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NextDeeksha-Final web format


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NextDeeksha-Final web format

  1. 1. Next Education India (P) Ltd. Sri Nilaya Cyber Spazio, Road # 2, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad 500034, Telangana, India. TOLL FREE Call 1800 200 5550 Monday to Saturday (9:00 AM to 6:00 PM) EducationTransforming Education Hyderabad | Delhi | Pune | Kochi | +91-40-3094 9422
  2. 2. Creating a Brighter Tomorrow for Today’s Students MAKING EDUCATION WORK
  3. 3. Next Education empowers schools with technology-based K-12 solutions that are used by over 150,000 teachers and impact 7,000,000 students across 7,000 schools. Since 2007, Next Education’s technology and content solutions have been well-received nationally and globally. Its learning solutions cover the syllabuses of CBSE, ICSE, Army and all State Boards and cover seven Indian languages. From Leh to Kanyakumari, Next Education’s sales and service network is spread across the country. With excellent on-site service support, and teacher training and advisory services, Next Education is transforming school education in India. Awards  25 Best e-Learning Companies Global e-Learning Awards  Corporate-Innovation in Teaching Pedagogy Award World Education Summit 2012  Best Assessment Tools e-India Awards  Best Digital Multimedia Content in K–12 Segment Wisitex Shiksha Ratna 2011  Best School Books Solution Global Learn Tech Conference and Awards  Best Emerging School ERP Digital Edge ICT Conclave on Education 2014  Best Multi-Media Content for K-12 Education World Education Summit  Excellent Human Resource Management in Education Industry National HRD Network  Best K–12 Content for Maharashtra State Board in English and Marathi Wisitex World Education 2013 Transforming Education ...
  4. 4. ... One Product at a Time An online K–12 community which facilitates collaboration among students, teachers, parents and principals. An adaptive technology solution to provide teachers and students a platform to envision, explore and create individualised learning materials. Training, accreditation services and consultancy solutions for schools by experienced and dedicated in- house educators. An award-winning and engaging series of comprehensive curriculum books for pre-primary and primary schools. An intuitive school management s o f t w a r e w h i c h i n t e g r a t e s and streamlines departments, processes and functions of a school. An interactive e-learning solution combining the best of new-age technology, creative content and interactive tools. An independent, engaging and intelligent platform which fosters self-learning, and helps students grasp complex topics easily. An experiential learning approach for schools enabling students to use hands-on activities to better understand English, Maths, Science and Robotics.
  5. 5. “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Schools face tremendous pressure from parents to ensure that their children are truly educated and become well-rounded individuals. For this to happen, schools must evolve beyond assembly-line thinking. Every child’s capacity for genius must be embraced and nurtured. Research shows that traditional curricula, teaching methods and teacher training are simply not enough. School Management Solutions to Empower your School
  6. 6. Thanks to its pan-India presence and investment in research, Next Education gained first-hand insights into the teaching and learning behaviour. These observations have enabled its consultancy arm, NextDeeksha™, to conceptualise and develop training and consulting solutions that work. NextDeeksha™ is dedicated to improve the quality of education – from helping schools develop interactive curricula to training teachers to become master storytellers who enthrall their classrooms. Custom workshops help teachers identify and embrace the potential of all types of learners, so that no student is left behind. Auditing and consultation services ensure that your school sets goals, and meets them too. NextDeeksha™ has a singular objective: to make the education system work by bringing out the best in all the stakeholders – teachers, principals, parents and students. Services Offered by NextDeeksha™ In 2014, UNESCO surveyed 3,000 schools in India and concluded, “the only way to solve the learning crisis is to get teachers who are trained, motivated and who enjoy teaching, who can identify and support weak learners.” CBSE-mandated training including Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) for teachers Consulting and advisory services including quality, audit and accreditation for schools Customised training services and workshops for teachers, principals, parents and students
  7. 7. For NextDeeksha’s experienced educators, training teachers and guiding schools is more than a profession. It’s a social cause. Being teachers and principals themselves, they understand the many pressures that schools face. And their expertise and dedication make them great at what they do. For the Educators, by the Educators
  8. 8. Five Reasons Why NextDeeksha’s Training and Consultancy Services Work Next Education has studied over 150,000 teachers with 15,000,000 teaching hours in real-life classroom environments. Its learning solutions have impacted the learning habits of 7,000,000 students across 7,000 schools. NextDeeksha™ draws from these rich experiences. Backed by Research, Equipped with Technology Sometimes schools may not know the reasons for dipping enrollments or unmotivated students. NextDeeksha can run health-checks for your school and create customised solutions to help you identify and resolve your school’s unique problems. Customised Solutions NextDeeksha’s in-house experts are closely involved in the complete education life cycle. This includes product design, review, implementation, audit and training. Experts’ Involvement in the Product and Training Life Cycle Experts not only train but also guide you in setting up schools, conducting school audits, and chalking out comprehensive curriculum frameworks. NextDeeksha’s experts also help schools understand, implement and follow the CCE framework. Start-to-Finish Consultancy Among themselves, NextDeeksha’s experts have over 166 years of experience in the education sector. They have authored over 50 books and 1,500 papers, and provided over 15,000 hours of corporate training, attended by over 250,000 participants. Thought Leadership
  9. 9. CCE implementation has often been difficult for many CBSE-affiliated schools. Through NextDeeksha’s interactive and experiential approach, CCE implementation becomes as easy as ABC. Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) One Day Two Days 1 2 Co-scholastic aspects of CCE Co-scholastic aspects of CCE Two Days One Day 4 3 Assessment of co-scholastic aspects of CCEOne Day5 CCE and CBSE initiativesOne Day6 Subject-specific training programme/ Competence building in subject areas One Day7 CCE and CBSE initiativesOne Day8 Classroom managementOne Day9 NextDeeksha™ conducts customised training sessions which are helpful to all stakeholders in the education system. Name of the ProgrammeDuration Mandatory Training by CBSE TM Customised Workshops by NextDeeksha Academic Excellence – This workshop helps principals and school management identify and administer the teaching practices and assessment processes that contribute to the academic well-being of schools. Strategic Leadership – Managing a school is tough. This workshop introduces principals to key strategies that can help them effectively run and lead their schools.
  10. 10. Leadership Skills – To become role-models for students, a teacher must possess the qualities of a true leader. This workshop shows teachers to do just that. SQAA Awareness – By understanding the nuances of School Quality Assessment Accreditation (SQAA), teachers can contribute towards improving the quality of infrastructure and course curricula. Stress Management – Teachers deal with many anxieties associated with preparing lesson plans and keeping up with erratic class schedules. This workshop shows teachers how to multitask without burning out. st Digital Skills for 21 Century Teachers – Using digital technology, teachers can make classroom environment more interactive and engaging. Emotionally Intelligent Classrooms – This workshop shows teachers how to encourage students to share their feelings and become more self-aware. Effective Parenting – This workshop helps parents of pre-primary to primary students to identify and understand different parenting styles. After all, no one is born a parent. Knowledge and experience are essential for better parenting. Nurturing Creativity – This workshop introduces teachers to innovative methods and ideas that encourage out-of-the-box thinking in students. Career Counselling – Choosing a career is one of the most crucial decisions of a student’s life. Career counselling workshops help students identify their strengths to select appropriate careers. How to Effectively Raise Your Child – This workshop helps parents of secondary and senior secondary children to understand and develop positive parenting techniques to boost their child’s confidence. Efficacy – Every teacher has the ability to inspire and bring out the best in their students. This workshop helps teachers discover the self-confidence to bring out desired outcomes in their classrooms. Do You Know Your Students’ Learning Abilities? – Every student has unique learning needs. This workshop helps teachers become more aware of different learning styles. Storytelling Techniques – Storytelling strengthens the bond between teachers and students. It can also help teachers capture and sustain the attention of learners with different needs.
  11. 11. Consulting and Advisory Services NextDeeksha’s highly qualified, dedicated and experienced academicians share their knowledge and expertise through consultation and advisory services in setting up of institutions, school assessment and quality assurance. Quality Assurance and Auditing NextDeeksha’s curriculum experts guide schools through quality assurance and auditing services to uncover strengths and weaknesses and achieve their goals. The NextDeeksha™ team guide schools in:  testing and evaluation  benchmarking scholastic and co-scholastic activities  competency mapping  tracking learning outcomes  designing assessment tools  integrating school attributes into the curriculum SQAA, CBSE and IGCSE Accreditation NextDeeksha™ helps schools understand the practical aspects of implementing School Quality and Assessment Accreditation (SQAA), CBSE and IGCSE accreditation by involving all the stakeholders of the institution and ensuring ownership. Experts assist in data collection, analysis, documentation and interpretation. International Boards – IGCSE/A levels NextDeeksha’s experts have a global exposure and assist in understanding international curricula by providing timely assistance in implementing and evaluating processes.
  12. 12. TM Vice President, NextDeeksha Darpan Vasudev Darpan has been a part of the education and training industry for more than 13 years. He believes that to make students future thinkers and innovators, we should effectively address their long- and short-term needs. To realise this vision, he leads Next Deeksha with passion. He has helped establish many preschools and training centres by providing end-to-end operational and academic support.
  13. 13. NextDeeksha’s Panel of Educators Ms Veena Raizada has over 30 years of experience in the education sector. She has developed professional competency through training programmes at the Indian Institutes of Management (Ahmedabad and Lucknow) and the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. She has founded three educational institutions, and is well-versed with pre-schools and senior secondary curricula (CBSE, State and International). Veena Raizada Ms Prema Muralidhar, MEd, MBA, MA, is an academician with over 28 years of experience. She has held diverse positions in the academic and corporate arena in India and abroad. She started her career in 1986, scaling the professional ladder from a kindergarten teacher to become a quality assurance specialist at the Directorate of Technical Education, Sultanate of Oman. Prema Muralidhar Dr Dheeraj Mehrotra is an author and educational innovator, with expertise in Six Sigma in Education, Total Quality Management in Education, Five S and KAIZEN. He has authored over 35 books on Computer Science for ICSE, ISC and CBSE schools. He is also the recipient of the National Award for Best Teacher from the President of India. Dheeraj Mehrotra Dr Sapna Agarwal, MA, Msc, PhD, has been a principal and Master Trainer. She has vast experience in training and development, and knowledge management. She specialises in child psychology. Throughout her career, she has conducted more than 600 training programmes on right parenting, time management, leadership and emotional intelligence. Sapna Agarwal Ms Poonamjit Kaur is a self-motivated, confident and articulate academician with analytical and problem-solving skills. She possesses an in-depth understanding o f t e a c h i n g p e d a g o g y , e d u c a t i o n a l psychology, instructional skills, assessments and evaluations as well as educational management and administration. She is the founding Principal of two schools, including JLPL Pearson School, Mohali. Poonamjit Kaur
  14. 14. Anjali Bhatnagar Dr Anjali Bhatnagar is an innovative, forward thinking educator with over 17 years of experience. She is an administrator, author and trainer for many subjects including strategic planning, curriculum design and faculty interaction. She is an expert in defining quality processes in educational institutions. She has closely worked with school management to facilitate innovative learning classroom environments. Romaa Joshi Ms Romaa Joshi, a postgraduate in English, has been the principal of four eminent schools and is now an academic consultant and corporate trainer. She has trained students in soft skills, problem solving and decision making, confidence building, leadership skills, personality development, stress management and positive thinking. Sunmita Shinde Ms Sunmita Shinde is an academician with over a decade of experience in the education sector. She has served in premier educational institutions across the country both in the academic and corporate arena in India and abroad. She has conducted workshops on CCE, Experiential Learning, and Writer's Workshops for CBSE and ICSE schools. Mr M V Lokanadham, MSc, MEd has more than 30 years of experience in the education sector and has worked as a principal. He was empanelled for foreign assignments in the field of public administration in the UN. He has been Course Director for workshops and training programmes. His passion for imparting quality education has taken him all over the world. M V Lokanadham Ms Aarti Hemrajani has been associated with teaching and school administration for over 15 years. She has developed various teacher training modules and has conducted trainings on cognitive skills, parenting, teaching Hindi and English Grammar through games, application-based learning, CCE, life skills and value education. She has also conducted workshops on identifying and working with children with special needs. Aarti Hemrajani
  15. 15. What Schools Say About TM NextDeeksha [...] I am sure that our teachers must havefeltaconnectiontowhattheyfacein their classrooms every day. This would have surely been an eye-opener for the teaching staff. I am glad that we have a complete video recording of the orienta- tion. We can refer to it any time when- ever we are stuck. It is going to be our personal philosopher and guide. Julian Luke Principal, Barnes School & Junior College On behalf of Mount Abu family, I extend my sincere thanks to Next Education India Pvt. Ltd. for organising this workshop on Innovative Skills towards Classroom Management. It has been a highly inspirational and practical workshop for the teachers. It was a wonderful session and we would surely look forward to have more workshops with our teachers. Jyoti Arora Principal, Mount Abu Public School Rupinder Saini Principal DHD SD Public School Ambala Cantt. The workshop was an informative one. The subject of the workshop was ‘CCE & CBSE Initiatives’. It was inspirational and motivational and an eye opener for the teachers. A wide variety of topics were covered and the teachers learnt a lot from it. Such workshops help not only in updating the knowledge of teachers but also become stepping stones in making the teaching learning process cordial. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Next Education India Pvt. Ltd. for conducting a workshop on ‘Implementing Excellence through New Age Skills’. Your valuable guidance will help teachers in future. Dr. Sangeeta Bhatia Principal, KIIT World School
  16. 16. Albert Einstein said that education is not just about learning facts, but training minds to think. There is a compelling need for the education system in India to evolve. And it will require every ounce of support from all the stakeholders – teachers, students, parents and principals. Through its consultancy and training efforts, NextDeeksha™ encourages these stakeholders to be mentors, role-models and active collaborators in the teaching-learning process. Together they have the power to make the entire educational system more engaging, meaningful and rewarding. Making Education Work for all Stakeholders  Landline: 91-40-4436 9943  Mobile: +91-93905 71661  Website:  Email: GET IN TOUCHTo make education work for your school