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Week of september 30 th


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Published in: Education
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Week of september 30 th

  2. 2. Sponge 1. Walk in quietly 2. Pick up your notebook 3. Answer the sponge question If you could be any famous person, which one would you be and why?
  3. 3. English 9 1. Review terms you are expected to know 2. Review the story, The Interlopers 3. Begin note taking activity for your paper -Review the whole Interloper paper (structure) 4. Complete notes 5. Do Learning Inventory before you leave 6. Please hand in Inventory
  4. 4. English 10 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Review terms you need to know Finish Widow story Turn to page 439 Answer questions 1-9 (you have 15 minutes) Turn in before you leave Turn to page 443 Write down the definition for Theme and Character’s attitudes 8. Read Civil Peace (no reader’s log) –Track 2
  5. 5. Sponge Wednesday, October 2nd 1. Walk in quietly 2. Pick up notebook 3. Sit down and answer sponge questionWhere will you be 10 years from now and what will you be doing? Career? Family?
  6. 6. English 9 Wednesday We are in the process of writing an analytical paper. 1. Review writing unit 2. Review notes- you need quotes from the story 3. Small group-pair share/whole group discussion 4. Review outline 5. Begin filling out outline -This is an individual assignment -NO talking—we need to think!
  7. 7. English 10 Wednesday Today 1. Discuss theme- Civil Peace 2. Reader’s Log for Masque of the Red Death 3. Begin reading story 4. Practice terms
  8. 8. Masque Reader’s Log Open to page 80 Connect: What do you think about gated communities? Background: Read the paragraph and write down the most interesting and important sentence. Literary analysis: Write down the definitions for symbol and setting. Reading strategy: Define Identifying context clues Vocabulary: create an Immersed in Words chart
  9. 9. Immersed in words chart Word August Piquancy Arabesque Cessation Disapprobation habilments Experience What it isn’t Definition Picture
  10. 10. Sponge Thursday 1. Walk in quietly 2. Pick up your notebook 3. Sit down and answer the sponge question If you had one super power, what would it be? Flying? Super strength?
  11. 11. English 9 Thursday 1. Review writing unit a. notes b. outline 2. Complete outline 3. Monitor behavior 4. Begin writing rough draft if you are ready to do so
  12. 12. English 10 Thursday 1. Finish Masque of the Red Death 2. Take test YOU MAY USE YOUR NOTE BOOK AND ASSIGNMENT NOTES ONLY. NO TEXT BOOK!