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Ground breakingceremony csr-ptcsi


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Hari Kamis (6/12) dilaksanakan peletakan batu pertama pembangunan gedung kelas baru SDN Karangbaru 06 Cikarang Utara yang juga merupakan bagian dari program CSR PT Cameron Services International

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Ground breakingceremony csr-ptcsi

  1. 1. Cover graphic should fill and not exceed the defined grey box. Ground Breaking Ceremony : New ClassRoom SDN Karangbaru 06 Cikarang Utara LOCAL COMMUNITY INITIATIVE PT.CAMERON SERVICES INTERNATIONAL
  2. 2. Groundbreaking Ceremony OverviewOn Thursday (6/12) We have arranged ground breaking ceremony for build newclassroom and renovation of SDN Karangbaru 06 Cikarang Utara which locatedonly around 1 km from our office, as a part of our Local Community InitiativeProgram.This Ceremony start from 10.00 AM and from our office PT Cameron ServicesInternational As representative Attended Mr.Irham Nusaly (Regional SalesManager), Mr.Edwin Tedjakusuma (Operational Manager),Mr,Mariono (Project Manager), Mr.Febrian Kurniadji (HRD Manager), MR.AmrilTaufik Gobel (Supply Chain Specialist), Mr.Ichwan Ridwan (Project staff),Mr.Yamin (Technician) and Ms.Sally (Administration staff) .Beside that, all school teacher, student and representative of student’s parentsattend at this occasion. Chief of Parents Representative Mr.H.M Syafei AlHariri,Spd , Supervisor of Education Department Cikarang Utara Mr.Tisto Jumeno,Spdand Representative of Chief Village Mr.Abdul Haris, also come to this ceremony.Total attendee around 80 people. .
  3. 3. Groundbreaking Ceremony Location (Behind of the school)
  4. 4. Speech from Mr.Ahmad Sartono (School Headmaster) : “Local Community Initiative from PT CSI especially build new classroom and renovation will be very much help to make our student learning more comfortable and will increase their capability. Our plan new class room will be finish within 45 days. Thank you PT CSI ".© 2011 PT Geographe Energy Indonesia Proprietary and Confidential.
  5. 5. Speech from Chief of ParentRepresentative Mr. .HM SyafeiAlHariri, Spd :“I hope this program result can beutilized properly and could increasequality of school because it will bedetermined by adequate facilities andquality of educator.As parents representative I’d like tosay many thanks for PT CSI to initiateLocal Community Program to SDNKarangbaru 06”
  6. 6. Speech Supervisor of EducationDepartment Cikarang Utara Mr.TistoJumeno,Spd :Program held PT CSIs really veryhelpful with government programsespecially for education. Assistanceprovided will have a significant impactto the development of education,especially in Cikarang.Salute and thank you very muchPT.CSI !
  7. 7. Speech from Representativeof Village Chief (CikarangUtara) Mr.Abdul Haris :“As the leader of this region,we strongly supportLocal Community Initiative fromPT CSI and will be help alladministration requirement orpermit to make sure thisprogram running smoothly
  8. 8. Amril Taufik Gobel (CSRHead Committee PT CameronServices International) :in addition to program ofrenovation and construction ofnew classroom building at SDNKarangbaru 06 we also plan toimplement the donation ofbooks, computer donations andscholarships which will behanded over during theinauguration later
  9. 9. Speech from Mr.Irham Nusaly(Regional Sales Manager) PTCameron Services International :This activity is a part of our groupcompanys commitment, Cameron, inimproving the quality of education,especially in schools that location are notfar from our office.Expected assistance provided could beutilized as much as possible
  10. 10. Mr.Irham Nusaly put cement and stone at groundbreaking ceremony in SDN Karangbaru 06
  11. 11. Chief of Village representative put cement and stone at new class room foundation prior to build new classroom© 2011 PT Geographe Energy Indonesia Proprietary and Confidential.
  12. 12. School Headmaster Mr.Ahmad put cement and stone at the new classroom foundation
  13. 13. Complete Picture you may see at link:• kanBatuPertamaPembangunanRuangKelasBaruSDNKarangb aru06Cikarang?authuser=0&feat=directlink
  14. 14. Thank You..