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Candle Lights & Virgil: Day 4


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Candle Lights & Virgil: Day 4

  1. 1. Day 4 begins with Virgil having a lovely breakfast of turkey…alone. Virgil: This is supposed to be about me isn’t it? I would think so honey…
  2. 2. Soon enough the girls traipse downstairs to join him for breakfast. Virgil: Biro, I almost forgot you were here still. Biro: Is that a crack at me? Virgil: Umm, yeah… Polly: He means you’re never here spending time with him.
  3. 3. Biro: I’m here…Isabella: I do believe the prince feels slighted by your inattentions. Biro: Huh? Aphrodite: You ignore him. Biro: Oh, well why didn’t you just say that?
  4. 4. Virgil: So you should be stepping it up if you want to stay here. Biro: Okay, okay, message received… I get it. Isabella: Is that not what I said? Biro: …
  5. 5. The rest of the morning was taken up by the first official game of Whap in the front yard. Another one of Virgil’s tests to see if the girls have what it takes to stick with him. Virgil: INCOMING!!!
  6. 6. Aphrodite: AHH!! NOO!! Not the face!! Virgil: I warned you. Aphrodite: This is worse than your chess cheating.Virgil: Where’s the fun in playing nice?
  7. 7. So he tried it on Polly too. Virgil: Hey…you have a mean sister, I thought this would par for the course for you. Polly: *death glare of death* Virgil: Maybe not…Free will, I loves it. But sadly it was time to get down to business, namely the return of the proper 12 noon eliminations. Can you guess who went?
  8. 8. If you said Biro, you gets a virtual cookie. Cupid: Welcome back.Biro: Gee thanks, it’s so not nice to be here. Cupid: So…thoughts?
  9. 9. Biro: My heart just wasn’t in it I suppose… Cupid: Why not? Biro: Umm, I really think I prefer girls.Cupid: Oh…well that would be a big reason why it didn’t work. Biro: I had two moms.
  10. 10. Biro: Say, Love God, you know any hot girls for me?Cupid: Umm, I could give it whirl I suppose. But not until the challenge is over. You get the same choice as the others though, stay playable or become a Townie. Biro: Hmm, Townie Land sounds cool. I might do that. Cupid: You don’t have to choose right here and now.
  11. 11. Biro: I know, but that’s what I want.Cupid: I like a girl who knows what she wants. Biro: So…I can’t go now? Cupid: No, not until the challenge is over. Biro: Bummer.
  12. 12. Speaking of which… Day 4 is a Share Interests one-on-one with the girls. This is another chance to see who has the drive to go all the way. First up is Aphrodite.Virgil: So the paper says we have to share interests, I find robotics fascinating, all the little mechanisms and wiring…real fun. How about you? Aphrodite: Robots? Not so much no…
  13. 13. Aphrodite: In fact, definitely not. They’re creepy.Virgil: What? Oh come on…really? I thought we’d have something in common. Aphrodite: I’m sorry?
  14. 14. Virgil: Well damn… *sad face*Sad face is so cute, yet so heartbreaking at the same time…I had to take a shot of it. My poor heir…
  15. 15. Virgil tried Miranda next. His topic of choice: Fashion.Virgil: Miranda…you appreciate a nice outfit ensemble right? I love that jean dress thing you wear.Miranda: I am Knowledge; I don’t really pay much attention to that sort of thing.
  16. 16. Miranda: Oh no are you one of those fashion chic rich boys?? Oh…Virgil: I just don’t know what to say. I try and make conversation, be nice, open with a compliment…I hate this not being me thing.
  17. 17. Virgil: What’s a guy gotta do to carry on a legacy here?His defeated face; another cute Virgil thing…will that hurt their chances?
  18. 18. He has two more shots though, odds are one of them has to agree with him. Virgil: Polly, thoughts on environmental concerns? Polly: Umm…
  19. 19. Polly: No dice. Virgil: Well shit…Oh noes…one more chance…
  20. 20. Virgil: Isabella, don’t disappoint me too. I need to know how you feel on the level ofmagic here in Hidden City, if you’re going to stay here with me it’s best that you get it out now. Isabella: Magic my Lord? What sort of magicks? Virgil: I’m a god, so godly magic, creature magic, this place is filled with it.
  21. 21. Isabella: I’m afraid my Lord, that the only magicks I am familiar with are those of the Djinn. Do you have them here? Virgil: Djinn, yes. Ask Aiden about them, he’ll tell you a whole story. Isabella: I would much rather talk to you my Lord. Virgil: Really? Wow, was no expecting that.
  22. 22. Virgil: In that case let me tell you what happened to the ghosts of my ancestors, it’s much better than whatever Aiden would tell you. Isabella: I would very much like to hear it my Lord. Virgil: Finally!! Someone who gets me on some level.
  23. 23. So with that, Day 4 comes to a close. A 25% success with the Share Interests proved that perhaps the other three might want to reconsider their approach to Virgil. So while he gets back to his favourite college past time, let’s see the stats for Day 4. 
  24. 24. Who made up ground and who lost it? Let’s see: 1. Aphrodite: 113  Friend Zone finally breached!! 2. Polly: 82 Moar Friend Zone 3. Miranda: 70  A third.4. Isabella: 72  No Friend Zone for her, maybe the games of Whap had something to do with the highest scores. 5. Biro: 34  Ouch. But…them’s the breaks right?And that’s all for Day 4, tomorrow gets really interesting who will finally throw those coveted pink hearts? The “Kiss Romantic” of the three who will be left after noon tomorrow will determine who will stay and who will go. Until then!!