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Attach a image to the requisition line in iprocurement


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A Step by step process in attaching a Image in Iprocurement at Requisition line level..

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Attach a image to the requisition line in iprocurement

  1. 1. STEPS IN ATTACHING IMAGE TO A REQUISITION LINE IN IPROCUREMENTLog into Oracle Applications 11.5.10.Navigate to the iprocurement Responsibility:As you login to iprocurement Click on the tab SHOP:Click on Non-Catalog Request and enter the information required. Then Press Add to Cart Button.
  2. 2. Now, Press Clear All button and repeat the above step again adding another item to the cart:Now, Press Add to Cart to enter the second item to shopping cart:Press the View Cart and checkout in the right hand corner:You will be directed to the following screen:Press the Checkout button in the screen
  3. 3. In the Checkout Page, at the bottom press the button Edit Lines shown below:The following screen pops up when you hit the Edit Lines button, notice the link for Attachments in thebottom. Click on the Attachments link
  4. 4. When you click on Attachments the following screen shows up:
  5. 5. Notice under the Attachments, there is a PLUS SIGN which enables us to add the attachments requiredfor that requisition line. Click on the plus sign and add the images.Now you can see the attachments added to the requisition lines: Press the Return button at the bottom
  6. 6. You will be directed to the below screen,Press the Next button and it takes you to the ApproverInformation screen.Add the approver by pressing Add Approver button in the below screen and click NextIt will take you to the Review and Submit screen as shown below, you can press the Submit button atthe corner:
  7. 7. As soon as you press the submit button the following message shows up:So, go to the Requisition tab which is at the right hand corner:
  8. 8. Select the Requisition you just created and click on the requisition number:Go to the Details Screen and expand the SHOW ADDITIONAL DETAILS. You can see the attachment.