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Dawson checklist presentation


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Checklist Analysis for Risk Identification Powerpoint Presentation
Project Management

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Dawson checklist presentation

  1. 1. Angela DawsonProject Risk ManagementPRM 614Saint Mary’s University of MinnesotaJune 10, 2013
  2. 2. PurposeSamples and TechniquePro’s and ConsA fun wrap-up exercise
  3. 3. • Risk analysis tool used to identify risks• The practice standards refers to checklists as a “creativitytechnique” (PMI, 2008)• Checklists serve as a source of historical review• Checklists establish a projects’ documentation• Helps identify data/information/studies from similar projects orsimilar organizationsThe purpose of Checklists inRisk Management
  4. 4. A checklist can be presented in the form of a questionnaireExample:• Have Is the budget confirmed?Checklists Risk Management –Samples and Techniques
  5. 5. A checklist can be used with the RBSExample:• Checklists structured around the RBS help identify risks relevantto the project.ChecklistsRisk Management – Samples and Techniques
  6. 6. A checklist can be added to and sourced from a databaseChecklistsRisk Management – Samples and Techniques
  7. 7. • Review the checklists• Answer the questions• Apply or communicate the guidanceChecklist AnalysisApplication
  8. 8. Checklist Pros:Low use requirementsnot budget reliantFlexible tool with broad applicabilityEase of useHigh accuracy rateChecklist AnalysisPros
  9. 9. Checklist Cons:• It is impossible to list all risks• The quality of the checklist depends on the data input in the list• The checklist can discourage original thinkingChecklist AnalysisCons
  10. 10. Exercise & Wrap UpTesting our understanding
  11. 11. Checklists are flexible tools
  12. 12. Checklists support budget submittal
  13. 13. Checklists are expensive to utilize
  14. 14. What risk management tool can be used asa checklist?
  15. 15. Your thoughtful feedback is appreciated!
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