthem (pay attention to the time) Try to listen and receive (don’t think you are GOOD) Creat a product that you want to pay for Do not waste the opportunity and resources, there is not muchchance
  14. 14. Over 8 millions smartphone users is waiting foryour productsDevelopper system: http://dev.appota.comEmail: biz@appota.comHotline: (+84 - 4) 35 19 16 18Adress: 4F, Building 11 (LE Building)Alley 71, Lang Ha st., Ba Dinh Dist., Hanoi, VietnamPLEASE CONTACT US!THANK YOU11Deliver Mobile ContentFastest & Most effective