Putera Sampoerna Foundation Report Quarter 1 2009


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Putera Sampoerna Foundation Report Quarter 1 2009

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Putera Sampoerna Foundation Report Quarter 1 2009

  1. 1. 1st Quarter Report 2009 LETTER FROM PRESIDENTTABLE OF CONTENTS The first quarter of 2009 saw SF embarking on another year of exciting development and growth in our philanthropic and CSR services. Despite the global financial crisis, we have experienced another period of solid development where we have been able to scale up theLetter from President delivery of our core education programs in Scholarships, School Development and TeacherMain Story : Institute.- The Challenges of Globalization As part of our vision to develop future young visionaries and leaders, our new Sampoerna for Indonesian Teachers Academy schools have reached significant milestones, and plans for opening the newInternationalization Sampoerna School of Education in September 2009 also remain on target. Under the Sampoerna Academy program, we continue to work closely with governments to develop- Sampoerna School of Eduction the Sekolah Berwawasan International initiative, which adopts international curriculum and- Sampoerna Academy standards.- Teachers At the tertiary level, starting September 2009, the Sampoerna School of Education (SSE)- Scholars will offer bachelor degrees in education. To date, student applications for available placesPartners are well over-subscribed. The SSE is built on the successful experience and reputation of the Sampoerna Foundation Teacher Institute which has provided professional development to- New Partners more than 10.000 teachers across Indonesia over the last 3 years.- List of Contributors- Partners Highlights Worthy Scholars As our scholars continue to advance their education both in Indonesia and internationally,News & Events we acknowledge the milestones which they have achieved. For example, Erin SaiofFinancial Highlights competed and won with distinction, a scholarship that will take her from the Republic of Costa Rica to the USA for further studies. Other Sampoerna Scholars, like Erin, are pavingPartners the way as role models for other scholars to follow. Developing Solid Partnerships We continue to work closely with our CSR and philanthropic partners in pursuing excellence in the services we provide. This last quarter has seen several successful key partnerships, including:THE EDITORIAL TEAM The completion of a solid framework for future Sampoerna Academy initiatives forWriters the Provincial Governments of Central Java, South Sumatera and East Java.Deska H. NugrahainiLaksmi Lestari The successful implementation of education programs sponsored by international brands and organizations including Nickelodeon, PT HM Sampoerna Tbk, PT MicrosoftEditors Indonesia, and Mobil Cepu Ltd. Other prominent donors supporting continuing educationGrace Sai programs also include Bank Sumsel, Perum Pegadaian, Sampoerna Agro, and Persatuan Hotel dan Restoran IndonesiaContributorsRon Perkinson The provision of successful professional development programs for school principalsProf. S. Gopinathan and teachers by SF Teachers Institute; reaching as far as Kalimantan, Riau Island, and Nusa Tenggara BaratCreative DesignerArrazi Naina We highly value the support and assistance which we have received from our CSR partners and donors that have made all of these programs possible. We thank you all and we look forward to strengthening our partnerships as we continue to develop and grow our core programs over the coming year. Ron Perkinson President
  2. 2. 2 MAIN STORYA New Generation of Indonesian TeachersNo developing country has reached industrialized status with- on the quality of graduates its education system produces, andout educational reforms. It is safe to say that a country’s edu- that comes back to the quality of the system’s educators. Thecation system is one of the most important drivers which deter- ideal teacher prepared for the modern globalized world mustmines a nation’s evolution from third world to first world status. possess at least three critical skill sets: the understandingIf we look at neighboring countries, Singapore and Malaysia, of international perspectives and cross-cultural differences,and their journey to create modern economies, we will see a up-to-date teaching methods enhanced with leading edgestrong commonality in that their leaders had an overriding pri- technology, and the ability to develop leadership and criticalority on educational system enhancement. thinking in students. These perspectives have been included in the design and development of curriculum in the new PuteraCase Studies: Singapore and Malaysia Sampoerna School of Education (SSE).When Singapore gained sovereignty in 1965, it was left withthe task of fending for itself as a small city-state. Because A review of the present state shows that among the 2.7 mil-Singapore lacked natural resources, the development of the lion teachers in Indonesia, only 210,450 are certified teach-country’s human resources was of paramount importance. ers, and more than 40% of them graduated with only a highFrom a survival-driven education system until 1978 to an ability- school qualification. Command of both computing and Englishdriven system, to its knowledge-based economy at present, a language skills is poor. Shortage of teachers is expected to besingle red thread linking decades of reforms was the aim of more than 640,000 up till 2012. (Source: 2008 Evaluation Re-achieving international standards among teachers for enhancing port of Directorate General of Educator and Educator Qualitystudent achievement. (Source: “The Development of Education Improvement or Laporan Direktorat Jenderal Peningkatan Mutuin Singapore since 1965”, Goh and Gopinathan) Pendidik dan Tenaga Kependidikan)The same goes for Malaysia. If asked what he would do to It is therefore imperative and timely that “the new SSE willdevelop Malaysia if he were still the Prime Minister, Tun Dr. start a wave of restructuring and reformations in the teach-Mahathir Mohamad would answer: change the education ing profession.” It aims to not only increase teaching qualitysystem. Implement the compulsory use of English in all schools, standards, but also to increase the number of quality teacherspractice-driven learning styles for critical thinking and practical across Indonesia. The program which will eventually be openskills, and integrate the use of Information and Communication to teachers or teachers-to-be, emphasizes the essential skillTechnology (ICT) in teaching and learning. (Source: Dialogue, sets noted earlier. From using English and Bahasa Indonesia asTun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad with Malaysian Women Entrepre- complimentary mediums of teaching, to having state of the artneurs, May 2009) ICT and language laboratories, and for delivering world-class content by partnering some of world’s leading education insti-Indonesia Requirements tutions, the SSE will offer the best content and infrastructureIndonesia needs this type of visionary focus to improve its edu- with the purpose of creating a new generation of teachers incation system. How productive Indonesia’s economy is depends Indonesia. Source: Professor S. Gopinathan and Ron Perkinson 1st Quarter Report 2009
  3. 3. 3 INTERNATIONALIZATIONLaunch of Sampoerna School of Education SSE is set to create equal opportunities for all students who wish to become professional educators. SSE also offers a unique Career Management Program designed to prepare future leaders for the education sector and provides career opportunities within the Sampoerna Foundation network of schools upon graduation. Prof. dr. Fasli Jalal, Ph.D pointed out that it is crucial for Indo- nesia to own an education institution for teachers: “We have to engage the need for quality teachers in Indonesia.” Prof. S Gopinathan stated, “In order to survive globalization, Indonesia requires a world-class school of education that com- bines local and international teaching methodologies, interna- tional institution partners and faculty members with national and international recognitions.” Ron Perkinson added, “SSE would become one of Indonesia’s most prestigious institutions that provides education for future educators and non-educators who are professional, competi- tive and who are able to continuously self-develop to meet the challenges of national development.” “SSE recognizes the power of knowledge and dedicates its institution to equip every student with the highest order of Prof. dr. Fasli Jalal, Ph.D (right) with Ron Perkinson (left) at the launch of the Putera Sampoerna School of Education teaching skills and personal attributes that will make them highly employable” said Ron further. Notably, SSE provides ex- cellent career services such as professional career counseling,Putera Sampoerna School of Education (SSE), officially launched extracurricular and social activities, integrated internship pro-on March 3rd 2009, is committed to developing and creating gram and graduate placement.high quality educators in Indonesia. The event was held at ouroffice in Sampoerna Strategic Square, officiated by Ron Perkinson, Ron added, “We are grateful for the strong support from thePresident of Sampoerna Foundation (SF) and Prof. dr. Fasli government, and we are open for more potential partners andJalal, Ph.D, Director General of Higher Education – Ministry of donors. We believe that we will create great impact in the nearNational Education. Other attendees include Prof. S Gopinathan, future if we work together.”SF Senior Consultant, Head of the Centre of Research in Peda-gogy and Practice NIE, NTU Singapore and Kenneth Cock,Director of Sampoerna Foundation Teacher Institute (SFTI). “We have to engage the need for quality teachers in Indonesia,” Prof. dr. Fasli Jalal, Ph.D, Director General of Higher Education – Ministry of National Education 1st Quarter Report 2009
  4. 4. 4Ministry Supports the International Academyin Palembang from all over Indonesia. Therefore, we strongly encourage support from the private sector to participate in this program - to provide high quality education for students in South Sumatra and Indonesia.” The challenge of globalization has required the education sector to develop future leaders to match international standards. “Sampoerna Academy has been formulated and designed to become ‘a best practice model’ for national schools so that they can develop some of the most qualified schools in South Sumatera. The main objective of this program is to develop new leaders for South Sumatera and Indonesia through a holistic system of education inside and outside the classroom”, explained Sapto Handoyo Sakti, SF Communications Director The previous day, Prof. DR. Bambang Sudibyo, M.A, signed the 12-year-free compulsory education program with the Governor of East Kalimantan Drs. H. Awang Farouk Ishak, M.Si; announcing Minister of National Education, Prof. DR. Bambang Sudibyo, M.A visited SF’s that the government will bear the operational costs of schools. Sampoerna Academy booth. He was welcomed by Governor of South Sumat- era, Ir.Alex Noerdin and SF COO Elan Merdy. Later that day, Mendiknas went on to visit SMAN 2 Balikpapan, which became a-center-of-excellence in the area, after joiningMinister of National Education, Prof. DR. Bambang Sudibyo, the SF School Development Program for three years.M.A along with the Governor of South Sumatera, Ir. Alex Noerdin,signed the Free National Education Program campaign atPalembang’s Sports Hall (GOR) on March 25th, 2009. Theevent was witnessed by the Head of Department of Education,Provincial Government of South Sumatera, Ade Karyana; theHead of Department of Education of Palembang, H. HattaWazol; Regents and Mayors from the local regencies andmunicipals. SF Communications Director Sapto Handoyo Saktiand SF Sales Director Vira Sukadirman were also present.Following that was the signing of a Memorandum of Under-standing between Bank Sumsel and SF that marked BankSumsel’s USD 225,000 donation to Sampoerna Academy inPalembang. This event was attended by over 5,000 citizens,symbolizing the community’s commitment and participationin developing the Sampoerna Academy, an internationalstandard school with boarding facility program.As stated by Alex Noerdin: ”This international standard boardingschool program is dedicated not only to provide opportunities SF’s Sampoerna Academy booth attracted the attention from localfor talented students from the local area, but also to students education champions. “...we strongly encourage support from the private sector to participate in this program - to create high quality education for students in South Sumatera and Indonesia.” Ir Alex Noerdin, Governor of South Sumatera 1st Quarter Report 2009
  5. 5. 5Malang Government Signs Agreementfor Sampoerna Academy From L to R: Niken Santjojo (Principal of SMAN 10 Malang), Ade Karyana (Head of Local Education Office for South Sumatera Province), Eddy Henry (SF Programs andAlumni Affairs Director), Yos Adiguna Ginting (Corporate Affairs Director of PT. HM Sampoerna Tbk), Drs. H. Shofwan S.H (Head of Local Education Office of Malang Mu- nicipality), Drs. H. Rasiyo, M.Si (Head of Local Education Office for East Java Province), Ketut Widja (Head of Local Education Office for Bali Province)The Local Education Department at the district level for the “The international school with dormitory-living facility programMunicipality of Malang is providing its full support for serves as a quality education model for national schools in theSampoerna Academy in East Java. On February 25th 2009, East Java Province. The main aim of the program is to createthe Head of Local Education Office of Malang, Drs. H. Shofwan promising future leaders who are not only competent, but whoS.H. signed a cooperation agreement with Eddy F. Henry, also possess high moral values, through a holistic educationPrograms and Alumni Affairs Director of Sampoerna Foundation system that develops students inside and outside of the class-(SF). The proceedings were witnessed by Drs. H. Rasiyo, M.Si, room”, Eddy F. Henry said.Head of Local Education Office for East Java Province; SaptoH. Sakti, SF Communications Director and Yos Adiguna The school adopted for this program is SMAN 10 Malang, anGinting, Corporate Affairs Director of PT. HM Sampoerna Tbk. SF school development program partner. But as Peni Suparto- the main donor for Sampoerna Academy in East Java. said, the Sampoerna Academy boarding school concept will be accessible to academically outstanding students from not onlyThe cooperation agreement between the government and Malan, but also from all over Indonesia, free-of-charge.SF will form the groundwork for the implementation of theSampoerna Academy. This signing followed the Memorandum East Java Provincial Government conveyed its support for theof Understanding (MoU) which was signed earlier by Malang program with Malang – a city known to be student-friendly andMayor, Drs. Peni Suparto, MAP; and by SF COO Elan Merdy, where education is known to flourish. “We are confident thatwitnessed by Acting Governor of East Java, Setia Purwaka in Malang will provide a conducive and supportive environmentthe Governor’s office on December 19th 2008. to ensure the success of the program. We hope it will provide quality education that will produce competent Indonesian leadersToday’s globalization calls for a new generation of leaders prepared for the global stage,” Drs. H. Shofwan SH said.that can bring Indonesia towards greatness on a global scale. “…. it will provide quality education that will produce competent Indonesian leaders prepared for the global stage” Drs. H. Shofwan SH, Head of Local Education Office of Malang Municipality 1st Quarter Report 2009
  6. 6. 6Kebumen Regency’s Sampoerna Academyin Central Java Kebumen Regent, KH. Mohammad Nashiruddin Al Masyur signed the MoU as witnessed by Deputy Governor of Central Java Province, Dra Rustriningsih M.Si and SF Communications Director, Sapto H. Sakti.The provincial government of Central Java, the Kebumen re- leaders and are expected to perform at the international level.gencial government and SF signed a Memorandum of Under- The program will apply new methods for classroom instruction,standing (MoU) for Sampoerna Academy in Central Java. The as well as assessment and testing for students and teachers”,MoU was signed by Kebumen Regent KH. Mohammad Na- explained Sapto.shiruddin Al Masyur and SF Communications Director SaptoH. Sakti. Meanwhile, deputy Governor of Central Java Province Central Java Provincial Government expressed its support forDra Rustriningsih M.Si; Head of Education Office, Youth and the program particularly in bringing educational developmentSports Affairs of Kebumen Regency Drs H. Mahar Moegiyono, to the southern part of Central Java. Kebumen lies strategi-HN, and SF Programs and Alumni Affairs Director Eddy Henry cally alongside important cities such as of Cilacap - famousalso witnessed the proceedings held at the Regent’s residence for its oil refineries - and Yogyakarta –the second largest tour-in Kebumen, Central Java on the 10th of January, 2009. ist destination, after Denpasar. Therefore, the establishment of Sampoerna Avademy is expected to serve as a model school ofThe collaboration is part of SF’s ongoing programs in Central international standards for Central Java as well.Java, which has been running since 2002. The programs in-clude scholarships ranging from primary to post-graduate lev- ”We hope that by providing full scholarships, Sampoerna Acad-els, teacher professional development through the Sampoerna emy will be able to provide promising students in Central JavaFoundation Teacher Institute (SFTI), and quality improvement –particularly those of Kebumen - better education opportuni-programs for Madrasahs (Islamic-based schools) at Pondok Pe- ties so as to create higher quality students with strong leader-santren Raudlatuth Tholibin - Rembang through the Madrasah ship abilities, critical thinking skills, social concern for nationalQuality Improvement Program (MQIP). and international issues as well as proficiency in the English language in order to pursue careers that are competitive and”Besides the many education programs that SF has already relevant,” Kebumen Regent, KH. Mohammad Nashiruddin Alconducted, we believe that this program will help students meet Masyur said.today’s global challenges as they become Indonesia’s future ”…Sampoerna Academy will be able to provide promising students in Central Java – particularly those of Kebumen - better education opportunities,” Kebumen Regent, KH. Mohammad Nashiruddin Al Masyur said. 1st Quarter Report 2009
  7. 7. 7Teachers for Tomorrow’s Leaders Jane Ross facilitating “ Digital Storytelling” in SF Teacher Institute’s Educator Sharing Network (ESN)The Sampoerna Foundation Teacher Institute (SFTI) develops Another session conducted in February was “Digital Storytelling”,programs based on current and relevant educational thinking facilitated by Jane Ross, a teacher from Sinar Mas World School.which is then contextualized to up-skill teachers to provide The digital story session helped to illustrate the strategy modelhigh quality learning opportunities for students. By establish- development and the use of simple technology that enablesing partnerships and networks, SFTI facilitates the sharing of anyone to tell stories digitally.resources, experiences and knowledge within the school com-munity for the development of future leaders. The Leadership The latest session held in March was entitled “How ImportantDevelopment, Adopt a Teacher for Professional Development, is Early Childhood: Regio Emelia Approach” facilitated by Claraand Teacher Education Programs have led to sustainable im- Christine, a Language Art Teacher & After School Teacher fromprovement in teaching-learning processes in schools. Cikal Pre-K & Primary School, Jakarta. She facilitated group discussions to share approaches for early childhood education,The Educator Sharing Network (ESN) is a bi-weekly program and how the Reggio Emilia model is different from otherrun by SFTI. This program is free of charge for all participants. approaches.The main purpose of this program is to provide teachers andprincipals the opportunity to share issues, findings or problems Another teacher development update is the Master Teacherthey face in classrooms, as well as a platform where possible Training Program with Temasek Foundation and Nationalsolutions are brainstormed and found. Institute of Education (NIE), Singapore. The project aims to train 172 teachers to become ‘Master Teachers’. They compriseAmong the topics featured was “Digital Immigrants vs Digital 9 SFTI trainers, 90 provisional teachers and 72 teachers fromNatives” facilitated by Agus Sampurno, ICT specialist teacher 9 public schools. The first 100 teachers will be directly trainedand mentor from Global Jaya School in January 2009. This by NIE Professors, whereas the remaining 72 teachers will beforum drew much attention not only from ICT teachers but also trained by the first 100 participants.from teachers who would like to explore and develop with digitalworld components to enhance their learning experiences. Good luck, teachers. We wish you a meaningful and fruitful experience with our programs! “SFTI facilitates the sharing of resources, experiences and knowledge within the school community for the development of future leaders “ 1st Quarter Report 2009
  8. 8. 8SF Scholar Continuous HerInternational EducationOur scholar, Erin S Iryani Saiof, has been offered a prestigious scholarship from the College of Idaho to further her studies in theUnited States. The College of Idaho is a private institution that is among the top 20 colleges in the US.Ms. Saiof, a Papuan, received the SF scholarship to United World Collage (UWC) of Costa Rica in 2007. Growing up in poverty inone of Indonesia’s most abundant regions has shaped the unwavering determination of this bright young lady to become a min-ing engineer. Fluent in Costa Rican Spanish, she said, “Yo quiero hacer un grande compromise a mi pais especialmente Papua,un lugar que hazco como hoy.” Translated, it means: “I would like to contribute something valuable to my country, especially toPapua.”We wish her the very best in realizing her dreams of becoming a local heroine in Papua! “I would like to contribute something valuable to my country, especially to Papua.” 1st Quarter Report 2009
  9. 9. 9 NEW PARTNERSBank Sumsel Supports International EducationPT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Sumatera Selatan (Bank Sumsel) was established onNovember 6th, 1957 under the name of PT Bank Pembangunan Sumatera Selatan. In1962, it officially became a regional company under the Government of South Sumatra.In order to be adaptive with changes in the financial sectors and to be more competitivein the era of autonomous region, since October 2001 Bank Sumsel was granted by BankIndonesia the status of limited liability company (PT).Bank Sumsel has pledged its commitment for Sampoerna Academy programs bysponsoring 15 grade 10 to 12 students from different regencies and cities in South Sumatra.These students will be awarded 3-year academic scholarships to enroll at SampoernaAcademy in Palembang. The commitment made values at USD 225,000.Nickelodeon & Viacom Consumer Products- Tuesday Licensing Indonesia (TLI)Tuesday Licensing Indonesia is licensing agency for Nickelodeon Viacom ConsumerProduct in Indonesia. Nickelodeon & Viacom Consumer Products manages the thirdlargest licensing business in the world with $4.7 billion in retail sales in 2004, fromsuch properties as Dora the Explorer and SpongeBob SquarePants. The departmenthandles the merchandising for Nick Jr., Nickelodeon, Paramount Pictures, ComedyCentral, MTVN International, and Spike TV. Now in its 26th year, Nickelodeon is thenumber-one entertainment brand for kids. Nickelodeon and all related titles, charac-ters and logos are trademarks of Viacom International Inc.Nickelodeon Viacom Consumer Product, represented by Tuesday Licensing Indonesia(TLI) as its local licensing agent, collaborated with Senayan City and SF to hold ”Nick-elodeon Merry Nick Holidays” exhibition from 12 December 2008 to 4 January 2009.The funds generated through SF’s donation booth during the exhibition would go tosupporting education programs in Indonesia.Vinoti LivingVinoti Living is a successful chain of lifestyle store offering a complete solution to homedecorating. Established in 1999 to serve the residential furniture demands, Vinoti Liv-ing has grown to be a well known brand and one of Indonesia’s leading furniture andhome accessories retailers.Vinoti Living, has been delighted to provide in-kind support in designing our boothfor SF fundraising event at leading malls. The contribution comes with value of IDR30,000,000 per booth event. 1st Quarter Report 2009
  10. 10. 10 LIST OF CONTRIBUTORSCORPORATE CONTRIBUTORS RETAIL CONTRIBUTORS Bank Sumsel Perum Pegadaian Alila Hotel MRA Group Deutsche Bank Standard Chartered Bank Fitness First Plaza Senayan H.M. Sampoerna, PT Temasek Foundation GE Money - Asia Point View Mercy Relief USINDO HEMA Dutch Resto Senayan City Jak FM TOMATO Art Academy Mall Taman Anggrek Tuesday Licensing Indonesia Mitra Adiperkasa, PT Vinoti LivingINDIVIDUAL CONTRIBUTORSIDR > 5.000.000 IDR 1.000.000 -5.000.000 IDR < 1.000.000Benno W. Putuhena Aloysius Setyo Adriani Dharma Darma WahyudiEdward Frankel Alvira Agustin Budi Dasa TriEtza Anyasamova AMC Ratih Indrati Aim Zein DevaFX Teguh Hendarto Amelia Tampubolon Ajeng Zahrah Dewi HartinawatiG. Haryvatmanto Catharina Palupi Albert Halimin Dewi Safitri Alexander Abimanyu Dhita RachmadiniKathleen C Liem Deasy Belda Christina Alfonsa Sheila Dian AlfonsaLissa Rukmi Utari Dewi Asrining Puri Alia Risyamaya Dian Putri SariRio Rido Eko Subagyo Amanda Kartika Dian SaraswatiRiyanda Taswar Fransiskus Ardyanto Andi Eridanie Diana Hendera Jhoni Andrian Puspasari Diana Riaya Heri Prasetyo Andrini Hendrayani DK Widhinugraha Hesty Fardilla Andryanto Lesmana Dwi Aries Istiadi Wijaya Angelia Susanto Dwi Hartiningsih Jacqueline Anggis Rakhmi Ichsan Eisa Al-Kaabi Nathalie Anggraeni Eko Angia Clara Elyastiningsih Paulina Tambunan Anik Khotimah Emilia Khonato Rahmawati Anindita Rahardjo Enggi Ricca Safitry Anita Ekosetio Erin Supriyanti Rita Suzanna Annisya Primawindy Ersy Dhiyanawati Santosa Annonymous Evelyn Evasari Setyo Mardanus Aram Kaleva Farif Miharto Shashi Gurbux Arfy Frisnanto Febriny Rimenta Sri Widyastuti Ariesz Pratama Putra Feta Prafidya Steffy Jayawan Ario Widiyanto Firdaus Widya Sudihardjo Yefry Asri Mayasari Fitri Yani Suharyanti Atik Solichah Fitria Handayani Audi Giovani Anggasta Tasia Shelomita Awang Adriansyah Grace Anggraeni Teddy Bahari Lofis Gunawan Biantoro TH Danang Sri Bentley Gustina Yohanna Maria Binbaz Hanggar Yuli Eliana Bong Devie Hanindyo Putro Yuniarti Brady Hendra Kurniawan Yustriasih Budi Hendry C. Sulianto Herdianto Chunnaedy Cecillia Hidayat Hian Ni Chandrika Purwarin Hilda Mulyono Christfanie I Me Lea Cilianty Imelda Santi Citra Savitri Indah Tionida 1st Quarter Report 2009
  11. 11. 11Indra Yiulianto Maria Ellen Ronald Rosanto Vanda MeijerIndriana Liztya Marini Kumarsi Rosalia Velli OngInggrid Mariza Cherry Rudi Oktoberta Vissy VandiyaJ. Prima Thamarina Martina Tandean Rullyanthi Astha P ViviJany Maya Koesdjojo Rumeta Arbijati Vivi Tjandra SinduJapar Malik Megawati Ryana Kharismawati Vonny SusiloJenni Julianti Meliana Hartono Samuel Harnaen WellingJohan Effendy Melin Tjahjadi Sandra Nahdar Widya PancadewiJonathan Hendro Melly K Sandro Aquino Widya Riani UtamiJoni Merry Veronika Santy Neria Wisnu WardonoJuliani Mira Pratiwi Saparinah Mumpuni Wita SusilowatiJuliati Adji Misda Falah Sapto Handoyo Sakti Yandri KrisantoJuly Moh Syafri Pontoh Selvie Togas Yenny IchsaniatyKarina Mochtar Muhammad Yunus Setyanti Indah Yenny SusantiKartika Aprianingsih Nataya Vidasagita Shang Ayu Dyah Yohanes Donny HeraLaurencia L.P Nindya Yasmin Shirley Lukman Yufinah SuthariaLea Evelyn Novana Kristi Shirley Melinda Yulita AnggraenyLeonardus Judom Poedji Churniawan Siswanda Suharli YuliusLiem Lie Hwa Putie Andriani Siti Fatimah, SE Yunita MansurLim Lili Kialiawati Ratih Sukma Solihah YuvitaLinda Hartono Razat Simarmata Sri Mulyati RahayuLinda Yanuar Reagan Halim Stephanus SulaimanLinda Zujanty Renny Suprianti SusiLisa Mariana Restiawati Susilowati SyakurM. Uluan Amirta Rhensi Margareth Tarita A. LubisM.Kurniawan Riana Kuswadi Teguh Adi PerkasaMarcelany Roby Tatan Titik KasiatiMargaretha Rohani Trisye Widiasari BECOMING A CONTRIBUTOR We welcome your participation and commitment to support the work of Sampoerna Foundation. If you would like to become a sponsor and need further information about our programs, please contact us at: Email: sales@sampoernafoundation.org if you would like to make a direct donation, please send it to: Yayasan Putera Sampoerna Bank : ABN Amro, Juanda-Jakarta A/C : 36 0052 3484 or 36 0052 3508 (USD) Bank : BCA, KCP Bursa Efek - Jakarta A/C : 458 300 7914 - Thank You - 1st Quarter Report 2009
  12. 12. 12 PARTNERS’ HIGHLIGHTS“Dora the Explorer” of NickelodeonCaring for Education in Indonesia Handaka Santosa of Senayan City and Vira Sukardiman of SF celebrating ”Nickelodeon Merry Nick Holidays” exhibitionIn ushering the new year, Sampoerna Foundation (SF) collabo- tive end-of-year holiday season,” said Handaka Santosa, CEOrated with Senayan City and Nickelodeon Viacom Consumer Senayan City. ”We are very proud to take part to expand theProduct to hold the ”Nickelodeon Merry Nick Holidays” exhibi- education mission for Indonesian children through varioustion. The latter was represented by Tuesday Licensing Indone- Nickelodeon characters and through Sampoerna Foundation,”sia (TLI) as its local licensing agent. Handaka pointed out.The exhibition, held from December 12th 2008 to January 4th Vira Soekardiman, SF Director of Sales said,”We are delighted2009 marked the celebration of the year-end holiday season, to get such positive support form Senayan City and TLI in ourwhile introducing Nickelodeon’s characters - each possessing efforts to raise the quality of education in Indonesia. The pro-special educating roles, to children. ceeds generated from the exhibition will be managed by Sam- poerna Foundation to fund scholarship programs for promisingThe funds generated through SF’s donation booth during the but financially disadvantaged Indonesian children.”exhibition would go to supporting education programs in In-donesia. Farida Mualim from TLI said,”Almost all Nickelodeon Vira highlighted that, ”In stark contrast to Senayan City visitors’characters carry out an educational mission. One of them,”Dora children who are from privileged background, around 117,444the Explorer”, was created by the Nick Jr.”Play-to-Learn” phi- school-aged children (7-18 years) are unable to attend schoollosophy for preschoolers. In Indonesia, Dora is a character due to financial reasons, Central Bureau of Statistics dataknown to teach Indonesian children English.” (2006/2007) reveals. Our participation in this exhibition is part of our efforts to raise public awareness that Indonesian educa-”We are dedicating this event to all Senayan City visitors, par- tion needs a lot of support and involvement from many stake-ticularly to parents and their children as they embrace the fes- holders.” ”We are very proud to take part to expand the education mission for Indonesian children through various Nickelodeon character and through Sampoerna Foundation” Handaka Santosa, CEO Senayan City 1st Quarter Report 2009
  13. 13. 13Modern Learning through HM Sampoerna Tbk.- Microsoft Indonesia CollaborationPT HM Sampoerna Tbk, PT MicrosoftIndonesia and Sampoerna Foundationcommitted 250 computers to 9 statesenior high schools in North and EastJakarta. Yos Adiguna Ginting, Directorof Corporate Affairs of PT HM Sampo-erna Tbk; Nina Wirahadikusmah, Direc-tor of Enterprise & Partner Group of PTMicrosoft Indonesia; and Ron Perkinson,President of Sampoerna Foundationsymbolically presented the donation torepresentatives of the high schools in aceremony held at SMAN 11 PenjaringanNorth Jakarta on January 28th, 2009.A total of 214 computers and 36 laptopslicensed with Microsoft software applica-tions were given to five schools in EastJakarta, namely SMAN 9, 91, 93, 102and 105, and to four schools in NorthJakarta, namely SMAN 111, 115, 41 and L to R: Nina Wirahadikusumah, Yos Adiguna Ginting , and Ron Perkinson presented their donation symboli-18. The computers and laptops would cally to Drs. Edeng Kusnadi (School Principal of SMAN 111)equip the computer labs of the schools.“The donation is part of PT HM Sampoerna Tbk.’s CSR pro- donation is an example of Microsoft’s efforts to raise the qualitygram, focused on the education sector. We believe that raising of education in Indonesia. By using licensed Microsoft software,the quality of education in Indonesia is the responsibility of we are confident that students’ and teachers’ interest in usingeveryone in society. We have high hopes that teachers and stu- ICT for learning purposes will be raised.”dents will make the most of this donation. Also, the use of ICTwithin the schools’ premises will lead to improved education “Sampoerna Foundation is proud to be part of the multi partner-quality,” Yos Adiguna Ginting, Director of Corporate Affairs, PT ship between PT HM Sampoerna Tbk and Microsoft Indonesia,HM Sampoerna Tbk said. geared towards raising Indonesia’s education quality through the use of ICT. SF will conduct regular monitoring activities withThe use of ICT in the Indonesian education sector is still in the assistance of schools to ensure a long-term relationship,its initial stages. According to Ministry of National Education and we will ensure that the computers and laptops donated willdata (2006/2007), only around 27% of all public senior high be used for their intended purposes,” Ron Perkinson said.schools in Indonesia have computer labs. To administer the useof ICT in the education sector, the Ministry has issued decree Regular monitoring activities which the Sampoerna FoundationNo. 38/2008 on the management of Information and Com- plans to conduct would last for 6 months in all schools. Themunication Technology. activity aims to enhance the effectiveness of ICT application for the improvement of education in the schools.Nina Wirahadikusumah, Director of Enterprise & PartnerGroup, PT Microsoft Indonesia, expressed a similar view: “This “…the use of information and communication technology within the schools’ premises will lead to improved quality of education,” Yos Adiguna Ginting, Director of Corporate Affairs, PT HM Sampoerna Tbk 1st Quarter Report 2009
  14. 14. 14Children’s Artwork Raises over Rp 67 Millionfor Education From L to R: Sari Sarengat (Marketing Coordinator, Grand Kemang Hotel), Tjatur Suharso (SF Sales Manager – Operations), Shin Don Cheol (Founder of Tomato Art Academy), Okewaty Handianto (SF Sales Manager – Retail & POS) at the donation handover ceremonyOn January 28th 2009, Sampoerna Foundation (SF) officially Okewaty Handianto, Retail & POS Manager at SF said:”We areclosed the “Creations of Children for Children” art exhibition indebted to Tomato Art Academy and Grand Kemang Hotel for- a philanthropy event jointly organized by Grand Kemang Ho- this collaboration designed to raise education quality in Indo-tel, Tomato Art Academy and SF. nesia. Twenty percent of the money generated from the exhi- bition sales, will be channeled to fund scholarship programsThe exhibition, dedicated to helping children - particularly with through the Sampoerna Foundation.”their education, was held from December 5th 2008 to January4th 2009. Shin Don Cheol, Founder of Tomato Art Academysaid:”The exhibition allows us to support children in expressingtheir artistic talents, while at the same time help the nation’sfinancially disadvantaged children to reach their yearning for abetter education.”The 1-month long exhibition displayed 207 art pieces by Toma-to Art Academy students – from kindergarten to senior second-ary school. The 72 art pieces that were sold included paintings,drawings and ceramic art. A total amount of Rp 67,250,000,-(USD 5,630) was generated.“We are very proud and we look forward to holding the nextcharity event with Tomato Art Academy and Sampoerna Foun-dation,” Sari Sarengat, Marketing Coordinator of Grand Ke-mang Hotel said. Beautiful pictures by children were displayed ”… allows us to support children in expressing their artistic talents, while at the same time help the nation’s financially disadvantaged children ….” Shin Don Cheol, Founder, Tomato Art Academy. 1st Quarter Report 2009
  15. 15. 15Teacher Training with Mobil Cepu Ltd. L to R : Teuku Lukman Yusuf, Drs. RM. Yudhi Sancoyo, MM and Kenneth J. Cock at the MoU SigningOn January 28th 2009, SF announced a new partnership with tively, while the first batch in Blora was completed in earlyMobil Cepu Ltd. (MCL), a subsidiary of Exxon Mobil Corpora- March 2009. SFTI conducted an evaluation for the first ATP fortion and a contractor for BPMIGAS (Badan Pelaksana Kegiatan Bojonegoro, while preparations are being made for rolling-outUsaha Hulu Minyak dan Gas Bumi or the Upstream Oil and in the regency of Tuban.Gas Supervisory Agency) for the Cepu area. This partnershipkicked-off the “Adopt a Teacher Program” (ATP) in the Blora Participants agreed that the program was an excellent op-regency. portunity to develop their professional knowledge and were grateful to be included in the program. They expressed that theBlora Regent, Drs. RM. Yudhi Sancoyo, MM, signed the Memo- knowledge, skills, and experience received during the programrandum of Understanding (MoU) with SF Teacher Institute (SF helped them to be better teachers.TI) Director, Kenneth J. Cock, witnessed by MCL’s GovernmentRelations, Teuku Lukman Yusuf. This program is a part of MCL’seducation development program in Indonesia, with a focus inBojonegoro, Blora and Tuban. The program hopes to benefit asmany as 3,000 students.With SFTI’s assistance, the overall program will be conductedat 60 schools where 390 teachers will be trained to give a newapproach to teaching with a strong emphasis on pedagogicaltraining and paradigm shifts in education.This quarter saw significant achievements in the program. Thefirst and second batches of ATP in Bojonegoro were deliveredat the end of December 2008 and early March 2009 respec- Program participants in Blora engaged in lively discussions “…the program was an excellent opportunity to develop their professional knowledge …” Chandra Purnama, Managing Director of Perum Pegadaian. 1st Quarter Report 2009
  16. 16. 16Perum Pegadaian Donates Over Rp 1 Billionfor Students Chandra Purnama with Ron Perkinson at the symbolic donation handover ceremony.Perum Pegadaian granted a 1-year scholarship to 800 junior “To enjoy quality education is the right of every Indonesianand senior secondary school students through the Sampoerna child. Unfortunately, there are still many Indonesian childrenFoundation (SF). The donation was symbolically presented by who cannot access this privilege; one of the reasons beingthe Director of Business Development from Perum Pegadaian the lack of funds. The scholarship assistance is part of Perumto 10 scholarship representatives from Jakarta. Witnessing the Pegadaian’s commitment towards giving Indonesian childrendonation handover proceedings was SF Chief Operating Of- equal opportunity to enjoy quality education,” said Chandraficer, Elan Merdy. The event was also attended by Chandra Purnama.Purnama (Managing Director of Perum Pegadaian) and RonPerkinson (President of Sampoerna Foundation) in a ceremony Hendry Styawan, a scholarship recipient from SMAN 85 Ja-held on February 10th 2009 in Jakarta. karta, said, “On behalf of my friends who have also received scholarships, I would like to say thank you to Perum Pegada-The scholarship fund of Rp 1,016,684,700,- would be given ian. The scholarships can be seen as a ladder which helps us toto 500 junior high school students and 300 senior high school reach our dreams.” He then presented a beautiful self-writtenstudents from 12 provinces. All scholarship recipients are fi- poem at this joyful event.nancially disadvantaged students with outstanding academicpotentials. They made it through 13 evaluation stages from 13 “We hope the synergy between Perum Pegadaian and Sampo-regional Perum Pegadaian offices across Indonesia located in erna Foundation can provide Indonesian children with moreMedan, Pekanbaru, Padang, Palembang, Jakarta (2 branch of- opportunities to attain their rights to obtain a quality educa-fices), Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Denpasar, Balikpapan, tion. It is only through quality education that we can developMakassar and Manado. morally upright leaders for this nation.” Elan concluded. “To enjoy quality education is the right of every Indonesian child” Chandra Purnama, Managing Director of Perum Pegadaian. 1st Quarter Report 2009
  17. 17. 17Hotel Guests and Diners Contribute to“A Dollar for A Scholar” Program The attendees at the Indonesia Hotel and Restaurant Association National Gathering witnessed Vira Soekardiman speak at the launch of “A Dollar for A Scholar” programIndonesia Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI) and Sam- supporting this program, as explained by Carla Parengkuan,poerna Foundation (SF) have joined forces to host an educa- Executive Director of PHRI Jakarta. “We all strongly promotetion philanthropy program for the less fortunate children in In- SF’s “A Dollar for A Scholar” campaign to our members to helpdonesia. Carla Parengkuan, Executive Director of PHRI Jakarta plant tiny little seeds that will grow and help transform the societyand Vira Soekardiman, Director of Sales Sampoerna Founda- for the future; and we will continue to support the programtion, officially launched the “A Dollar for A Scholar” program at throughout the year.”Puri Agung, Hotel Sahid Jaya Jakarta in conjunction with PHRI’sNational Gathering, on February 10th, 2009. Director of Sales SF, Vira Soekardiman said, “We are delighted to have PHRI as our partner and to have been entrusted theThrough the program, hotel guests and diners at its restaurants duty to channel assistance to less fortunate students. More ofwere encouraged to contribute US$ 1 to their bill as part of such collaborations should be fostered because they exhibit atheir donation to benefit less fortunate children. unifying effort towards achieving a common goal among different organizations, local and overseas. We work togetherCurrently only 3.39% of Indonesia’s poor children will eventually to help the betterment of Indonesia’s education.”complete higher education. It is for this reason that PHRI is “We all strongly promote SF’s “A Dollar for A Scholar” campaign to our mem- bers … and we will continue to support the program throughout the year.” Carla Parengkuan, Executive Director of PHRI Jakarta 1st Quarter Report 2009
  18. 18. 18Educators Improved, School Building MadeNew in Ogan Komering Ilir - Kayuagung L to R: Four persons from the left – government officials from OKI Regency, Yasin Chandra (Director of PT Sampoerna Agro Tbk.), Ishak Mekki (OKI Regent), Eddy Henry (Program and Alumni Affairs Director Sampoerna Foundation), four persons from the right - management team of PT Sampoerna Agro Tbk.104 teachers and principals along with educators from several schools in Ogan Komering Ilir (OKI) - Kayuagung South Sumatrawould take part in a two-year quality and professionalism improvement program. School renovation projects will be carried outfor two public primary schools. The programs’ commencement was made official by a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)signing between OKI Regent, Ishak Mekki and SF Director of Programs & Alumni Affairs, Eddy Henry; in Kayuagung on February17th 2009.The quality improvement and professionalism program would benefit 90 teachers, 14 principals and selected educators fromseveral local schools including SDN 1 Sumber Hidup, SDN 2 Pulau Geronggang, SDN 1 Maribaya, SDN 2 Sumbusari Mesuji Raya,SDN 2 Sumber Hidup, SDN 2 Tanjung Makmur, SDN 3 Sumburaya Mesuji Surya Adi, and SDN 01 Sumber Baru.Two public primary schools, SDN 2 Sumbu Sari in Mesuji Raya and SDN 1 Maribaya in Padamaran Timur, would also be reno-vated. In total, 584 students will enjoy new school buildings carried out by the SF Education Recovery program team.OKI is a regency known for its rich endowment of natural resources. The regency has an abundance of plantations that grow rub-ber, palm oil, sugar cane and fruits. Unfortunately, the quality of human resources in this regency is very low compared to thatof other regencies and cities in Indonesia. Data from the 2006 Biro Pusat Statistics (Central Bureau of Statistics) shows that theHuman Development Index (HDI) in OKI Regency ranked 243 from a total of 456 regencies/cities in Indonesia. This index also fellbelow the HDI of South Sumatra Province and Indonesia overall. 1st Quarter Report 2009
  19. 19. 19Moreover, data from the Ministry of Education 2006/2007 show that 97.7% of a total of 4655 primary school teachers in OKIRegency were not able to meet the national standards of teaching. This means that only 1 out of 44 teachers in the OKI region isqualified. This condition is discouraging, considering the importance of teacher quality and the role teachers play in the educationprocess.“Teachers and principals are just like other professions; they require constant upgrading in the form of professional developmenttraining. We are confident that the program can raise the quality of teachers and educators in Ogan Komering Ilir Regency, spe-cifically in Kayuagung but also in South Sumatra, so that teachers in that area do not fall behind in terms of their professionalismas compared to their counterparts in other Indonesian regions,” Ishak Mekki, Regent of OKI, said.This cooperation included SF Teacher Institute’s vital role in conducting the Principal and Teacher Improvement Program. Themultifaceted capacity development program was initiated with the Adopt a Teacher Program (ATP) involving 90 Teachers and Prin-cipals. ATP is commencing its final stage in the end of April 2009. The training received positive feedback from the participants,as the attendance rates hit a high 90% on average.Upon the completion of ATP the program will continue with Teacher and Educators Training (TETRA) which will have the capacity ,to accommodate more school leaders. At present, SFTI is working intensively with Sampoerna Agro and the Education Office ofOKI to prepare for TETRA’s implementation. “Teachers and principals are just like other professions; they require constant upgrading in the form of professional development training” Ishak Mekki, Regent of OKI 1st Quarter Report 2009
  20. 20. 20Minister of Education and South SumateraGovernor Witness Bank Sumsel’s CommitmentThe Minister of National Education, Prof. Dr. Bambang Sudibyo,MA, along with the Governor of South Sumatra, Ir. Alex Noerdin,witnessed the signing of Memorandum of Understandingbetween Sampoerna Foundation’s Chief Operating OfficerElan Merdy and Bank Sumsel’s President Director Asfan FikriSanaf in Palembang. This marks Bank Sumsel’s donation ofUSD 225,000 to Sampoerna Foundation. Under the scholarshipscheme, Bank Sumsel is to sponsor 15 students from differentregencies in South Sumatra to enroll in the SampoernaAcademy for three academic years, Grades 10 through 12.The signing was part of the ‘Free Education for People of SouthSumatra’ launch, conducted on March 25th, 2009 at GORBumi Sriwijaya in Palembang. This auspicious event was alsoattended by Regents and Mayors from regencies and cities inSouth Sumatra, as well as other 5,000 attendants, comprisingof educators and students. L to R: Minister of National Education, Prof. DR. Bambang Sudibyo; Governor of South Sumatra, Ir. Alex Noerdin and SF Sales Director, Vira Soekardiman witnessed the MoU signing between SF COO Elan Merdy and Bank Sumsel’s President Director, Asfan Fikri Sanaf. 1st Quarter Report 2009
  21. 21. 21PT HM Sampoerna Tbk.’s ContinuousSupport for Education Left to right : Eddy F. Henry (SF Program and Alumni Affairs Director), Vira Soekardiman (SF Sales Director), Niken Rachmad (Communications Director of PT HM Sampoerna Tbk.), Drs. H. Edie Sasmito (Chief of Education Office of Pasuruan Regency) posing with principals from selected school beneficiariesStudents’ low interest in reading is not only caused by low This quarter witnessed the implementation of phase 3 of thecuriosity levels, but also by the lack of access to reading Leadership for Principals, and Superintendents Professionalmaterials. This led to the renovation program for libraries. Development Program as well as the completion of the 1st Monitoring and Evaluation program held in Karawang, Surabaya,On March 31st 2009, SF saw the reopening of libraries held at and Pasuruan. Over 90 school principals and 30 superintendentsSMAN 1 Pandaan, Pasuruan, East Java. This event was marked benefited from this program.by plaque signing, involving important representatives of vitalcontributors such as Niken Rachmad (Communications Director Simultaneously, SFTI also carried out the Teachers ProfessionalPT HM Sampoerna Tbk.), Eddy Henry (SF Program and Alumni Development Program in Karawang, Surabaya, and Pasuruan.Affairs Director), Drs. H. Edie Sasmito (Chief of Education Of- Here, SF implemented the second phase of Principalfice of Pasuruan Regency), as well as the principals from the Training, the third phase of Facilitators Training, MGMP forumfour schools where the renovation had taken place, namely and Evaluation workshop. These programs trained over 1500SMAN 1 Pundong in Jogjakarta, SMAN 10 Malang, and also teachers from three locations.SMAN 20 Surabaya, all of which are SF’s United School Pro-gram (USP) schools. The multifaceted program intends to develop leadership, management and capacity of the participants as well as toThis renovation was carried out with funding coming from PT develop professionalism among educators and commitmentHM Sampoerna Tbk. Each library would get over 2,000 new for continuous improvement of education in three targetedbooks, sets of computers, softwares and barcode scanners that areas.would support digital book management. “Improved education also needs improvement on the capacity development of the educators” 1st Quarter Report 2009
  22. 22. 22 NEWS & EVENTSPT. Mitra Adiperkasa’s Charity Bazaarto Benefit EducationAlila Jakarta and SF have come together to host a series of charity events in aid of education for the less fortunate children in In-donesia. Entitled “TOMORROW WITH HOPE”, this campaign was to last for 3 months - from December 2008 to February 2009.One of the many supporting events under this program is PT Mitra Adiperkasa Tbk. (MAP)’s “TOMORROW WITH HOPE” CharityFashion Bazaar. Organized by PT MAP’s Fashion Division, this bazaar was held from January 29th to 31st 2009 at the Ballroomof Hotel Alila Jakarta.Participating famous brands at the Bazaar included Marks & Spencer, Nine West, Sole Effect, Women’ Secret, Zara, Massimo Dutti,Pull & Bear, Topshop, Topman, Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins, Oasis, Warehouse and Principles. Customers stood to enjoy fan-tastic offers - with discounts up to 70% off!This Charity Bazaar was part of PT MAP’s philanthropic efforts - with a percentage of sales made from the bazaar going to benefitthe education of less fortunate children in IndonesiaCommenting on this noteworthy endeavor, Hammarliandi Maila, A&P Manager of Fashion Division at PT MAP said: “Currentlythere are more than 13 million children between the age of 7 and 18 years who do not go to school due to poverty. It is for thisreason that MAP is holding this Charity Bazaar.”The program was also fully supported by 101JAKFM which encourages its listeners to take part in the noble cause. During theexhibition, JAKFM also sold different merchandise and CDs to benefit the fundraising effort. 1st Quarter Report 2009
  23. 23. 23SF Scholar’s Club President Meeting@ Sampoerna Foundation Presidents of SF Scholars Clubs posing with Ron Perkinson (SF President) and Rini Tampi (SF Director of Scholarship and Student Loan)SF’s Scholarship Program provides access to quality education for financially disadvantaged students who show academic poten-tial and leadership abilities. SF scholars are also provided with rigorous and diverse support infrastructure. The counseling pro-gram, for example, provides assistance for improving communication skills, cultural sensitivity and career planning. The programalso awards internship opportunities to build valuable work experience and career development skills to ensure scholars receivethe best possible start in their careers.The scholars are grouped according to their area of origin called the Sampoerna Foundation Scholars Club (SFSC) and each groupis led by a president. The president meeting is held every year by SF’s scholarship department.This quarter, the meeting was held on the 10th of February 2009 in SF Teacher Institute – Sampoerna Strategic Square. The formerand current presidents from each SFSC (Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Surabaya and Aceh) gathered to discuss theiractivities conducted in 2008 and their activity plans for 2009. Each president had the chance present their work and receive com-ments and suggestions from their fellow peers and SF Staff.Ron Perkinson, the President of Sampoerna Foundation gave the opening remarks. In his remark, he emphasized that youths arevery effective change agents. Therefore, scholars are expected to use their knowledge and skills gained from their studies to createpositive changes in their surrounding societies.Mr. Iben Yuzenho Ismarson, SF alumnus in his sharing session, elaborated the importance of social activities and how SF Scholarsand Alumni can work together in the near future.It is our hope that our scholars continue to develop their capacity as young leaders who will benefit society. 1st Quarter Report 2009
  24. 24. 24SF Scholars Learn about Mediaat Metro TV SF Scholars posing with Andy Noya of Metro TVSix scholars from SFSC Jakarta accompanied by SF Marketing Communication team paid a visit to Metro TV to observe how newsis produced and broadcasted. Held as a part of SF’s regular SF Scholar Club’s presidential gathering, the objective of this particu-lar visit is to broaden their knowledge of the media world and to further give them the chance to see some of the theories theylearn in school are being put into practice.The visit started at around 03:00 PM when SF scholars were introduced to Metro TV’s News Team. This introduction was followedby a Q&A session. Besides the tour around Metro TV facility, the scholars got the opportunity to see the casting of one of the mostfamous talk shows in Indonesia called Kick Andy, hosted by the well-known Andy Noya. The theme of the talk show program was“Unbeaten Spirit” where guests with physical or intelligence limitations shared about resilience, courage and success amidst alldifficulties .“I was amazed to see Rama (one of the guests in The Kick Andy Show), a blind man who managed to compose a song for anonline game, created a nice blog, and who operates computer just like a normal person does. I was encouraged by his fiery spiritfor life. What he has done is so inspiring. Those guests who were invited to Kick Andy Show surely have unbeaten spirits,” claimedTuti Arsyida, one the scholars.Thanks to SF Marketing Communication Department for this wonderful and rare opportunity! 1st Quarter Report 2009
  25. 25. 25 FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTSCONTRIBUTIONS & EARNINGS USD IDR (in thousand) SOURCE OF SUPPORT AND INCOMEPutera Sampoerna 3,616,256 27,600,000 63.40% 29.68%Institutional Contributor 5,094,178 58,965,110Individual Contributor 27,227 315,148 Putera Sampoerna Institutional ContributorOther Income 529,335 6,127,056 Individual ContributorTOTAL CONTRIBUTIONS & EARNINGS 9,266,996 93,007,315 Other Income 6.59% 0.33%Expenses and Changes in Net AssetsSF Sponsored Program Expenses USD IDR (in Thousand) PSF SPONSORED PROGRAM EXPENSESScholarship Expenses 628,453 7,274,341 7.83% 43.81%Sampoerna SBM - ITB 223,773 2,590,169 1.50%SF - School of Education and Teacher Institute 346,046 4,005,485 3.30%SF - United Schools Program 55,168 638,572 3.84%SF - Sampoerna Academy 47,293 547,416Student Loan 21,496 248,816 24.12% 15.60%Others Non Scholarsip Program* 112,311 1,299,996 Scholarship Expenses SF - United Schools ProgramTotal SF Sponsored Program Expenses 1,434,540 16,604,795 Sampoerna SBM - ITB SF - Sampoerna Academy SF - School of Education Student Loan and Teacher Institute Others Non Scholarsip Program*Donors Sponsored ProgramSchool Reconstruction, SF-USP Sampoerna Academy, , 99,302 1,149,418 DONORS SPONSORED PROGRAM EXPENSESTeacher Knowledge and Resource Centre Program -PT HMS Tbk. 11.57% 2.09% 31.60%SF - USP - ExxonMobil Oil Indonesia 51,948 601,303 1.66%School Development and 40,758 471,775 4.13%teacher program- Mobil Cepu Ltd. 4.42%Teacher Training and Teacher Scholarship - 23,901 276,659Credit Suisse Foundation 7.42%Scholarship & School Reconstruction - 23,311 269,821 7.61% 16.53%Standard Chartered Bank 12.97%Scholarship - Astro 13,889 160,762 School Reconstruction, SF-USP Sampoerna Academy, ,Scholarship - YOPB 12,982 150,268 Teacher Knowledge and Resource Centre Program - PT HMS Tbk. SF-USP - ExxonMobil Oil IndonesiaPrincipal and Teacher Quality Improvement Program 6,572 76,067 School Development and teacher program-Mobil Cepu Ltd.- Mercy Relief Teacher Training and Teacher Scholarship - Credit Suisse Foundation Scholarship & School Reconstruction - Standard CharteredSchool Construction & Educators Quality Improve- 5,231 60,547 Scholarship - Astroment Program - Sampoerna Agro Scholarship - YOPB Principal and Teacher Quality Improvement Program - Mercy ReliefOther Donors Sponsored Programs** 36,370 420,984 School Construction & Educators Quality Improvement Program - Sampoerna AgroTotal Donors Sponsored Program Expenses 314,264 3,637,605 Other Sponsored Programs** HOW WE USE OUR FUNDSTotal Program Expenses 1,748,803 20,242,400General & Adm Expenses 1,947,767 9,862,583 67.12% 32.71%Fundraising 4,381 50,708TOTAL EXPENSES 3,700,951 30,155,691Increase (Decrease) in Net Asset 5,566,045 62,851,624 0.17%Net Asset, Beginning Balance 10,299,691 119,218,923 Program Expenses General & Adm ExpensesNet Asset, Ending Balance 15,865,736 182,070,547 Fundraising * Consists of Alumni Affairs, Research and Development and SEER (School Establishment & Education Recovery Program) ** Consists of donor sponsored program expenses below 1% of total donor sponsored program expenses 1st Quarter Report 2009
  26. 26. 26Education Program Partners TOKO BUKU 1st Quarter Report 2009
  27. 27. 27Student Loan PartnersStrategic AlliancesMedia PartnersInternship Provision Partnership 1st Quarter Report 2009
  28. 28. Perangko BerlanggananKP: Jakarta Selatan 12000Izin No. 27/PRKB/JKS/Wilpos IV/2009 1st Quarter Report 2009 The Search for International Education