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Marketing Mobile App

  1. 1. Marketing Mobile AppSome tips to save money for small and premium developer
  2. 2. Introduction1 Tran Vinh Quang (aka QuangRock) 8 years experience in mobile sector in Vietnam Sale/Marketing/Business Development/Management COO Appota Corporation Founded in December 2011, “Most disruptive” price for enterprise in FI network2012 Deliver Mobile Content Largest Deliver Mobile Content platform for Smartphone in Vietnam Total developer support system: SDK, Payment, CMS, Ads… Largest smartphone users in Vietnam: over 7.6M (iOS: 4.8M, 2.7M Android) In corporation with Milles developers and deliver 2000+ apps/games Over 200 apps reach over 200tr in monthly revenues
  3. 3. Content2 Market information 5 strategies “Delicious-Useful-Cheap-Quick-Healthy” Q&A Contact
  4. 4. Market information3(*) Vietnam VAS 2013 Market size (est): ~ 15 mille billions dong
  5. 5. Market information4(*) Total game/app in VN: > 15k published app/game for iOS, Android, WPFROM 2008
  6. 6. 5 strategies: Delicious5 Make advantage of the apps impressions => POLISH your images of app(sparkling, cute…) Change apperance of your apps regularly (screenshot, description, avartar,wallpaper…) Interesting content description would make your Apps more attractive andimpressive when people share download link on Facebook (preview)So Delicious that everyone wants to dowload
  7. 7. 5 strategies: Useful6Make use of free share channels Make use of free share channel Forums: tinhte,, game8, vn-zoom, gocmobile, gamevn… Game sharing websites: heaveniphone, apkvn,… Review game blogs: playpark, toiyeumobile… Organize the small events for communitySHARESHARESHAREInformation spreadwidelyIncrease conversationIncrease talking aboutIncrease loyal fans /potential userUseful(*) people always share something “useful”
  8. 8. 5 strategies: Cheap7Advertising is not only for big companies Share ads, cross - ads Ads on the quality communities (playpark, gocmobile, tinhte, gsm…) Direct ads to the most accurate targets who spend much time on using apps Using CPM with a good message will receive many clicks FB ads would bring a big impressions with high viral ability Use in-app advertising Change ads type regularly to estimate the effect of each channel: SAVE MONEY(Attention: about Marketing theory): You just need to focus on a small targeted users, this segment will become viral
  9. 9. 5 strategies: QUICK8Use social network to put product information QUICKESTin the market Update quickly the new product information QUICK Interoperability (collect feedbacks) Organise the good interactive contest Creat the first and loyal users for upcoming product
  10. 10. 5 strategies: HEALTHY9Corporate with distributors: HEALTHY Co-operate with as many distributors as possible “Don’t eat alone, eating a small piece of a big cake is better than eating a big pieceof a small cake” Co-operate to exploit and concentrate in what you can do the best
  11. 11. Some more tips10 Add Google Analytics into your app for tracking active user/conversation Promote App in the different App Store Focus on Making Your App Appealing Submit App to iPhone/Android Review Sites Use social network and website Banner Ads Build social /sharing features directly into your app. Comment on what is happening right now (on FB fan page/twitter/website/feedback…) Localize the description of your app in the App Store or localize by country Send out pre-release builds of the app to key bloggers/influence people/famous… Use money wisely for small advertisement and change quickly Treat your first customers like the GOD & listen to them Cross-promote your app with other apps that you’ve also built Distribution as much as you can (revenue sharing, free published) Final tip: take every opportunity to sell the dream (I mean your app)
  12. 12. Over 8 millions smartphone users is waiting for yourproductsEmail: biz@appota.comPLEASE CONTACT US!THANK YOU11Deliver Mobile ContentFastest & Most effective