AoC Beacon Award Mini Profiles 2010/11


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AoC Beacon Award Mini Profiles 2010/11

  1. 1. AoC Beacon Awards2010/2011 Winning College Profiles Teaching and Learning, Curriculum Design and Development Leadership and Quality Improvement Responsiveness, Partnership and Impact
  2. 2. Beacon Awards 2010/2011 Awards for Teaching and Learning, Curriculum Design and DevelopmentBecta Award for Efficiency through the Effective Use of Technology in FE and SkillsDfE Award for Successful Delivery of Level 2 and 3 QualificationsEdge Award for Practical Teaching and Practical LearningJardine Lloyd Thompson Benefit Solutions Award for Health andCommunity CareMencap/RNIB Award for Students with Learning Difficultiesand/or DisabilitiesOCR Award for Functional Skills
  3. 3. Awards for Teaching and Learning, Curriculum Design and Development Becta Award for Efficiency through the Effective Use of Technology in FE and SkillsE-Learning Team, Walsall CollegeEfficiency through on-line e-personalisationWhen moving into a new state-of-the-art building, Walsall College did not want to migrate into itsnew campus with old, traditional ways of working; it wanted to change peopleÕ s lives. Its aim wasto utilise the benefits of its world class technology infrastructure by becoming an e-College fit for21st century practices. The College set out to provide e-personalised information to each individuallearner through their intranet homepage.Every learner has instant and real-time access to their e-attendance, e-punctuality, e-timetable,e-printer account and e-ILP, empowering them to take ownership of their learning. The learnersÕe-ILP records and monitors their progress against their Walsall College Graduate programme: skilled,professional and enterprising experiences.The College also wanted curriculum staff to have easy access to data, reports and learner trackingsystems, ensuring effective and efficient use of information to support the learner to succeed. It wasimportant that information, and consequently intervention and action were timely to have a realimpact.The project has proven successful, transforming Walsall College into a modern and contemporaryknowledge workplace, whereby technology is used throughout the learner journey and in manyoperational processes. It has resulted in smarter ways of working and more effective use ofinformation. “...really interactive, exciting and good that I can access it from home” Level 3 ICT Student
  4. 4. Awards for Teaching and Learning, Curriculum Design and Development Department for Education Award for Successful Delivery of Level 2 and/or 3 QualificationsHull CollegeNarrowing the GapThe Award for Successful Delivery of Level 2 and/or 3 Qualifications, sponsored by the Department forEducation, recognises the work of Hull College in narrowing the achievement gap in performance for learnersfrom a widening participation background through outstanding pastoral support and a differentiated teachingand learning strategy.This is driven by an embedded values culture based on excellence, respect, innovation and celebrationwhich ensures all learners irrespective of age, gender, background or disability are fully supported to achievetheir full potential. The project demonstrates how Hull College, which serves a deprived local community,enrols 6,600 16-18 year olds each year and achieves outstanding results, particularly for students fromminority groups such as BMEs, learners in receipt of educational maintenance allowance (EMA) and learnerswho have a poor previous track record in educational attainment, particularly at Level 2 and 3.These results are set in the context of one of the lowest performing local authorities for 5 A-C GCSEsincluding English and Maths, nationally. Ofsted judged the College to be outstanding in all areas in May 2008and in summary concluded “The College’s role in changing the lives of many learners is significant”. “The tutors sacrifice their breaks to help students. They are always willing to listen and are very helpful. I struggled with a particular area on my course and have received tremendous support from staff.” Student
  5. 5. Awards for Teaching and Learning, Curriculum Design and Development Edge Award for Practical Teaching and Practical LearningCreative Studies Team, Coleg MorgannwgSkills for Costume Construction for Screen & StageThe project emphasis is on the development of specialist practical skills of measuring, pattern cutting, fitting andalteration, industrial machining, screen printing, garment construction, surface embellishment and adaptationunderpinned by knowledge of fabrics, visual awareness and professional and business skills.The combination of carefully selected appropriate teaching and learning methods and environments contributeto students acquiring confidence and high level skills over an intensive two year period working alongsideexperts to deadlines and production standards.A range of work settings is planned over two years in partnership with industry experts for students to experiencethe exacting demands of costume construction. Placements offer students the opportunity to experience allaspects of the costume industry. This provides real-life opportunities for students to be challenged to achievehigh levels of skills with experts.The CollegeÕ s collaboration with theatre Mappa Mundi provides an example of a sustainable partnership witha local theatre company over three years. In 2009 the collaboration was on She Stoops to Conquer with a reviewstating “.....there is no stinting on the look of it. Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones’ costume design, created by first andsecond year students at Coleg Morgannwg is all lace and gorgeous crimson and purple satins”. “It is a way of growing up. You are involved and learn so much about yourself and the industry.” Student
  6. 6. Awards for Teaching and Learning, Curriculum Design and Development Jardine Lloyd Thompson Benefit Solutions Award for Health and Community CareDepartment of Education, Health and Care, Hartlepool College of Further EducationCommunity Care for Health and Well Being through Learning and Teaching/ The Horticulture (Allotment) and HavelockCentre ProjectThe project is a joint venture between Hartlepool College of Further Education and Hartlepool BoroughCouncil Day Services, this programme now includes key partners in Criminal Justice and Health provision.The client-centred approach enables vulnerable adults to improve employability and contribute to their localcommunity whilst offering an innovative learning platform for students in healthcare.The Community Allotment provides opportunities for individuals with physical or learning disabilities,mental health issues or involved in drug and alcohol rehabilitation programmes to gain a nationallyrecognised qualification. Partners involved in this programme include the College, MIND, DISC, NACRO,NHS, Hartlepool Borough Council Day Services and The Criminal Justice Service.There are great hopes for the future of the project; for instance, an NVQ Level 1 programme in Horticulture isunder development. There is provision on site for a structured training environment and there are plans fortherapeutic activities promoting well being, exercise referral and therapies for people with mental health, heartdisease and weight management issues is in planning.The programme has expanded to include enterprise development and a range of products and produce is nowavailable to sell to the community, encouraging community relationships and the full inclusion of vulnerableadults as they move towards the independent management of their lives. “This programme has been a fantastic opportunity for the staff and students involved in the project. We have demonstrated that by challenging expectations we can change aspirations.” Sue Baker, Lecturer Health and Care
  7. 7. Awards for Teaching and Learning, Curriculum Design and Development Mencap and RNIB Award for Students with Learning Difficulties and or/DisabilitiesFoundation Studies Team, City College NorwichProjectSearchProjectSearch is a tailored programme of work rotations and training which prepares students with learningdifficulties and/or disabilities for work. Students’ employability skills are developed by giving themexperience of different job roles in the workplace, supported by on-site tutors using Training in SystematicInstruction.Through ProjectSearch the College has worked with the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital (inpartnership with Norfolk County Council, Remploy and Serco) and facilities management company Norse.To date 14 of the 28 students have got jobs on completion of the programme, including some who hadpreviously been hard to place in a work environment.With the support of these employers ProjectSearch has successfully opened up job opportunities to youngpeople and adults who might not otherwise have been given the chance to work. Following on from thesuccess of the initial two projects, City College Norwich is now seeking to engage further employers inProject Search and is also developing a new employment agency for people with learning difficulties and/ordisabilities. “...we are delighted with the success of ProjectSearch. It has been a pleasure to work with these young people and they are already making a valuable contribution to our hospital life.” Deputy Director of Nursing, Norwich University Hospital
  8. 8. Awards for Teaching and Learning, Curriculum Design and Development OCR Award for Functional SkillsSkills Support and Development Team, Leicester CollegeCross College delivery of Functional SkillsLeicester College uses the whole organisation approach to provide opportunities for learners to develop theirFunctional Skills. Through participating in the Functional Skills pilots, the College has been able to use theexperience and knowledge gained to support and develop Functional Skills across all its provision.The CollegeÕ s Skills for Life strategy was revised in 2009 to incorporate Functional Skills. The implementationof the strategy addressed the training needs of managers, teachers and workplace trainers, developingcustomised training programmes which were delivered by a team of Skills for Life specialists to all curriculumareas at the College. The training was also made available to external partners.Each vocational curriculum area was provided with a Functional Skills Champion who was given time tohelp develop resources and provide support to colleagues. One-to-one support, along with coaching, helpedteachers to become more confident in delivering Functional Skills. Cross College support was co-ordinatedby the Skills for Life Manager and a team of three Functional Skills specialists. The team set up a site on theCollege’s Virtual Learning Environment and communicated developments in the Functional Skills Newsletter,which was made available to all College staff and shared as best practice with other providers.As a result of the project, participation in Functional Skills increased year on year from 135 enrolments in2007/08 to 2,450 in 2009/10. Similarly, learner success rates also increased rising to 84% in 2009/10. Thesuccess of the project has helped learners to succeed on their vocational programmes. “It makes you enjoy what you do and develop learner skills” Tutor Comment
  9. 9. Beacon Awards 2010/2011 Awards for Leadership and Quality ImprovementCity & Guilds Award for Staff Development in Further EducationDfE/BIS/AoC Award for Smarter ProcurementLSIS Award for Leadership of Innovation in CurriculumDevelopment
  10. 10. Awards for Leadership and Quality Improvement City & Guilds Award for Staff Development in Further EducationBSix Brooke House Sixth Form CollegeA University for TeachersIn 2006 BSix was on the verge of closure or merger. It was characterised by poor outcomes, a bad reputation,high staff turnover and dwindling student recruitment.In order to turn the College around, a strategy of effecting a deep-seated, sustainable cultural change wasintroduced. The aim was to transform the everyday experience of students, both in the classroom and whenthey use the CollegeÕ s services.This entailed an extensive and innovative Continuous Professional Development programme in order to makethe College Ô a university for teachersÕ . The premise of this programme was that if the College wanted thestudents to be aspirational and high-achieving, then the staff have to be the same.There are two key characteristics of the programme. First, it is focused on teaching and learning (andincreasingly on the delivery of services) as a serious, intellectual activity worthy of continual analysis anddebate. Second, it recognises that development is not just about Ô trainingÕ in technical aspects of work butshould also be an exploration of its deeper, emotional, dimensions.The result is that BSix is now booming. Ofsted reports, national awards, burgeoning student applications andsignificantly improved outcomes all testify to the qualitative improvement generated by this programme. “The College has taken the initiative in establishing a strong and extremely successful link with the Institute by which the teaching staff have had access to a degree of support and encouragement that is unique across London post-compulsory provision.” Institute of Education
  11. 11. Awards for Leadership and Quality Improvement DfE, BIS and AoC Award for Smarter ProcurementBlackpool and The Fylde College on behalf of the Northern Colleges Collaborative GroupCollaborative PC Procurement – No longer a virtual realityFollowing on from the success of previous collaborative projects for the procurement of I.T. hardware,Blackpool and The Fylde College was approached by the Learning and Skills Council to lead a similarprocurement exercise in 2010.Thirteen Colleges signed up to the collaboration and a project team comprising Procurement and I.T.professionals from several of the participating Colleges was established.The objectives of the project were:• to ensure compliance with European procurement regulations• to generate efficiencies through the use of an appropriate framework• to reduce and simplify process costs for all involved• to create a case study for use within the sectorThe team, led by Blackpool and The Fylde College, ensured that a robust project process was completed whichresulted in a final contract value of £1.7million for 3,750 desktop PCs.The initial efficiencies when compared against prices that Colleges could obtain in isolation, as generated bythe project were:£184,835 cashable efficiencies£11,571 process efficienciesIn addition, a comprehensive user guide has been prepared for the sector which will enable other Colleges toundertake collaborative procurement in this area. “Coming together for a shared benefit is certainly something we’ll all be expected to do more of in the future, and I think we’ve all made a significant step in the right direction.” Ric Kelly, IT Manager, Accrington and Rossendale College
  12. 12. Awards for Leadership and Quality Improvement LSIS Award for Leadership of Innovation in Curriculum DevelopmentMedia Department, Creative Arts Faculty, College of West AngliaSpringboard TV.comThe College of West Anglia’s ground-breaking project involved setting up, an internet TVchannel which has radically changed the teaching and learning on its full-time media courses.With a fully-operational TV production and broadcast environment, students are involved in the creation,production and broadcast of a wide range of programmes, and the web-based format allows feedback fromthe general public, peers and teaching staff. The majority of the course is now spent in a realistic workingenvironment, generating the evidence required for the course.Both staff and students are more confident in using the new technologies and students are taking moreresponsibility for their own learning. Team working is promoted and collaborative work with communitygroups, local press, commissions and external agencies is integral. The increase in the pace and pressure ofwork requires greater learner focus in order to meet challenging deadlines.Springboard has made a significant difference in students’ aspirations and achievements. The percentage ofstudents progressing to university increased by 40% in one year, from 37% to 77%, and the percentage of highgrades rose by 50%, from 38% to 88%. Students’ feedback: “It’s broadened my horizons”; “really boosted myconfidence”; “challenging but it gives a taste of the real world “. “This is a clear example of a College doing something very innovative, very creative and it needs to tell the rest of the sector about it.” JISC Critical Friend
  13. 13. Beacon Awards 2010/2011 Awards for Responsiveness, Partnership and ImpactAQA Award for College/School PartnershipsAoC Create Award for College Engagement with EmployersAssociation of Colleges Award for Widening ParticipationBritish Council Award for International Student SupportEdexcel Award for Lifelong LearningEnterprise UK Award for EnterpriseWelsh Assembly Government Award for 14-19 CollaborationYPLA Award for 14-19 Collaboration
  14. 14. Awards for Responsiveness, Partnership and Impact AQA Award for College/School Partnerships14-19 Collaboration and Partnerships Team, Exeter CollegeExemplary 14-16 Partnership and CollaborationExcellent educational working partnerships with schools and local stakeholders enable Exeter College to beregarded as a hub for 14-16 practical learning throughout the region. The College has established outstandingpartnerships with local schools in the city and the heart of the county which have added significant value tothe local and regional learning communities at 14-16 years of age.Working in collaboration with a wide range of organisations, the College has significantly contributed tocreating a complementary post-14 curriculum which has resulted in a wide and diverse range of qualityprovision for 14-16 learning. The number of partners collaborating with the College has grown significantlyover the last three years.The approach has not only enabled an increase in the number of learners progressing to full-time educationin the City (from below 60% to above 80%), but also added significant value to the success of Key Stage 4attainment. A whole range of supportive processes have been implemented to ensure logistical, financial andtransition barriers do not deter continuous education in the area.Sharing facilities, providing flexible staffing and implementing outreach approaches to delivery havebroadened the reach and impact of provision and enhanced the learning experience for Exeter and the heart ofDevon. “The course is great, such a fantastic experience and helped me get to where I wanted to be. I am currently doing a full-time apprenticeship at a local firm.” Ex 14-16 Learner
  15. 15. Awards for Responsiveness, Partnership and Impact AoC Create Award for College Engagement with Employers“ncn at work” New College NottinghamJourney for Excellence through Employer EngagementNew College Nottingham’s (ncn) employer engagement initiative has changed the College ethos over the lastfive years. Curriculum teams have improved their responsiveness and flexibility, enabling them to respondmore effectively to employer demand.The use of embedded Organisational Needs Analysis and evaluation processes provides employer feedback onthe positive impact of ncn training interventions and generates a high level of repeat work and commitmentfrom employers to recommend the College to others.The initiative has enabled ncn to grow its provision for employers during a period of economic downturn:• income increased from £1.2 million to over £7 million• employed learners increased from under 1,000 to over 5,000• number of employers engaged extended from 300 to 2,000• ncn now ranked in the top 10% of FE Colleges for employer engagementThe College’s employer provision was deemed “Outstanding” by Ofsted, and has achieved Training QualityStandard (TQS) for excellence in Construction, Retail and Adult Social Care.The reach of ncn’s employer provision has spread from Nottingham across the East Midlands and, in somecases, to a national level. The College also shares good practice; producing over 20 case studies in the last twoyears. “I’ve been impressed by how the New College Nottingham assessors have worked with our employees, building their confidence. They’ve also demonstrated the benefits of improving their qualifications.” Deanne Atkin, Manager, Conkers activity centre Employers network at one of the CollegeÕ s business forums
  16. 16. Awards for Responsiveness, Partnership and Impact Association of Colleges Award for Widening ParticipationMental Health Education and Employment Service, Student Services Directorate,Hackney Community CollegeBridging the gap between mental health services and mainstream educationThe Mental Health Education and Employment Service was established to address concerns around thelack of provision for supporting mental health service users to access education and training and to providesupport with study and progression.It has evolved into a multi-faceted service delivering a range of interventions, support and activities forlearners and prospective learners with mental health support needs. The service also provides professionalsupport to teachers and support staff. Its development and success is due to intensive multi-agency liaison,dedication and professional expertise across all partners.The service is a partnership initiative between Hackney Community College, the East London FoundationTrust, NHS City & Hackney, and local community and voluntary partners.In the first year, 50 people were supported. Since then around 4,000 people with mental health support needshave been supported to education and/or employment.It was the first project of its kind when it was established 14 years ago, and has seen developments each yearto make it what it is today. It is now unique in its off-site provision with community health teams and howthis is integrated into the CollegeÕ s mainstream work. “Since I have been at College my confidence has grown and I’m looking forward to the future I now have in front of me.” Learner
  17. 17. Awards for Responsiveness, Partnership and Impact British Council Award for International Student SupportInternational Team, Edinburgh’s Telford CollegeThe International Learner’s Journey – Global to LocalEdinburghÕ s Telford College supports students on their learning journey from enquiry or study in their homecountry (global) through to successful completion of their course and progression into university and poststudy work (local).Coming to a different country to study is a life changing experience for students Ð t hey come with greathopes and expectations and EdinburghÕ s Telford College ambition is to support them achieve their goals, besuccessful and enjoy their UK educational experience.With a comprehensive international strategy, the College recruits students from 96 countries worldwide andhas developed 28 trans-national partnerships in 11 countries. It has established three partnership overseascampuses delivering nine curriculum areas and courses taught in partner institutes are supported remotelyand visited regularly by teaching and international staff.High levels of students progressing from in-country delivery, responding to the learner voice, a unique andexclusive support service for visa applications and internships to help develop workplace skills are some ofthe key features of this successful programme. “Studying at the College has been an incredible experience. I have grown in confidence not only in my studies but also on a personal level.” Atwell, South Africa
  18. 18. Awards for Responsiveness, Partnership and Impact Edexcel Award for Lifelong LearningBusiness Development, Vocational and Environmental Science Team, Birmingham MetropolitanCollegeLifeLong Learning – Commitment to Vocational ScienceBirmingham Metropolitan College is one of the leading providers of further and higher education in the WestMidlands, supporting over 9,000 16-19 year olds, 30,000 adult learners and a range of employers across theUnited Kingdom.The development of a prestigious, authentic and stimulating environmental excellence academy at the Collegehas embodied the true spirit of lifelong learning as students can access a range of opportunities and diversecurriculum including Environmental Awareness, Infection Control, Health and Safety and Cleaning OperatorsProficiency. The facility is state of the art, using the latest technology including learning materials which weredesigned to maximise equal opportunities for all learners, every citizen matters and the safeguarding agenda.The academy has delivered cleaning science training for the unemployed, Apprenticeship programmesand qualifications for cleaning professionals which have supported re-skilling opportunities and careerprogression for many individuals that are part of this evolving vocational sector.The esteem in which the training provision is held was recognised when the College won the 2010 BuildingCleanability Award. The vocational delivery team received the BICSc (British Institute of Cleaning Science)National Award for Excellence in Training and Assessment in 2008 and 2009 and one of their learners,Michael Bird, who works at Birmingham ChildrenÕ s Hospital, was named as the BICSc Ô Outstanding Studentof the Year 2010Õ .The Vocational Science team will continue to promote lifelong learning opportunities to a wide range ofstudents, whilst delivering and maintaining excellence and promoting the College ethos of Shaping Futures,Changing Lives. “...thanks for a really interesting and informative training session, it will not be forgotten for a long time I’m sure, as the lads keep referring to it and the fun that they had.” Estate Supervisor, Castle Vale Housing Action Trust
  19. 19. Awards for Responsiveness, Partnership and Impact Enterprise UK Award for EnterpriseInspire Inspire Programme, Southern Regional CollegeINSPIREThe Southern Regional College’s INSPIRE programme aims to redefine and embed enterprise across thestudent body. For a large number of people, enterprise evokes images of brick and mortar businesses orbusiness activities however, the College defines enterprise as a mind-set or skills-set that enables one to takean idea from concept to creation.The INSPIRE programme aims to achieve this shift in mindset by allowing students to discover and practicetheir enterprising skills in a safe or low risk environment and in a social setting away from the confines of theclassroom.The role of the Graduate Enterprise Intern has been vital in facilitating this process. It is the CollegeÕ sexperience that by organising activities that enable the student to explore their enterprising abilities in a funyet challenging, way with the Graduate Interns, there is a greater likelihood of these ideas being embraced andbecoming successful.The Enterprise Interns have helped establish the Student Enterprising Innovators Society, organisinginter-campus competitions, enterprise conferences, business master classes and running workshops whichhave had immense impact, thus far, within the Southern Regional College. The wide range of extra curricularactivities including, teamwork, negotiation, confidence, leadership skills, calculated risk taking and projectplanning ensure students are challenged in various ways.An innovative framework has now been established across the Southern Regional College that has thepotential to contribute to increasing numbers of its own students taking their business ideas through topre-incubation and incubation stages, hosted within the Southern Regional College’s Incubation facility,Greenshoots-Ltd. “From all the events I have attended, I have learned something different from each occasion. I have realised how much support there is to develop a business idea and to assist you in opening up your own business.” Student
  20. 20. Awards for Responsiveness, Partnership and Impact Welsh Assembly Government Award for 14-19 Collaboration14-19 Network, Coleg Sir G‰rTransforming 14-19 learning through collaborationThis submission to AoCÕ s Beacon Awards, celebrated the CollegeÕ s involvement in Carmarthenshire CountyÕ s14-19 Network. This has been a highly successful project and has had a major impact on learner choice in thecounty.Over 1,000 school pupils were supported by Coleg Sir G‰r in 2009-10, accessing vocational options as partof their wider curriculum. This provision was offered on one of five College campuses, at local schools orother vocational settings as appropriate. Over 21 schools worked with the College and excellent supportwas provided by Carmarthenshire County Council, the local education authority, the schools and othertraining providers locally. This led to the development of joint governance arrangements in the four clustersestablished to manage this in the county.Provision ranged from entry level through to level three and included Welsh medium provision. Innovativework-related pathway programmes were developed with sector skills councils in engineering and fashion.Innovative approaches to quality assurance were developed with all partners undertaking an annualself-assessment exercise with cross-provider peer observation. LearnersÕ views were sought to makeimprovements and detailed transition arrangements between the schools and College were put in place. ÒT his course is a new and interesting opportunity for us to enjoy learning in a different way. The course will show us a true picture of the real world of work, because experience of industry forms an integral part of the course and the content sounds so different to the usual traditional content we usually have to follow.Ó Student on Workbased Learning Pathway in Fashion.
  21. 21. Awards for Responsiveness, Partnership and Impact YPLA Award for 14-19 Collaboration14-19 School Liaison Team, South Devon CollegeRaising aspirations through collaborationThe South Devon College project delivers high quality personalised learning for 14-19 year oldstudents which increases engagement, retention, achievement and progression to further education.This is delivered through a diverse breadth of curriculum, which remains dynamic and responsiveto individualÕ s needs and agendas set both locally and nationally. There are outstanding levelsof achievement and progression coupled with an inherent determination to raise aspirations andexpectations across the partnerships.Key features of the project are:• exceptional leadership with clearly focused aims which ensure ongoing development and strategic partnership• clear priorities and expectations which are disseminated to all stakeholders through highly effective communication channels• embedding ideals of seamless 14-19 education and sharing of good practice through direct engagement with schools at strategic levels• development of skills centres on school sites to increase access to specialist resources “The IF Childcare course completely changed my aims and ambitions, I knew after finishing this course that I had found my ideal career and did not have to follow a traditional A Level academic route. It opened up new career options to me and was thoroughly enjoyable.” Student
  22. 22. Beacon Awards 2010/2011 AoC Beacon Awards National Presentation Ceremony 2010/2011 Wednesday 9 February 2011 PROGRAMME12.00 – 12.30 Arrival of Guests Reception in the Great Hall12.30 Presentation of 2010/2011 AoC Beacon Awards in the Telford Theatre Welcome and Introduction Dame Patricia Morgan-Webb Chair, AoC Beacon Awards Presentation of Parchments John Hayes MP Minister for Further Education, Skills and Lifelong Learning Presentation of the Seventh Annual President’s Award Lord Willis of Knaresborough President of AoC Charitable Trust Vote of Thanks Martin Doel Chief Executive of Association of Colleges13.15 Buffet Lunch in the Great Hall14.30 DepartureOnwards
  23. 23. The following bodies have given invaluable support to the Programme in The following bodies have given invaluable support to the 2006-2007 whi208 iswhich is greatly appreciated: Programme in 2010/2011 greatly appreciated: Association of Colleges Department for Employment and Learning The Welsh Assembly Government Administered by the AoC Charitable Trust The AoC Beacon Awards are run through the AoC Charitable Trust which is a Registered Charity in England and Wales (charity number 1040631) and in Scotland (charity number SC039064). Association of Colleges 2-5 Stedham Place London, WC1A 1HU Telephone: 020 7034 9900 Fax: 020 7034 9950