2nd Quarter Report 2009                                      LETTER FROM PRESIDENT                                      At...
2     MAIN STORYSchool-Wide ICT Implementation:Ticket to Jobs and Tool for Poverty Alleviationby Ron PerkinsonPresident, S...
3                                                                                  INTERNATIONALIZATIONSampoerna School Of...
4Sampoerna School of Education Scholar’s ProfileDreams of our teachers of tomorrow                        “To become a tea...
5Sampoerna AcademyBringing home global-standard educationSampoerna Academy is a senior high school equivalent with        ...
6                                                                    This quarter saw the selection of potential scholars ...
7Four South Sumatera regencies andmunicipalities support the Sampoerna Academy                           SF COO, Elan Merd...
8Sampoerna Academy Scholar’s ProfileStories of young leaders with unwavering spirit                     “Paving Small Step...
9Sampoerna Foundation ScholarsSF Scholars Win Competition at University of California, Berkeley              SF scholars M...
10NEW PARTNERS               PT Tambang Batubara Bukit Asam Tbk. (PTBA) is a state-owned company that aims to             ...
11Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia is a multinational corporation in the recordingindustry and is seen as the market lea...
12   LIST OF CONTRIBUTORS  CORPORATE CONTRIBUTORS                                                 RETAIL CONTRIBUTORS   De...
13Novana Kristi        Sapto Handoyo Sakti                 Vivi Tjandra Sindu                  Yenny IchsaniatyPoedji Chur...
14    PARTNERS’ HIGHLIGHTS                                      13Support for SF’s “A Dollar for Scholar” Program         ...
15Teacher Education and Training program in Aceh                   Credit Suisse’s VP of Community Investment Paul Angwin ...
161st Education Ambassador for SampoernaFoundation                                                                        ...
17SF’s First Teacher Development Programin LombokDeutsche Bank and Sampoerna Foundation (SF) announced                  qu...
18Standard Chartered’s Growing Supportfor EducationCustomer and employee programs to help reduce drop outs from schoolsCre...
19Teacher Training ProgramStandard Chartered Bank has been our teacher program part-                   Simon Morris stated...
20More Government Support on Our SchoolInternational ProgramSF Goes with the Ministry of Education on International Standa...
21                                                                                        NEWS & EVENTSSF’s Lunch Boasts T...
22“SAVE A TEEN, SAVE OUR FUTURE”SF launched fundraising activities with several financial institutions. Under the “SAVE A ...
23We also garnered the support from KEM CHICKS Supermarket to place donation boxes in their supermarkets for 6 months, sta...
24Maintaining media support foreducation programs                                  On 13 May 2009, MRA Media Group signed ...
25                                                                                         FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS CONTRIBUTI...
26Education Program Partners                                                       TOKO BUKU                             2...
27Student Loan PartnersStrategic AlliancesMedia PartnersInternship Provision Partnership                                  ...
Perangko BerlanggananKP: Jakarta Selatan 12000Izin No. 27/PRKB/JKS/Wilpos IV/2009                                         ...
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Putera Sampoerna Foundation Report Quarter 2 2009


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Putera Sampoerna Foundation Report Quarter 2 2009

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Putera Sampoerna Foundation Report Quarter 2 2009

  1. 1. 2nd Quarter Report 2009 LETTER FROM PRESIDENT At the Sampoerna Foundation, the 2nd quarter of 2009 was both a time of reinforce- TABLE OF CONTENTS ment and expansion where we have launched several new initiatives and worked with new and existing partners. Professionalism and accountability remained our ut- most priorities across our operations.Letter from PresidentMain Story : Concerted efforts by the Foundation were directed in planning and executing keySchool-Wide ICT Implementation: events such as the student selection and partner development of the Sampoerna Academy program. Aiming at the creation of a best practice school model of inter-Ticket to Jobs and Tool for Poverty national standards for academically outstanding students with economic barriers, theAlleviation Foundation has garnered the support of visionary partners for this cause. For example, new corporate partner such as PT Tambang Batubara Bukit Asam Tbk.Internationalization (PTBA) joins in the wagon. Existing partners continued to show outstanding commit-- Sampoerna School ment to this case. INDEX Furnishings for example, is donating quality furniture to the new SMA Negeri Internasional Sumatera Selatan as INDEX celebrates its first of Education anniversary at INDEX Arteri Pondok Indah. Also supporting education in Indonesia- Sampoerna Academy through SF is Standard Chartered Bank which offered their credit card holders the opportunity to trade point rewards with scholarship donations through SF. Standard- Teachers Chartered Bank is also supporting a training program for hundreds of teachers.- Scholars The recent inauguration of Gita Gutawa, one of Indonesia’s most talented and attrac- tive teenage stars, to become Sampoerna Foundation’s 1st Ambassador marks herPartners involvement in our “Save A Teen” program which is also Sony Music Entertainment- New Partners Indonesia’s dedication to education.- List of Contributors We bring other exciting news from scholars’ recruitment process of the Sampoerna- Partner’s Highlights Academy and the recently launched Sampoerna School of Education. On a final note, we would like to extend our utmost appreciation to our donors. WeNews & Events believe that their contribution will enable us to contribute more significantly in im-Financial Highlights proving Indonesia’s human resources through education.Partners Ron Perkinson President THE EDITORIAL TEAM Writers Yulin Febrina Laksmi Lestari Editors Alda Siregar Grace Sai Contributor Ron Perkinson Creative Designer Arrazi Naina
  2. 2. 2 MAIN STORYSchool-Wide ICT Implementation:Ticket to Jobs and Tool for Poverty Alleviationby Ron PerkinsonPresident, Sampoerna Foundation way interactions. We might see a decrease in school drop-out rates and an increase in tertiary education entrance. Second, teachers will feel more empowered in their ability to deliver engaging lessons, a feeling much needed in a teacher’s ca- reer. The possession of extra teaching methods and skills brings about the ability to trigger more ‘Aha!’s among students. Third, with all these combined, students will acquire higher order skills that are highly demanded in the workplace. When stu- dents are given the permission to explore on their own through ICT, they will start to develop unstructured cognitive thinking abilities (problem-solving and communication skills, and the ability to think and acquire knowledge independently) that will translate into higher employability in the future. In Indonesia, students often leave school with the habit of being told what to do, and often have difficulties adapting into the working envi- ronment. In 2008, as many as 4.5 million educated graduates are “fully unemployed”. On the contrary, Singapore has no significant graduate unemployment because it succeeded byThe use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) linking its education system very closely to research on labourto alleviate poverty in rural parts of the world is a widespread market’s needs, which includes computing and higher orderyet largely unevaluated development initiative. ICT is seen to thinking skills .be the ‘window to the world’ through the use of the internet,computers, telephone, televisions and the like. With all these benefits in mind, why has ICT not been imple- mented widely in Indonesia and other developing countries?School-wide ICT implementation is a concept that sounds easy, There are two main causes for this. First, the unaffordable costbut yet difficult enough in real application. However, it is the of communications services, and the lack of infrastructure in-only way where ICT can maximize results and be an enabler for vestment by telecommunication providers in rural regions pre-poverty alleviation. A school-wide approach requires the com- vent most people from usage. In a 2005/06 World Bank report,mitment of the school leadership team, teachers and school I attributed the failure for ICT to launch off to 3As: Access, Af-community (parents, private corporations, society at large) in fordability and Appropriateness of use. I used an example fromimplementing the use of ICT. One without the other will not sub-Saharan Africa where GDP per capita was at USD350-400work. This means that ICT will fail in a school which has a com- per year, while the service fee for broadband services was atputer lab but has neither trained teachers, nor feedback and USD720 per year. This translates to 100% of an individual’ssupport from the school community. annual lending just to have internet access. Second, even with the 3As in place, the lack of champions in rural communitiesA model where school-wide ICT is implemented successful- may prevent an entire village from using ICT. ICT-initiating indi-ly with burgeoning results is where ICT is interwoven into a viduals find a market need, champion the implementation, andschool’s curriculum, and not being an isolated course by it- create the momentum for growth needed in each community.self. This means that successful ICT usage is where teachersare trained to use ICT in their daily administrative work and For Indonesia to fully maximize the promise and potentiallessons, and where students are exposed to ICT as a tool for of ICT in its education system, the involvement of the schoolindependent learning. The curriculum created in schools must community at large is needed. Parents and corporations mustalso be localized to meet society’s needs and most importantly do their part in enabling and embedding ICT into a school’sand be of standards to meet the needs of employers in the na- curriculum. Local universities should assist in creating qualitytion’s economy. In all these efforts, the school’s leadership, be educational content for ICT. Best practices should be replicatedit the principal, a teacher champion or an ICT specialist, must to other schools nationwide. Only with all these stakeholdersbe supportive and constructive. playing active roles, will Indonesia unleash ICT’s full potential as the ticket out of poverty.The impact of this is multifold. First, students will be more in- 1terested and engaged in school lessons. Today’s generation of “4.5million Educated Unemployed”, Kompas, 22/08/08 2 “Widening Access to Quality Higher Education: the Role of Private Universities andchildren is savvier than all generations before. They are quick Open and Distance Learning”, Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro, 4-5 May 2006.in acquiring ICT skills and are excited when engaging in two- 3 “To be inserted”, World Bank Report, Ron Perkinson, 2005-06. 2nd Quarter Report 2009
  3. 3. 3 INTERNATIONALIZATIONSampoerna School Of EducationHunting for the best talents for Indonesia’s future teachers Our future teacher candidates posing together after their social projectIn this quarter, Sampoerna School of Education (SSE) is actively shortlisted 1,200 scholarship applicants to be the first batch ofstudents at SEE. These candidates were put to the test through SSE rigorous selection process that included psychological profiling,academic potential test, panel interview and focus group discussion. The tests aimed at selecting only the best for the program.Out of 1,200 applications, 400 potential scholarship recipients were selected. They came from all over Indonesia and were askedto undergo social activities in Depok and Plumpang. Home visits to the homes of short listed candidates were then conducted. Thisis to determine the candidates’ true need for financial aid.The SSE aims to prepare a new generation of Indonesian teachers with the attitudes, skills and knowledge to meet Indonesia’s21st century education challenges and opportunities. This will be achieved by selecting and enrolling the highest quality of indi-viduals, with sound academic and personal qualities to set high standards as future leaders in their profession. Graduates will beequipped with the highest order of teaching skills and quality practices that will make them in high demand for both their personalattributes and their professional teaching qualities.It is planned that in October this year, 100 selected scholars will enjoy 4-years-study program at SSE where they will go througheducation process, practical work and research program. The SSE graduates are prepared to become professional teacher whoare able to meet the needs of schools with international standards. 2nd Quarter Report 2009
  4. 4. 4Sampoerna School of Education Scholar’s ProfileDreams of our teachers of tomorrow “To become a teacher noble” Andi Firmansyah comes from a simple family. For 17 years he lived in a rented house in an area called Duri Kosambi, Cengkareng with his mother and his little sibbling. His father passed away six years ago and since then on, his mother worked as a masseuse and at a local laundry to fulfill family needs and to pay for Andi and his sibbling’s schooling. The latter did not continue on to high school and instead helped earn extra income to ease his mother’s burden. In school, Andi excelled in his study and had always received scholarships. Besides focusing on school work, Andi made use of his spare time by becoming a counselor for OSN participants at his school. Currently he is a volunteer teacher at the school for street children. Andi’s academic, organizational and social achievements is very outstanding. This is shown through several awards that Andi has received, such as: - Third Place National Flag Bearing (Paskibra) Competition, 2007 - Top-100 at the National Science Olympics (Olimpiade Sains Nasional/OSN) in the field of Physics - The Organizing Committee for the Monitoring of the National Elections 2009 His experiences as a counselor for OSN participants and as a volunteer teacher at the school for street children have strengthened his will to become a teacher. This is what led Andi to enroll at The Sampoerna School of Education majoring in Mathematics. He also shows this strong will by opting to enroll to the Sampoerna school of Education rather then enrolling to the Department of Aeronautics at ITB, in which he was ac- cepted to through the 2009 national exams (SMPTN). “I have a strong will to become a teacher because I consider the work as something noble. My other dream is to make my mother proud and happy. I want to make my mother and sister happy. I pledge that I can one day realize their dream of owning a house”, says Andi. “A dream come true to become a qualified teacher” Endang Sriwahyuni was born as a second of two children from a modest family living in Sumberrejo, Kotzigajah, Lampung Tengah. Both of her parents as well as her eldest sibling work as a farm labor. Their very limited education inspired Endang to reach for the highest education level possible. Her limitations did not discourage her in reaching achievements, particularly in English studies. Several accomplishments made include: • First place in the Writing of English Scientific Paper 2008, DCC Bandar Lampung • Third place in the English Debate Competition in Lampung, SOSEC EC of UNILA • Third place in the English Speech Competition, Teknokrat 2008 • First place in the English Debate Competition, MKKS Lampung Tengah “Attending the Sampoerna School of Education is a dream come true that will enable me to become a qualified teacher, ” Endang said on her dream of becoming a high quality English teacher. She believes that going to the SSE and taking English major can truly make her dream come true. 2nd Quarter Report 2009
  5. 5. 5Sampoerna AcademyBringing home global-standard educationSampoerna Academy is a senior high school equivalent with academic-related expenses including tuition fees, dormitorydormitory facility established through the joint efforts of Sam- costs, books, meals, uniforms and insurance. The boardingpoerna Foundation (SF) and the local regional government. facility provides students with a holistic learning environment encompassing knowledge development, life-skills and charac-Operated and managed by the Sampoerna Foundation, the ter-building.Sampoerna Academy provides international standard educa-tion to financially disadvantaged children through scholarship For the 2009/2010 academic year, two Sampoerna Academiessponsorships and subsidies. were launched and established - they were SMAN 10 Malang, East Java and SMA Negeri Sumatera Selatan, Palembang.The Sampoerna Academy applies national and internationalcurriculum with emphasis on several key subjects. A school Sampoerna Academy will give birth to a new generation ofmanagement quality monitoring system with improved indi- leaders in Indonesia; leaders who are not only committed tocators and benchmarks will be used to track the academy’s developing the nation but who also possess strong moral charac-performance. Students who qualify and are admitted into the ter and personal values.academy will receive full financial assistance which covers all Selection process Focus Group Discussion 2nd Quarter Report 2009
  6. 6. 6 This quarter saw the selection of potential scholars for the two Sampoerna Academies: SMAN 10 Malang, East Java and SMA Negeri Sumatera Selatan, Palembang, South Sumatera that would start on 2009/2010 academic year. The process was commenced by SF road shows to regional government offices on March 2009, followed by the application admission in April 2009. We received thousands of applications that were then filtered to produce several hundreds of shortlisted candidates. In May 2009, the shortlisted candidates were then invited to come to either Palembang or Malang to undergo a series of tests comprising academic potential test, psychological profil- ing and focus group discussions. To obtain the crème de la crème was the objective. Home visits to the homes of shortlisted candidates were then conducted. This is to determine the candidates’ true need for Interview in selection process financial aid.The process was rigorous. Narrowing 2600 applications for SMAN 10 Malang, East Java, for example, to 150 scholars was in-tense. While SMA Negeri Sumatera Selatan, Palembang, South Sumatera saw 85 scholars being picked from 700 applicants fromthe South Sumatera province.By the end of June, we came up with the list of scholars who were awarded scholarships that would cover the total 3-years studyat the Sampoerna Academy. winner announcement winner announcement 2nd Quarter Report 2009
  7. 7. 7Four South Sumatera regencies andmunicipalities support the Sampoerna Academy SF COO, Elan Merdy with Vice Regent of Muara Enim, Ir. Muzakir Sai Sohar after the MOU signingThe Sampoerna Academy program continued to achieve important milestones. This quarter marked the regency of Muara Enim tobecome the first in South Sumatera to grant Sampoerna Academy scholarship. On 5 May 2009, the Vice Regent of Muara Enim,Ir. Muzakir Sai Sohar and SF’s COO Elan Merdy signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at the Regent’s Office.Following that, two other regencies (Ogan Komering Ulu and Musi Banyuasin) as well as the Municipality of Prabumulih in SouthSumatera each signed the MoU with SF in June.Those government initiatives would fund scholarships for potential students from South Sumatera to study at the SampoernaAcademy. For every scholarship funded, SF will match with a financial aid for deserving candidates to obtain teacher training atthe Sampoerna School of Education. 2nd Quarter Report 2009
  8. 8. 8Sampoerna Academy Scholar’s ProfileStories of young leaders with unwavering spirit “Paving Small Steps for the Future” In a simple brick house in the village in Tulunggung – East Java, lives Arianto Puji Fajardianto, a student from SMPN I Kauman. Coming from a rural background did not stop Arian from dreaming big. Since young, he wanted to become a doctor or a policeman to would serve the community. A dream that was hard to pave considering his difficult financial background, Arian did not falter in his determination to achieve his life’s goal. Arian kept motivating himself to become a student with good achievements at school and at other championships. His accolades include: • Winner, elementary-level poetry reading contest, Kauman Subdistrict • Winner, elementary level speech competition, Kauman Subdistrict • 3rd place, poetry reading for junior high-school level, Kauman Subdistrict His strong determination brought him even further to compete for the SMAN 10 Malang – Sampoerna Academy scholarships. In June 2009, this hardworking student who loves writing poems won a full scholarship to at- tend the SMAN 10 Malang (Sampoerna Academy). “I am very proud of getting the Sampoerna Academy scholarship. Apart from relieving the financial burden of my parents, I will be able to obtain quality education alongside other gifted students from all over East Java. This will be an important experience for my future. I truly hope that this scholarship will make my unimaginable-before dreams come into reality,” said Arian. “…where there is a will, there is a way” Dalila has truly set herself as a model for other young people. Ever since she was young, this Palembang, South Sumatera-born girl had gone through a lot of hardships. When she was barely two years old, her independence-war-veteran father passed away. A few years later, her mother was attacked by a disease that stole her eyesight. Little Dahlia was forced to look after her mother and both her grandparents. Amazingly, these obstacles did not stop Dahlia from achieving many accomplishments; she won numerous competitions such as: • Winner , Koranic Verses Recital of South Sumatera Province, Indo Global Mandiri, 2007 • 1st General Academic Winner, 2007/2008 1st Semester, MTsN 1 Model Palembang, 2008 • 2nd Place, Junior High School Sports Championship, the City of Palembang, the Palembang City Education Office, 2007. Winning these awards allowed Dahlia to help pay for her school and family expenses. “I know the price is extremely high. But I believe if there is a will, there is a way. That is why I am so focused to learn biology and work my way to get the best education. By getting the Sampoerna Academy scholarship, I am more certain that my dreams will be achieved with a high quality education,” Dahlia said as she pursues her dream to become a medical internist. Dalila is now enrolled at SMAN Internasional Sumatera Selatan (Sampoerna Academy). 2nd Quarter Report 2009
  9. 9. 9Sampoerna Foundation ScholarsSF Scholars Win Competition at University of California, Berkeley SF scholars Marselina (2nd from left ) and Indri Yuni Handayani (7th from left ) seen with their team “EcoFaeBrick” held the winning certificate of Global Social Venture Competition 2009Amidst severe challenges in the current global economy, the priority to nurture future leaders should not end. This quarter saw themany achievements made by SF scholars. They continue to win competitions and demonstrate outstanding personal qualities.Two of our 2008 Intake National Graduate Scholars at Prasetiya Mulya Business School, Marselina and Indri Yuni Handayani,together with their team EcoFaeBrick, represented South East Asia and became the champions of the Final Round of the GlobalSocial Venture Competition (GSVC) 2009 held from April 23-25, 2009 at the Haas School of Business, University of California atBerkeley, USA. Their competitors came from world-renowned universities such as London Business School, ESSEC Business School,Columbia Business School, George Washington University School of Business, Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, and HaasSchool of Business.The Business Plan that the team presented was about the utilization of cow dung to produce high quality bricks with a reasonableprice. The replacement of firewood with the cow dung methane biogas in the combustion process results in lower production costwith a more environmental friendly process (according to the SNI standard). Through their business model that involves housingdevelopers, NGOs and local communities, EcoFaeBrick builds a sustainable market demand that ensure financial returns forinvestors. 2nd Quarter Report 2009
  10. 10. 10NEW PARTNERS PT Tambang Batubara Bukit Asam Tbk. (PTBA) is a state-owned company that aims to develop the national mining industry, particularly coal mining. Founded in 1981, the company is one of the five largest coal producers in Indonesia with its domestic sales ranked second. Almost a quarter (22%) of its production is exported to the international markets, including Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Spain, France and Germany. As of December 23, 2002 PTBA became a public company by listing on the Jakarta and Surabaya stock exchanges. The public holds 34.98% of the shares and the state owns the remaining 65.02%. PTBA has joined SF to provide scholarships for the SMA Negeri Internasional Su- matera Selatan - Sampoerna Academy program. The commitment allows 2 students from Muara Enim and Lahat to join the Sampoerna Academy in Palembang, valued at USD 30,000 over 3 years. Give2Asia promotes and inspires philanthropy by delivering services that meet the needs of donors and the Asian communities they care about. Founded in 2001 by The Asia Foundation, Give2Asia serves nearly 8,500 donors in the United States resulting in over $100 million in funds. Give2Asia has approved a grant in the amount of US$5,000.00 to SF to provide scholar- ships for economically and financially disadvantaged Indonesian students so that they may be able to complete their education. The grant will focus on supporting midwive education. This grant is being made by Give2Asia, and is made possible by Johnson & Johnson Asia Pacific Contributions Fund. Index Furnishings is the biggest and the most complete furnishings retail in Indone- sia. They provide more than 20.000 quality merchandises in their comfortable and pleasant stores, offering top selection of furnishings. Committed to this concept, they are continually adding greater variety of furnishings to their product collection. Today, Index Furnishings is one of the biggest retail furniture companies in Indone- sia. Their contribution to SF, comes in hundreds of tables and chairs for Sampoerna Academy Palembang, to mark their 1st anniversary celebration of Index Arteri Pondok Indah. 2nd Quarter Report 2009
  11. 11. 11Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia is a multinational corporation in the recordingindustry and is seen as the market leader in Indonesia. Sony has released many best-selling albums with artists such as Gita Gutawa, Anggun, Green Leaf, The Changcut-ers, Vagetoz, David Archuleta and Celine Dion. Even though they are moving in thefield of entertainment, Sony Music also cares about its social and environmental sur-rounding. Some of the sales of albums are dedicated to social activities; for example,the album entitled “Selamat Jalan Cinta”.Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia’s participation in SF includes a 50 million IDRdonation, and the endorsement of Gita Gutawa as Sampoerna Foundation’s first Edu-cation Ambassador. Sony also agreed to dedicate a portion of sales from Gita’s CDs,Cassettes and Ring Back Tones of her second album, ”Harmoni Cinta,” to raise fundsfor education.After gaining huge success with Waterbom Bali – The Tropical Cool since 1993, Water-bom has become a favorite recreation destination for local and overseas visitors in Bali.In 2007, Waterbom came to Jakarta as Waterbom Jakarta – The Urban Cool. As aninternational standard waterpark and a member of the World Water Park Association,Waterbom Jakarta offers facilities, design and services that are of high quality. Withtheir unique “salt chlorination” water treatment system, Waterbom has become theonly water park brand that applies high quality health maintenance in the country.Waterbom Jakarta has been taking part in SF’s prominent “Save A Teen Program”.When purchasing entrance passes, visitors are encouraged to make IDR 5000 dona-tions to support education. This program started on July 1, 2009 and will last for ayear.The Western Union Company (NYSE: WU) is a leader in the money transfer segmentof global payments. Together with its Orlandi Valuta and Vigo branded money transferservices, Western Union provides consumers with fast, reliable and convenient waysto send and receive money around the world, as well as send payments and purchasemoney orders. It operates through a network of more than 379,000 Agent locationsin over 200 countries and territories. Famous for its pioneering telegraph services, theoriginal Western Union dated back to 1851. Western Union, a money transfer andfinancial services company with branches in over 200 countries shows concern for In-donesia’s human resources. In Indonesia, Western Union has been trusted to transferthe remittances of millions of Indonesians working overseas.Western Union, through the Western Union Foundation, supports education throughSF by providing thousands of books to 14 schools spread all over the migrant workers’places of origin. 2nd Quarter Report 2009
  12. 12. 12 LIST OF CONTRIBUTORS CORPORATE CONTRIBUTORS RETAIL CONTRIBUTORS Deloitte Index Aston Braga Bandung MAP (Samsonite) Deutsche Bank Johnson & Johnson Indonesia, PT Batavia Hotel Bank Mega Chopstix Red & White GIve2Asia Tambang Batubara Bukit Asam, PT Dr. Andreas Rudy Sony Music H.M. Sampoerna, PT Western Union Bank GE Money Standard Chartered Bank Grand Flora Kemang Waterbom Jakarta Kem ChicksINDIVIDUAL CONTRIBUTORS IDR > 5.000.000 Rita Suzanna Bentley Imelda Santi Santosa Binbaz Indah TionidaBenno W. Putuhena Bong Devie Indra Yiulianto Setyo MardanusEdward Frankel Bramantyo Indriana Liztya Shashi GurbuxEtza Anyasamova Brady Inggrid ShintaFX Teguh Hendarto Budi Suryanto Irma-SCB Sri WidyastutiG. Haryvatmanto C. Sulianto J.Prima Thamarina Steffy JayawanKathleen C Liem Cecillia Hidayat Jany Sudihardjo Yefry Christfanie Japar MalikLissa Rukmi Utari Suharyanti Cilianty Jenni JuliantiRio Rido Tasia Shelomita Citra Savitri Johan EffendyRiyanda Taswar Teddy Darma Wahyudi Jonathan HendroRudy Martinez Tham Kenner-SCB Dasa Tri Joni TH Danang Sri Deva Juliani IDR 1.000.000 -5.000.000 Dewi Hartinawati Juliati Adji Vanesa LauAndreadi-SCB Yohanna Maria Dewi Safitri JulyAloysius Setyo Dhita Rachmadini Karina Mochtar Yuli ElianaAlvira Dian Alfonsa Kartika Aprianingsih Yuniarti Dian Putri Sari Laurencia L.PAMC Ratih Indrati Yustriasih Dian Saraswati Lea EvelynAmelia Tampubolon Diana Lenny IriawatiChandrika Purwarin IDR < 1.000.000 Diana Riaya Leonardus JudomCatharina Palupi Abu Santosa-SCB DK Widhinugraha Liem Lie HwaDeasy Belda Christina Adriani Dharma Dwi Aries Lim Lili KialiawatiDewi Asrining Puri Agustin Budi Dwi Hartiningsih Linda HartonoEffendi-SCB Aim Zein Dyah-SCB Linda YanuarEko Subagyo Ajeng Zahrah Eisa Al-Kaabi Linda ZujantyEvelyn-SCB Albert Halimin Eko Lisa MarianaFarif Miharto Alexander Abimanyu Elyastiningsih Lusiana-SCB Alfonsa Sheila Emilia Khonato M. Uluan AmirtaFebriny Rimenta Alia Risyamaya Enggi M.KurniawanFinance-SCB Amanda Kartika Erin Supriyanti MarcelanyFiona Frederique Andi Eridanie Erlyn-SCB MargarethaFransisca-SCB Andrian Puspasari Ersy Dhiyanawati Maria EllenFransiskus Ardyanto Andriani-SCB Evelyn Evasari Marini KumarsiGunawan-SCB Andrini Hendrayani Fajar-SCB Mariza CherryHendera Jhoni Andryanto Lesmana Febriny Rimenta Markus-SCBHento-SCB Angelia Susanto Feta Prafidya Martina TandeanHeri Prasetyo Anggis Rakhmi Ichsan Firdaus Widya Maya KoesdjojoHesty Fardilla Anggraeni Fista MegawatiIka-SCB Angia Clara Fitri Yani Melania Eka Anik Khotimah Fitria Handayani Meliana HartonoIstiadi Wijaya Anindita Rahardjo Giovani Anggasta Melin TjahjadiJacqueline Grace Anggraeni Melly K Anita EkosetioKhoo Tek Gym Annisya Primawindy Gunawan-SCB Merry VeronikaLavinus-SCB Annonymous Gunawan Biantoro Mira PratiwiNathalie Halim Aram Kaleva Gustina Misda FalahPaulina Tambunan Arfy Frisnanto Hanggar Moh Syafri PontohRahmawati Ariesz Pratama Putra Hanindyo Putro Muhammad YunusReagan Halim Ario Widiyanto Hendra Kurniawan Nataya VidasagitaRicca Safitry Asri Mayasari Hendry Niluh Putu-SCBRicky-SCB Atik Solichah Herdianto Chunnaedy Nindya Yasmin Audi Hian Ni Awang Adriansyah Hilda Mulyono Bahari Lofis I Me Lea 2nd Quarter Report 2009
  13. 13. 13Novana Kristi Sapto Handoyo Sakti Vivi Tjandra Sindu Yenny IchsaniatyPoedji Churniawan Saut Saragih-SCB Vonny Susilo Yenny SusantiPutie Andriani Selvie Togas Welling Yohanes Donny HeraRatih Sukma Setyanti Indah Widya Pancadewi Yufinah SuthariaRazat Simarmata Shang Ayu Dyah Widya Riani Utami Yulita AnggraenyRenny Suprianti Shirley Lukman Wisnu Wardono YuliusReny Silvina Shirley Melinda Wita Susilowati Yunita MansurRestiawati Siswanda Suharli Yandri Krisanto YuvitaRhensi Margareth Siti Fatimah, SERiana Kuswadi Solihah BECOMING A CONTRIBUTORRoby Tatan Sri Mulyati Rahayu We welcome your participation and commitment to support theRohani Sri-SCB work of Sampoerna Foundation. If you would like to become aRomie Sofiati Stephanus Sulaiman sponsor and need further information about our programs, pleaseRonald Rosanto Susi contact us at:Rosalia Susilowati Syakur Email: sales@sampoernafoundation.orgRudi Oktoberta Tarita A. Lubis if you would like to make a direct donation, please send it to:Rullyanthi Astha P Teguh Adi PerkasaRumeta Arbijati Titik Kasiati Yayasan Putera SampoernaRyana Kharismawati Ti Ming Chin-SCB Bank : ABN Amro, Juanda-JakartaSamuel Harnaen Trisye Widiasari A/C : 36 0052 3484 or 36 0052 3508 (USD)Sandra Nahdar Vanda MeijerSandro Aquino Velli Ong Bank : BCA, KCP Bursa Efek - JakartaSanty Neria Vissy Vandiya A/C : 458 300 7914Saparinah Mumpuni Vivi - Thank You - 2nd Quarter Report 2009
  14. 14. 14 PARTNERS’ HIGHLIGHTS 13Support for SF’s “A Dollar for Scholar” Program Aston Bandung Hotel & Residence and Sampoerna Foundation (SF) launched “A Dollar for Scholar” Program on Friday 1 May 2009. Through this program, every guest at the Aston Bandung Hotel & Residence will be approached to spare USD 1 or any equivalent amount, dedicated to students in primary to high schools who have good academic achievements yet could not afford further studies. Executive Assistant Manager Aston Bandung Hotel & Residence Dino Leonardi, explained that the program would start immedi- ately after the launch. “The collected donation from the guests will be handed to Sampoerna Foundation to be distributed to deserving students,” said Leonardi. He also said that as a start, this program would be held for the whole one year. At the launch, SF Public Relations Officer Agatha Simanjuntak explained that SF has been partnering with the Ministry of Edu- cation to obtain student’s information who are deserving of scholarships across Indonesia. “In our collaboration with Aston, the donation gathered will be given to underprivileged students around Bandung and West Java,” added Agatha.Meanwhile, Director of Sales Sampoerna Foundation Vira Soekardiman said that across Indonesia, SF has donated around33.000 scholarships to underprivileged students who have good academic achievements. “Most of them who have been droppedout from their schools, are now able to continue their studies again,” said Vira. 2nd Quarter Report 2009
  15. 15. 15Teacher Education and Training program in Aceh Credit Suisse’s VP of Community Investment Paul Angwin witnessed the TETA education exhibition held in Lhokseumawe City40 schools from the Bireuen Regency and Lhokseumawe City, was implemented by SFTI since 2007, is an effort to upgradeNanggroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD) Province participated at the quality of teachers and schools in NAD after the destructiveSF’s Education Expo on 2-3 May 2009 in NAD. This activity, tsunami. 200 principals, vice principals and superintendentsheld as a part of the Teacher Education & Training in Aceh from the Bireuen Regency and Lhokseumawe City joined TETA(TETA) program, was made possible by the Credit Suisse Group Batch II. The training for principals and vice principals includeFoundation and Sampoerna Foundation Teacher Institute (SFTI) paradigm shift thinking, leadership and school management aswith the support of the local government. well as supervision techniques, school assistance and develop- ment for superintendents.Witnessed by Credit Suisse’s VP of Community Investment, PaulAngwin and Director SFTI, Kenneth J. Cock, the Expo was of- Apart from that, there was also a public discussion on educa-ficiated by the Regent of Bireuen, Nurdin Abdul Rahman and tion titled “Forming Effective Schools” held at the Expo. Theby the Head of Lhokseumawe Education Office, Ramli Ismail panel include the Bireuen Regent, Bireuen Chief of EducationS.Pd. M.M. Office, SFTI and school representatives.“As a company with high dedication to education in this coun- Credit Suisse Group Foundation and Sampoerna Foundationtry, it is an opportunity for Credit Suisse to be directly involved also partnered to form the Teachers Education Scholarshipin the improvement of education quality in Indonesia,” said (TES), a scholarship program for 20 high school AcehnessePaul Angwin, Head of Philanthropy Asia Pacific Credit Suisse. graduates to continue their further education at the Faculty of Teaching and Education and the University of Syiah Kuala orThe objective of the event is to showcase the achievements of FKIP – UNSYIA.TETA participants after joining the program. The program which 2nd Quarter Report 2009
  16. 16. 161st Education Ambassador for SampoernaFoundation Talented and attractive teenage star, Gita Gutawa (aged 16) was announced as the Education Ambassador for Sampoerna Foundation (SF). The winner of ’Best Breakthrough Artist’ and ’Best Album in AMI Award’ recently launched her second al- bum entitled ”Harmoni Gita” with a commitment to promote education in Indonesia. The ceremonial event was held at Blitz Megaplex - Jakarta on the 25th of May, 2009 and included a handover of a 50 million IDR cheque from Sony Music, repre- sented by Toto Widjojo, Managing Director of Sony Music En- tertainment Indonesia. Erwin and Lulu Gitawa, who are both producers and parents of Gita, were also present and were joined by Vira Soekardirman and Sapto H. Sakti of SF. As the first SF Education Ambassador, Gita Gutawa will be directly involved in SF’s education programs. Gita will take part in SF’s “Save A Teen” program which provides access to quality education for financially underprivileged teens with Titus Cheong, SF Chief Marketing Officer; Gita Gutawa, SF Ambassador; Ian good academic standing by dedicating her second album Juhana, Senior A&R Director Sony Music; Toto Widjojo, Managing Director Sony ”Harmoni Cinta” to raise funds for education. A portion of Music; Sapto Handoyo Sakti, SF Communications Director; Vira Soekardiman, sales from the CD’s, Cassettes and Ring Back Tones from the Sales Director during the inauguration of Gita Gutawa as SF Ambassador in Jakarta. album will be donated to this program.”As a student myself, I believe that education is important for the nation’s development. Hopefully, in this second album, songslike ”Meraih Mimpi”, “Melangkah Lagi” and “Ayo, Come On” would inspire those who are less fortunate to keep having the faithand spirit to continue with their studies as well as encourage all young people in Indonesia to help their friends who have limitedresources”said Gita.Toto Widjojo added, “Sony Music is proud to present the album which supports education in Indonesia. I hope all music loversand the people of Indonesia would appreciate this album so that Gita Gutawa’s goal to help poor teenagers stay in school couldbe accomplished”. ”….. I believe that education is important for the nation’s development. …… this second album, …… would inspire those who are less fortunate to continue with their studies as well as encourage all young people in Indonesia to help their friends who have limited resources,“ said Gita, prominent teenage singer and SF Ambassador. 2nd Quarter Report 2009
  17. 17. 17SF’s First Teacher Development Programin LombokDeutsche Bank and Sampoerna Foundation (SF) announced quality training for Lombok’s teachers, while promoting the im-the launch of Lombok’s first professional teacher development portance of education within the community.”program (TDP) in Lombok on 27th May 2009. The Adopt a Teacher Program - commissioned by DeutscheThe official launch of the program was held at the Governor’s Bank and implemented by the SF Teacher Institute (SFTI) - aimsoffice and was attended by the Secretary of NTB Province, H. to provide professional teacher training in the Municipal of Ma-Abdul Malik; Regent of West Lombok, H. Zaini Arony; Chief taram and Regency of Lombok Barat in Nusa Tenggara BaratOperating Officer of Deutsche Bank Indonesia, Ashok Kumar; (NTB). The initiative is part of Deutsche Bank’s broader corpo-Director of SF Teacher Institute (SFTI), Kenneth J. Cock and SF rate social responsibility programs in Indonesia. This 15-monthSales Director, Vira Soekardiman. program is the result of an education needs assessment, con- ducted by SFTI earlier this year. More than 240 teachers andAshok Kumar and Vira Soekardiman signed a Memorandum principals from 26 schools in Mataram and 6 schools in Lom-of Understanding (MoU) at the ceremony marking the com- bok Barat are expected to benefit from this initiative.mitment. Through its disaster relief funding for Aceh, Deutsche BankCommenting on the partnership, Mr. Kumar said: “Deutsche previously worked with Sampoerna Foundation to support aBank has long been a supporter of education-related pro- Teacher Education Training program for approximately 320grammes in Indonesia. We are extremely proud to work with teachers and a SMPN 3 Jetis school rehabilitation and recon-Sampoerna Foundation and the NTB Government in providing struction project in Yogyakarta. 2nd Quarter Report 2009
  18. 18. 18Standard Chartered’s Growing Supportfor EducationCustomer and employee programs to help reduce drop outs from schoolsCreating leaders has been a primary goal for Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) and Sampoerna Foundation (SF) during our yearsof collaboration. This quarter, we saw a lot of new achievements. They include the activation launch on “Together, Creating OneLeader at a Time” in Cilegon – Banten program and also the closing of the “Teacher’s Professionalism - Future of the Nation”teacher training program in Bantul – Yogyakarta. SCB staff posed together after the activitiesSave A Teen ProgramFrom 1 May 2009 onwards for one year, Standard Chartered scholarship donation handover to several elementary schoolsBank offers their Credit Card Holders the opportunity to trade including SDN Cibeber 2, more than 500 books were donated.point rewards with scholarship donation through SF. Membersare given options to choose from: 1) 20,000 points to adopt Research was conducted in the selection of the beneficiary area.an Elementary School student, 2) 30,000 points to adopt a The 2007-2008 data from the Ministry of Education pointed outJunior High School student, 3) 40,000 points to adopt a Senior that just in the province of Banten, there are 16,003 elemen-High School student. Furthermore, Standard Chartered Bank tary student drop outs; while 54,733 were from the neighbor-also developed an employee-sponsored scholarship program. ing West Java province.These programs are under SF’s Save A Teen program that aimsto reduce drop outs from schools. VCGM Lending of Standard Chartered Bank, Ina Susanti ex- plained: “Before, our credit card customers were given opportu-The launch of these two programs were held on 28 May, 2009 nities to exchange their point rewards to a variety of choices ofin Cilegon - Banten and was celebrated by over 100 Standard interesting consumptive products. From now on, our customersChartered Bank’s employees. Called “Together, Creating One have the opportunity to trade those point rewards with scholar-Leader at a Time’ program, more than 400 pupils of SDN ship donation for those in need. This program compliment ourCibeber 2, a local public elementary school in the area, joined special point rewards program to help the country, which priorthe employees to hand-in-hand create a school bulletin board, to this has given the customers the chance to claim their pointdevelop school library, and run an eye exam. On top of the first rewards with tree planting options that helps to save the nature.” “Sampoerna Foundation is selected to become our partner because of the credibility they own as well as our fruitful partnership ….. during 2008-2009.” Simon Morris, CEO of Standard Chartered Bank Indonesia 2nd Quarter Report 2009
  19. 19. 19Teacher Training ProgramStandard Chartered Bank has been our teacher program part- Simon Morris stated: “Support for this program is one of SCB’sner on a program called “Teacher’s Professionalism - Future many commitments to help improve the community around usof the Nation” from February 2009 until early June 2009. This through social programs to prepare a better future for Indo-has been part of our ongoing partnership with the bank, hav- nesia’s youngsters. We believe that more professional qualitying donated 500 scholarships for elementary, junior, senior teachers can make this happen. This would be our partnershiphigh school and college levels. Standard Chartered Bank also with our stakeholders within the community!”provided immediate assistance to the Yogyakarta earthquakevictims and rebuilt five elementary schools that were destroyed The training program was held in three phases, each focusedby the earthquake. The training program itself was dedicated on improving teacher teaching methods and student learning.to 150 teachers for 40 elementary schools from both the Ban-tul and Gunungkidul Regencies. The choice on these regen- An elementary school teacher who participated in the trainingcies was based on the 2005/2006 data from The Ministry of commented: “As educators, we always want to give the bestNational Education Department which pointed out that 79% of teaching to our students. This training will help us to changeteachers here were under-qualified. the way we teach, so that students will be more interested and engaged in the learning process.”On 5 June 2009, the finalization of this training programwas celebrated in the Bantul regent’s office in Jogjakarta and During this visit Simon Morris and Ron Perkinson also becamewas attended by Regent of Bantul, HM Idham Samawi; Head guest speakers at the Gajah Mada University and Universityof Bantul Regency Education Office, Drs.Sahari; Head of Gu- Islam Indonesia to speak about the education in Indonesia andnungkidul Regency Education Office, Drs. Kasiyo M.M; CEO of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).Standard Chartered Bank Indonesia, Simon Morris; SF Presi-dent, Ron Perkinson; and Head of Program SF Teacher Institute,Wendy Armunando. Ron Perkinson, President of Sampoerna Foundation, Simon Morris Chief Executive Officer SCB and HM Idham Samawi, Regent of Bantul Posed together with the teachers 2nd Quarter Report 2009
  20. 20. 20More Government Support on Our SchoolInternational ProgramSF Goes with the Ministry of Education on International Standard SchoolQuality Development Following the above-mentioned signing, Balitbang Depdiknas and SF on 30 June 2009 held “Public Private Partnership Discus- sion Series (P3DS)”, as part of the MOU action plans. The discus- sion, entitled “Sekolah Bertaraf Internasional Menyongsong Era Masyarakat dan Perekonomian Berbasis Pengetahuan” or “The School with International Standard Welcomes a Knowledge- Based Society and Economy,” was third in the series and was held at Balitbang Depdiknas’s office. The event was attended by the Head of Balitbang Depdiknas, Prof. DR Mansyur Ram- ly; Director of High School Development Ministry of Education, Sungkowo M; Chief of the Office of Jakarta’s Higher Education Office, H. Hamsani Idris; Headmaster of Kanisius High School Menteng, Baskoro Poedjinoegroho – Jakarta representing high schools with international standards, and SF Program and Alum- ni Affairs Director, Eddy Henry. The 3rd Public Private Partnership Discussion Series was held in Balitbang Diknas’ board room. Speakers from left to right:–Principal of SMA Canisius, Romo Baskoro;Prof. DR. Sungkowo, Direktur Pembinaan SMA Depdiknas; This P3DS discussion aimed at discussing successful strategies Prof. DR. Mansyur Ramly,Kepala Balitbang Diknas; Eddy Henry, Program & as well as gaining constructive inputs toward the betterment Alumni Affairs Director, Sampoerna Foundation of the School with International Standards. The previous two P3DS discussions were held in 2008 by SF.Considering that valid and updated research data is crucial fordecision-making, the strategic partnership between the Minis- This cooperation also supports the implementation of Law No.try of Education and SF has been extended. The 2nd Quarter 20 Year 2003, article 50, paragraph 3 concerning the Systemsaw two important milestones achieved: of National Education (Sisdiknas) which states: “Government and/or local government shall operate at least one level ofIn Jakarta on 25 June 2009, Balitbang Depdiknas (the Research all education levels, to be improved towards the internationaland Development Agency of the Ministry of Education) and SF level education unit.” This Law shall be the basis of the imple-signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to work to- mentation of International Standard School (SBI) at elementarygether on curriculum development and application, evaluation school, junior high school, high school, and vocational schooland research towards the betterment on Indonesia education. levels at all regencies/cities in Indonesia.This agreement, signed by the Head of Balitbang Depdiknas, “This discussion is important for SF because we need feed-Prof. DR Mansyur Ramly and SF COO, Elan Merdy, would allow back to improve our current school international programfurther research and statistics on education that can be utilized – Sampoerna Academy and also to work with local governmentby the education community and community at large. Those to support implementation of implementing School with Inter-research and statistics outputs will be accessible by various national Standard or Sekolah Berstandar Internasional (SBI)communications media such as the internet and newspaper to at the high school level, “Eddy Henry added.improve public knowledge about the education sector in Indo-nesia. Thus, this event has become a crucial milestone becauseof its strategic impact on education. “(SF’s) P3DS serves as a proof of government and public commitment toward the improve- ment of education in Indonesia, so that at the end we could work together to create human resources that is able to face global competition,” Mansyur Ramly said. 2nd Quarter Report 2009
  21. 21. 21 NEWS & EVENTSSF’s Lunch Boasts Top Media Executives’AttendanceMaintaining excellent media relationship with regular update meetings To generate awareness of the needs of education and to forge partnership with all stakeholders to to achieve the goal of qual- ity education has become one of four SF missions to achieve our vision: to create competent future leaders with good moral fibre. In this perspective, cooperation with the media is a must. We have always been working together with our media part- ners. One regular program to maintain this partnership is our regular media gathering. Last quarter saw SF’s Executive Media Lunch held at 18 March 2009 in Jakarta. By inviting leaders from our distinguished media partners, we exchanged information as well as shared SF updates. The event included introducing Mr. Ron Perkinson as SF’s new president, sharing new programs on SampoernaAcademy and Sampoerna School of Education, and more importantly, maintaining relationship as well as opening new opportuni-ties. We hope that through these regular media meetings, the media industry and SF will set common grounds in promoting thevalue of information for the advancement of the education sector to the public.The event, hosted by SF Communications Director Sapto Sakti, was attended by leaders from printed and electronic media, rang-ing from national to international companies. Below is the list of attendees:1. Audy Luntungan Group Manager Sales Dept. Jak TV2. Dedi Setiawan Head of Program SmartFM3. Endy Bayuni Chief Editor The Jakarta Post4. Frans Padak Demon Director VOA5. Heru Hendratmoko Production Director kBR 68H6. Ian Altswager ABC TV7. Ikhwanul Editor In Chief, Republika8. Jiffy Kountul ABC Radio9. Joe Chochrane Deputy Editor Jakarta Globe10. Karaniya Dharmasaputra Chief Editor/Content Director Vivanews.com11. Moh.Husni Mubarak Reporter SWA12. Okie A. Zainufry Department Head News & CA13. Purwanto Redaktur Pelaksana Seputar Indonesia14. Robin McDowell Bureau Chief Associate Press15. Taufik H. Mihardja Director, Kompas.com16. Vivid Argarani Editor in Chief/Director 2nd Quarter Report 2009
  22. 22. 22“SAVE A TEEN, SAVE OUR FUTURE”SF launched fundraising activities with several financial institutions. Under the “SAVE A TEEN, SAVE OUR FUTURE” program, sev-eral honorable partners have come to work towards improving education. Below are their activities:GE MoneyStarted on 10 May 2009, this is a one year program where a Commitment form is distributed to 50,000 GE high potential cus-tomers. They are given options to opt for any one donation scheme below:1. Rp 50,000 for 24 months2. Rp 100,000 for 24 months3. Rp 1,000,000 as a one-time contributionBank MegaStarted on 1 March 2009 up till a year later, Mega Bank attaches “Save A Teen” flyer on their newsletterwith the following options:1. Rp 50,000 monthly2. Rp 100,000 monthly3. Rp 1,000,000 as a one-time contribution 2nd Quarter Report 2009
  23. 23. 23We also garnered the support from KEM CHICKS Supermarket to place donation boxes in their supermarkets for 6 months, start-ing 15 April 2009. Another exciting participation came from Dr. Andreas Rudy’s health clinic which encourages their patrons topurchase 5,000 IDR donation coupons to support SF’s Save A Teen program.HotelsThis quarter also saw our extended partnership with PersatuanHotel dan Restoran Indonesia. Working under “A Dollar forScholar” program, below are the updates:Participating hotels grew to include Aston Bandung, The ParkLane Jakarta, Grand Flora Kemang Jakarta, and Omni BataviaHotel Jakarta. Type of donation mechanisms:1. Through payment receipt when the donor checks-out from hotel. The donation shall value at IDR 10,000 or its equivalent amount2. Through donation coupon, each valuing at IDR 10,000 Food and Beverage This industry has again shown their eagerness to partner with us. This quarter, we saw Chopstix, a leading restaurant chain in Jakarta, support our Save A Teen program. The program start- ed on May 16 2009 at six Chopstix outlets in Jakarta namely Plaza Adorama Kemang, Plaza Indonesia, PIM 1, Citos, Oak- wood Mega Kuningan and Sogo Food Hall, Grand Indonesia. The program will last for 1 year on which some part of the food value from selected menus would be donated through SF. 2nd Quarter Report 2009
  24. 24. 24Maintaining media support foreducation programs On 13 May 2009, MRA Media Group signed a Letter of Agree- ment with Sampoerna Foundation (SF) as part of their support for improving both access and quality of education. This agree- ment continues our partnership with MRA Media Group, one of the biggest radio networks in Indonesia since 2008. Though their network, MRA Media Group as SF’s media part- ner will take part in generating public awareness on the impor- tance of education. In addition, MRA Group will support SF to socialize our initiatives. “Our working inspiration is “Touch the Heart”; this means in everything we do, we must add positive value to everyone’s hearts, especially our listeners. I believe that partnering with SF will bring this aspiration into reality” said Hario Wijanarko - Director of MRA Media Group With this partnership, our programs and initiatives will be broadcasted through radios under the MRA Media network: 90.4 Cosmopolitan FM, 101.4 Trax FM, 87.6 Hard Rock FM, and 89.6 FM I Radio. 2nd Quarter Report 2009
  25. 25. 25 FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS CONTRIBUTIONS & EARNINGS USD IDR (In thousand) SOURCE OF SUPPORT AND INCOME Putera Sampoerna 5,572,836 56,982,250 6.05% Institutional Contributor 6,077,659 62,144,063 0.42% Individual Contributor 53,028 542,216 Putera Sampoerna Institutional Contributor Other Income 753,727 7,706,862 Individual Contributor TOTAL CONTRIBUTIONS & EARNINGS 12,457,251 127,375,390 Other Income 44.74% 48.79% EXPENSES : PSF SPONSORED PROGRAM EXPENSES Scholarship Expenses 1,015,562 10,384,117 PSF SPONSORED PROGRAM EXPENSES SF - Teacher Institute 800,475 8,184,861 17.23% 1.54% 32.25% Sampoerna SBM - ITB 305,326 3,121,958 SF - Sampoerna Academy 191,345 1,956,506 3.37% SF - United Schools Program 139,071 1,422,005 4.41% SF - Sampoerna School of Education 106,157 1,085,457 6.08% Student Loan 48,367 494,553 25.42% 9.70% Others Non Scholarsip Program* 542,362 5,545,652 TOTAL PSF SPONSORED PROGRAM EXPENSES 3,148,666 32,195,108 SF - United Schools Program Scholarship Expenses SF - Teacher Institute SF - Sampoerna School of Education Sampoerna SBM - ITB Student Loan DONORS SPONSORED PROGRAM SF - Sampoerna Academy Others Non Scholarsip Program* School Reconstruction, SF-USP Sampoerna Academy, , 462,547 4,729,546 Teacher Knowledge and Resource Centre Program-PT HM Sampoerna Tbk. DONORS SPONSORED PROGRAM EXPENSES SF-USP - ExxonMobil Oil Indonesia 111,519 1,140,279 1.64% 1.08% School Development and teacher program- Mobil Cepu Ltd. 100,070 1,023,213 2.78% 5.54% Teacher Training and Teacher Scholarship - Credit Suisse 89,198 912,045 2.85% Foundation 3.26% School Construction & Educators Quality Improvement 78,246 800,064 3.31% 41.50% Program - Sampoerna Agro 4.03% Scholarship - Astro 44,843 458,516 Scholarship & School Reconstruction,Adopt Teacher Pro- 36,938 377,687 7.02% gram - Standard Chartered Bank Principal and Teacher Quality Improvement Program 36,305 371,223 8.00% - Mercy Relief 8.98% 10.01% School Establishment -Education Recovery Program- West- 31,749 324,631 School Reconstruction, SF-USP Sampoerna Academy, Teacher Knowledge and , ern Union Resource Centre Program-PT HM Sampoerna Tbk. Scholarship - Yayasan Oke Peduli Bangsa 30,995 316,924 SF-USP - ExxonMobil Oil Indonesia School Development and teacher program- Mobil Cepu Ltd. Scholarship - Bank Tabungan Negara 18,224 186,346 Teacher Training and Teacher Scholarship - Credit Suisse Foundation Teacher Training and School Construction - Deutsche Bank 12,078 123,497 School Construction & Educators Quality Improvement Program - Sampoerna Agro Scholarship - Astro Other Sponsored Programs** 61,781 631,715 Scholarship & School Reconstruction,Adopt Teacher Program - Standard Chartered TOTAL DONORS SPONSORED PROGRAM 1,114,492 11,395,685 Principal and Teacher Quality Improvement Program - Mercy Relief School Establishment -Education Recovery Program- Western Union TOTAL PROGRAM EXPENSES 4,263,158 43,590,793 Scholarship - Yayasan Oke Peduli Bangsa General & Adm Expenses 1,950,693 19,945,840 Scholarship - Bank Tabungan Negara Teacher Training and School Construction - Deutsche Bank Fundraising Expenses 8,363 85,515 Other Sponsored Programs** TOTAL EXPENSES 6,222,215 63,622,148 HOW WE USE OUR FUNDS Increase (Decrease) in Net Asset 6,235,036 63,753,243 31.35% 0.13% Net Asset, Beginning Balance 11,659,552 119,218,923 Net Asset, Ending Balance 17,894,588 182,972,166 Program Expenses General & Adm Expenses Fundraising* Consists of Alumni Affairs, Research and Development Program and SEER (School Establishment & Education Recovery Program)** Consists of donor sponsored program expenses below 1% of total donors sponsored program expenses 68.52% 2nd Quarter Report 2009
  26. 26. 26Education Program Partners TOKO BUKU 2nd Quarter Report 2009
  27. 27. 27Student Loan PartnersStrategic AlliancesMedia PartnersInternship Provision Partnership 2nd Quarter Report 2009
  28. 28. Perangko BerlanggananKP: Jakarta Selatan 12000Izin No. 27/PRKB/JKS/Wilpos IV/2009 2nd Quarter Report 2009 Ticket for a Better Life