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Testing Tools: Qualtrics, BlackBoard, and Respondus


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A workshop on some of the testing and survey tools available at Purdue, including Qualtrics for anonymous surveys, BlackBoard for classroom testing, and Respondus for importing text documents into BlackBoard as tests.

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Testing Tools: Qualtrics, BlackBoard, and Respondus

  1. 1. AnastasiaTrekles, Ph.D.
  2. 2.  Use Qualtrics for surveys and anonymous assessments  Use Blackboard for graded assessments and tests  Use Respondus to import tests from MicrosoftWord or other text formats into BlackBoard
  3. 3.   Log in with your Purdue career account  They just updated their interface!You now have a choice between classic and new views  Detailed and helpful tutorials:  New “Insight Platform”: qualtrics  Classic platform:
  4. 4.  Great for anonymous surveys, research, feedback, and voting  A link is provided that you can send to anyone to complete the survey  Reports are detailed and can be analyzed in a number of ways  More help and manuals:
  5. 5.  Use the Create Project button at the top right to create a new survey  Once you’re editing a survey you have a toolbar of options  Survey: Content and design  Distribution: Get your link and other settings  Data & Analysis: Analyze your data collected  Reports: Download reports of results
  6. 6.  Qualtrics offers many different types of questions, everything from basic multiple choice to matrixes, ranking, and more  Additional options are available for timing, custom validation, and skip logic
  7. 7.  Can be mobile-capable or browser-only  Can be supported through Respondus LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor  You can create tests from scratch or import from RespondusTest Generator (or other tools)  Test exceptions settings allow different options for different students (like extra time)  See
  8. 8.  Edit theTest Options - check your settings  Do NOT turn on Force Completion!  UseTest Availability Exceptions for make-ups and accommodations  Auto-Submit is ok – forces the student to stop when timer ends  Decide on options for how and whether students can receive feedback
  9. 9.  Not all test questions can be automatically scored (like essays)  Use the left-hand sidebar and choose Needs Grading to view when new work has been turned in  Alternately, in the Full Grade Center, ungraded work submitted will have a “!” icon
  10. 10.  Allows you to see all grades at a glance – works like a spreadsheet  You can create columns for various purposes, including calculated columns  Use the Manage button to change column organization  Use the “arrow-menus” to change settings, view and edit grades
  11. 11.  Respondus is a company that makes a couple of products, including the lockdown browser and a test generator  The test generator is the one we typically refer to as just “Respondus”  Its job is to help you import fromWord or textbook publisher formats into BlackBoard
  12. 12.  Respondus is available by request to all faculty  Contact the Helpdesk (x5511)  Visit ndus/ to request your copy and license key  License key is updated yearly on July 31 so you must request every year!  Windows only – not Mac compatible
  13. 13.  You can import tests fromWord documents or from a publisher database online if your textbook has one  Tests must be formatted in a certain way to be properly recognized  Once your test is ready, you can export directly to your BlackBoard course from the Respondus program
  14. 14. (NOTE: Do not useWord auto-formatting for your numbers!) 1. What color is the sky? *A. blue B. Red C. Purple 2.True or false: PNW has three campuses. A.True *B. False
  15. 15. Type: F Title:Who invented the telephone? 1. Who held the first patent for the invention of the telephone? A. AlexanderGraham Bell B. Bell C. Alexander Bell D. alexander graham bell
  16. 16.  How to format many types of questions: kb/Formatting+guide+for+importing+different+ question+types+into+Respondus  Steps to importing questions (with sampleWord document): 2011/import-questions-word/  Uploading exams into BlackBoard: s7RQ&
  17. 17. Reach us at:   for all workshop notes, links, and training needs