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Learning English- Plus Two - It’s easier SAID THAN DONE

This deck was prepared for using at a seminar at Mahatma College, Cheruvannur. It was delivered before a group of Plus XII students who failed in English many times. So some interesting ways of learning had to be discussed based on the syllabus prescribed. The session was made using the prescribed study material on women empowerment.

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Learning English- Plus Two - It’s easier SAID THAN DONE

  1. 1. It’s EASIER Said than done. Learning English Babu Appat
  2. 2. Learning English is not EASY It’s not tough either
  3. 3. You Can Make it Interesting
  4. 4. Chose topics of interest • Daily dose of reading • Time of reading • Topic/subject of reading • Daily dose of Writing • Daily dose of Speaking • Daily dose of listening • Observing and questioning
  5. 5. Auto Learners
  6. 6. Some ways to make it interesting 1. Ask questions Normally we get questions from others and we try to answer it and learning becomes tougher. Now you prepare your questions and find write your answers to your own questions
  7. 7. Try this paragraph
  8. 8. Try this paragraph
  9. 9. Casual Debate Post Lunch free time, Assemble in the class and Choose a topic of common interest. Form two team A B and a Monitor Debate seriously Record everything, Choose a feasible frequency
  10. 10. Steps for better comprehension • Read carefully • Think what you have understood • Read again while you underline the tough words • Look up the dictionary • Write down the most suitable meaning underneath the paragraph • Read again and think how better is your understanding now
  11. 11. Steps for better comprehension The new Plus Two (XII) text books have been prepared by the Kerala State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT). Those who have not received the new text books can download the pdf versions available from this page for reference. The Reference for the first & Second chapter available here till the text book distribution is completed. Click the below link and refer the new text book for Higher Secondary Second Year (Plus Two) for better comprehension.
  12. 12. Can I ask you some questions? 1. What is the expansion of SCERT? 2. What is meant by pdf? Expand it. 3. One sentence in this paragraph is grammatically inaccurate which sentence and how? 4. Better comprehension- What is that?
  13. 13. Let’s do another exercise
  14. 14. Some ways to make it interesting 2. Think out of the box Think of an incident you witnessed where women Were discriminated from getting their Think of an old social ritual of gender discrimination (use mobile CS to continue, Mathrubhumi)
  15. 15. Some ways to make it interesting 2. Before going for a detailed study of a lesson think of your present knowledge of that topic. Simply write down whatever you know about that topic After doing the lesson thoroughly with the help of your teacher, read the paragraph you have written Think of ways to better it on your own and Write down paragraph on the new ideas you gained
  16. 16. New Lesson:
  17. 17. IMPORTANT • Check the spelling of the author’s name • Write the points you have understood • Try Speaking about it publicly • Can you write a stanza like that on any theme?
  18. 18. My Version Men are weathered and strong Men protects the world And men works very hard Men bring home honey and make life sweeter.
  19. 19. A mother’s prayer “Take me not, till the children grow” Can you explain what does it mean?
  20. 20. Think out of the box About Katharine Tynan Hinkson Prolific Irish author of more than a hundred novels, numerous poems, and five autobiographical works. Her publications include Three Fair Maids, or the Burkes of Derrymore; The Land of Mist and Mountain; and Philippa's Lover. Before Fame She was associated with the Celtic Revival Movement, which sought to resurrect classic Irish literature and values. Trivia Her Irish Catholic family all but disowned her for marrying a Protestant barrister. Distancing herself from her roots, she pursued her literary career in England. Family Life She was born on a County Dublin dairy farm as the seventh child of Andrew Cullen Tynan. Associated With She was a close associate of William Butler Yeats. Rumor has it that the two may have been engaged at one point.
  21. 21. Jim Corbett
  22. 22. Listening • 9xY5E
  23. 23. Narrative Skills Can you narrate effectively the story of MATCHBOX in your own words? Who translated it into English?
  24. 24. Ashapurna Debi Gupta Most of her writings marked a spirited protest both for men and women, against the inequality and injustice stemming from the gender-based discrimination and narrowness of outlook ingrained in traditional Hindu society. Ashapurna Devi's stories lay threadbare the oppression women have to face and made a fervent appeal for a new social order, though not subscribing to the modern theoretical feminism of western mode. Her magnum opus, the trilogy Pratham Pratishruti (1964), Subarnolata (1967) and Bakul Katha (1974), symbolises an endless struggle for women to achieve equal rights.
  25. 25. Horegallu What do you understand by the word Horegallu?
  26. 26. Horegallu
  27. 27. Horegallu
  28. 28. Advertisement
  29. 29. Drink your tea to its lees?
  30. 30. Bit o’ grammar
  31. 31. Bit o’ grammar
  32. 32. Bit o’ grammar
  33. 33. Bit o’ grammar
  34. 34. Public Speaking Skill Can you prepare a speech on women empowerment and deliver it effectively?
  35. 35. Lemme remind you Read everyday Prepare your own notes Develop them to paragraphs Try delivering speeches Watch movies and listen to speeches Observe everything keenly Learn on your own YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL