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Final Report Blogger Survey May09 Fresh!


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Hasil laporan survey blogger Indopacific Edelman dan Blogfam

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  • Check out this very cool and very important survey by our friends from Indopacific Edelman. The survey provides an insight to who the bloggers are, what their demographic, what they write, how they engage, social media online presence. I think it is a wonderful insight for companies thinking about diving in the digital PR world. It definitely better shape up our strategies here at InDiPR. Cuddoosss guys, Indonesia thanked you.
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Final Report Blogger Survey May09 Fresh!

  1. 1. A Closer Look at Indonesian Bloggers Indonesia Blogger Survey 2009 Key Findings
  2. 2. 2009 Indonesia Blogger Survey The 2009 Indonesia Blogger Survey is an online survey carried out by IndoPacific Edelman and Blogfam It is designed to take a closer look at the profiles of Indonesian bloggers Research period: October 2008 – February 2009 219 bloggers (members and non-members of Blogfam) participated IndoPacific Edelman also interviewed 7 prominent bloggers 45% of bloggers live in the Greater Jakarta area, while the rest are spread over other areas in Indonesia, such as Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Bali, and Papua, as well as overseas
  3. 3. Key Findings Bloggers trust other Bloggers have strong bloggers when presence in social looking for media information Bloggers have low Intensity and interest in monitoring frequency of blogging their own blogs as increase over time well as identifying their blogs’ level of influence
  4. 4. “Blogging is a journey for bloggers to find their passions.” (Enda Nasution) Indonesia Blogger Survey WHO & WHY
  5. 5. Facts & Figures Base: all respondents
  6. 6. Facts & Figures Base: all respondents
  7. 7. Most bloggers are relatively new 61% have been blogging for 2 years or less Base: all respondents Q: How long have you had a blog? (in years)
  8. 8. But they are active No differences between length of years blogging and time spent for blogging Base: all respondents Q: On average, how many hours a week do you spend blogging??
  9. 9. And have a strong presence in social media On average, bloggers are registered with 3 to 4 social networking sites Most frequently used feature: Journal/blog/notes (46%) Base: all respondents Q: Of the online community networks listed below, which one are you registered on?
  10. 10. Blogging is very personal Base: all respondents Q: When you first decided to start a blog, what were your main reasons? And you are now writing to… (You may choose a maximum of 5 options)
  11. 11. Transformation in blogging Insights from in-depth interviews with influential bloggers Personal Sharing mechanism documentation with others Personal notes Personal branding Spontaneous Experience-based writing opinion articles Personal space Public space
  12. 12. “We are in a period of reform – from a visual to reading/writing society … one future trend will be to see more blogs about serious topics *more than personal+.” (Romi Satrio Wahono) Indonesia Blogger Survey WHAT THEY WRITE
  13. 13. Content: It's all about me Base: all respondents Q: Which of the statements below best describes your blog content? Please choose a maximum of 3 answers.
  14. 14. Topics written by bloggers Base: all respondents Q: Which topic do you usually discuss on your blogs? Please choose a maximum of 3 answers.
  15. 15. Influence of marital status in reasons for blogging Personal-related Business-related activities activities Base: all respondents Q: When you first decided to start a blog, what were your main reasons? And you are now writing to… (You may choose a maximum of 5 options)
  16. 16. Mars vs. Venus Male bloggers Female bloggers • Blogging mostly to share • Blogging mostly to channel knowledge/experience their writing hobby • More into technology-related • Like posting light information postings (entertainment and personal • Also interested in stories) entertainment-related topics • Mostly search for traveling • Registered in 2-3 SNS and culinary-related topics • Prefer to check email and • Registered in 2-3 SNS access content-sharing • Prefer to check email and websites in limited online access SNS in limited online session session • More likely to monitor their • Pay less attention to their blogs’ traffic blogs’ traffic
  17. 17. “Blogging changes over time. In the early days, we were happy when our postings were read. Now, we are more enthusiastic about writing. When we find something unique, we share. ” (Bayu Amus) Indonesia Blogger Survey HOW OFTEN
  18. 18. Intensity increased in first year, then stabilized Intensity and frequency of blogging compared to years of blogging
  19. 19. Most bloggers actively update their blogs in the first 2 years Rarely Often 56% 55% Often 52% Often Rarely Often 44% 46% 42% 55% of all bloggers often update their blogs Base: all respondents Q: How often do you update your blog per month (if you have more than 1 blog, please answer with the most frequent time)?
  20. 20. Updating blogs is opportunity-driven Bloggers with lower intensity rarely update their blogs (59%) Bloggers with higher intensity actively update their blogs • Often 59% • Very often 21% Base: all respondents Q: How often do you update your blog per month (if you have more than 1 blog, please answer with the most frequent time)? What are your main reasons for updating your blog or adding a new entry to your blog?
  21. 21. “To me, blogging is done with passion and from the inside…so its success is not a concern.” (Wicaksono) Indonesia Blogger Survey SUCCESS METRICS
  22. 22. Monitoring of own blog Entrepreneurs (80%) and professionals (85%) have higher interest in monitoring their blog’s traffic Reasons for monitoring: Curious about number of visitors (44%) “It’s not important to monitor my Curious about visitor blogs.” (68%) preferences (29%) Male (63%) Curious about visitor profiles (13%) “Don’t know Female (37%) how to do it.” Curious about influence of (12%) blog on visitors (7%) Base: all respondents Q: Do you intentionally monitor the traffic and page views of your blog? (please mention your reasons)
  23. 23. “Traditional media remain the more trusted sources of information because, unlike blogs, they are formal institutions.” (Romi Satrio Wahono) Indonesia Blogger Survey SOURCES OF INFORMATION
  24. 24. Trusted sources of information “News portals are more trusted than blogs because bloggers lack the resources to undertake proper research for their postings.“ (Endah Sulwesi) Traditional media • Have reliable sources and research • Provide more accurate info • Institutionalized Blogs • From “a person like me” • Has detailed behind-the-scene info • More varied and creative in topics Base: all respondents • Free of “interests” Q: When searching for information, which type of media do you think are the most reliable for providing accurate information?
  25. 25. Influence of blogs on readers “No easy way to determine the credibility of news in blogs, unless we know the blogger.” (Enda Nasution) Q: In the following statements, you are required to provide a score for each statement based on your opinion about the level of influence of your blog (Top 4 Box)
  26. 26. 2009 Indonesia Blogger Survey Thank You